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Montgomery County Churches

Taken from the Hillsboro History by Dorothy Bliss © 1989

Submitted by Debbie Quinn

United Methodist Church

The Methodists, who held camp meetings on what is now Beckemeyer School campus as early as 1824, were unable to establish their own house of worship in Hillsboro until 1840. They attempted to erect a frame church at 145 North Main Street in 1834, but the building was never completed. The lot on which the church was to stand later became the site of the church parsonage.

While attempting to raise funds needed to build the church, the Methodists held services in the community log meeting place at the courthouse whenever a circuit rider or other Methodist minister could lead them in worship.

Hiram Rountree, prominent pioneer settler, played an important part in establishing the church here. Mr. Rountree had instigated building a log cabin public meeting place in 1825 on the top of the Water Street hill on what is now the southwest corner of King and Water streets. He had furnished the site for the cabin which served as an early school and was used by the Presbyterians and Lutherans, as well as the Methodists, to hold religious services. Among the early Methodist ministers who preached there was:


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