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Montgomery County Churches

Taken from the Hillsboro History by Dorothy Bliss © 1989

Submitted by Debbie Quinn

St. Paulís Evangelical Lutheran Church

St. Paulís Evangelical Lutheran Church was the second church to be formed in Hillsboro. The Rev. Daniel Scherer, a circuit-riding minister who had traveled 1,700 miles on horseback to preach to pioneer Lutherans in Kentucky, Indiana and Illinois, was the founding father. He visited Hillsboro in 1830 and found several families of Lutherans from Carrabus, North Carolina, his home state. They persuaded him to form a church in the county seat and become the first pastor.

The Rev. Scherer returned to his home in North Carolina, sold his property there and returned to Hillsboro early in 1832. On April 12th he established St. Paulís Lutheran Church, the second Lutheran church in Illinois. The first was established in Dongola in Southern Illinois in 1816.

He lost no time in carrying out his charge, for in May he organized the church with some 30 members, including:


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