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Montgomery County
Probate Records

Unless noted otherwise, data is submitted by Lynn Boyd Reener
(who has no additional info)


Montgomery Co. IL Probate File E3
Bevery H. Bagwell - d. 29 Nov 1852 widow, Emeline Bagwell, relinquished rite of administration; H. K. Watkins and John Wood, administrators (file seems to be incomplete)

Montgomery Co. IL Probate File E4
Jacob Baker - d. 19 Dec 1853; Will mentions "my wife" but does not name her. Emeline Baker, widow, relinquished her rite of administration

Montgomery Co. IL Probate File B70
J W Barrie - d 11 Jun 1899 near Hillsboro, heirs: Mary E Nail, Jane Barry, and minor heirs of Lulu B White: Summer Barry, Henry Henry(?), Amanda Bailey - John F White, administrator

Montgomery Co. IL Probate File E6
John R Barry - d. 26 Dec 1871, heirs: Michael S Barry, father, Mary E Beck, sister, Amos S Barry, brother, and minor siblings, Elizabeth C Barry, Jesse E Barry, and Alfred S Barry

Montgomery Co. IL Probate File B51
Wilson Barry - d. 18 Feb 1877, heirs: Sarah J, widow and Frank Owens, John H, Jesse W, and Wm N Barry, children

Montgomery Co. IL Probate File B56
Peter Berrie - d. 14 Oct 1894, heirs: Clarence J and Chester M Berrie, sons, and Charlotte Berrie, granddaughter

Montgomery Co. IL Probate File E 8
William Berrie - d. - Jul 1877 in Sedwick City, Harvey Co KS, heirs: Sarah E, Lewis F, Lydia A, Geo H H, and Mary Jane Berrie, children - administrator, Moses Berrie, brother

Montgomery Co. IL Probate File B42
George W Berry - will dated 8 Feb 1895 in Hiawatha KS, heirs: Esther S Berry, wife, James J and Nellie M Berry, children (no final report or death date found)

Montgomery Co. IL Probate File E92
Moses Edward Berry - d. 7 Oct 1916, will dated 12 Sep 1916 gives heirs as Matilda, wife and Arthur, son

Montgomery Co. IL Probate File B 42
William S Berry Sr - d. 13 Mar 1892 in Irving, heirs: Lizzie Armstrong, Naomi J Meyers, Joseph F Berry, James M Berry, Geo W Berry, W Milton Berry, and Mattie O Berry

Montgomery Co IL, Probate Record File B56
Jabez Blackburn
Will dated 1 Jun 1894 in Hillsboro -lists wife, Mary Ann
Probate of Will by Testator Form was dated 9 Jan 1895 and signed by John Backley and Joseph M Baker as witnesses of the will.

Montgomery Co IL, Probate Record File E70
Mary A Blackburn
Will dated 26 May 1896 lists children as James R Blackburn, Jabez F Blackburn, Mary E wife of Christopher Lewey, Martha J wife of Warren Smith, Ida J wife of Earnest Black, and Debora A wife of Albert Bauer. Petition for Probate states that Mary A Blackburn died 15 Apr 1910 and gives the administrators as J R Blackburn and Christopher Lewey. It gives residence of children as J R Blackburn and Mary Lewey, Hillsboro, IL; Jabez Blackburn, Decatur, IL; Martha Smith, Murphysboro, IL; Ida Black, O'Keene OK, Debora Bauer, Kansas City, MO.

Montgomery Co IL, Probate Record File E4
Richard Blackburn
Affidavit of Decease states that Richard died 15 Nov 1857 and was signed by Charles T Linxwiler
Tabitha J Blackburn was listed as widow. No children were listed.

Montgomery Co IL - Probate Record E50
Alfred Borrer d. 26 Oct 1905
heirs: Widow: Elizabeth Borror Witt
Children: Elizabeth Jane Smith, Houston MO
Emily S. Manifold - Hughs, IT(?)
Henry S. Borrer - Litchfield
Lucy Sturgeon - Hillsboro
Frank L. Borrer - Irving
Alfred C. Borrer - Clarkston WA
Thomas F. Borrer - Irving
William Borrer - Clarkston WA
Step Gr Dau, Annie Lloyd nee Wilson Witt

Montgomery Co. IL Probate Court Journal F, Pg 61-62
Special Term 8 July 1848
John Briggs revoked the will made "some twelve years ago" because he had made "ample provisions for my two stepsons, Thomas H. and Wm. L. Modlin otherwise than by will".

Montgomery Co. IL Probate File E8
Mary BRIGGS - d. 3 Mar 1871; par. John b. 1808 KY; d. 1 May 1850
Heirs of Mary Briggs were Thomas and William J. Modlin, Amanda Long, Eliza Mains, Mary McPherson, Sarah Ritchie, John A. Briggs, Nancy P. Briggs, and James M. Briggs.

Montgomery Co IL Probate File B78
John Brown, d. 1 Jan 1902, heirs: Elizabeth Brown, widow; martin and James Brown, brothers; Stephen and Gussie Brown, nephews; and Mary Bray, Anna Malloy, and Bridget McAnarney, nieces.

Montgomery Co. IL Probate File File E8
John Brown, d. 18 May 1852 intestate, Newton Brown, administrator, no heirs listed

Montgomery Co. IL Probate File E4 (also in File E3) -
James S Brown, d. 18 Aug 1851 intestate, heirs: Martha Mariah Brown, widow and Margaret Ann, Matilda Elizabeth, Emiline Catharine, William Wayland, and Rachael Ellen Brown and Mary Jane w/o Henderson Howard, his children.

Montgomery Co. IL Probate File E7
James Brown, no death date given, administrator's oath was dated 10 Aug 1846 and signed by Mahala Brown and David Brown (file is very incomplete)

Montgomery Co. IL Probate File E58
James Brown, d. 9 Oct 1911 intestate, heirs: Elizabeth Brown, widow; and Daniel J., Arthur, Edward T, Charles H, John W, Agness, and James Frank Brown; and Theresa Leonard, his children.

Montgomery Co. IL Probate File E125
James P Brown, d. 24 Aug 1922 intestate, heirs: Kitty C Brown, widow and Katheryn B Murphy and J Patricia Brown, his children

Montgomery Co. IL Probate File E141
James F Brown, d. 27 Mar 1925 in Fillmore IL, will dated 18 Dec 1907 at Hillsboro IL gives heirs as Nancy E. Brown, wife; Clara Brown and Lillie Toberman, daus; and Jennie Williams, dec'd dau.

Montgomery Co. IL Probate File B23
James R Brown, d. 17 Mar 1851, heirs: Rebecca Brown, widow and Linna S, Daniel, Robert R, James E, Daisy R, and William E Brown, his children, John C Brown, brother, administrator

Montgomery Co. IL Probate File E128
James Brown d. 29 Dec 1922 in Wenonah, Montgomery Co IL, will dated 26 Dec 1922 lists heirs as Bessie Ann Brown, widow; Maggie Connell, dau; James Brown, son; and Robert M Brown, grandson. Petetion to Probate dated 3 Jan 1923 lists Bessie Ann Brown, widow; James B Brown, son; Maggie Connell, dau; and Isabell Eddie, deceased dau and her heirs, James and David Eddie

E P Moss appointed "guar" of Edna and "Wm Burdele". Bond $1000, Wm Burk & V R Barcroft sureties -
[Montgomery News, Friday, 22 Feb 1895, Probate Court]

Montgomery Co. IL Probate File E9
Lemuel Butler - Petition for Letters of Administration
d. 27 Sep 1887 South Litchfield Twp.
Heirs: widow Mary L.
children: Joseph Butler - Wesley Butler - William L. Butler - Ella H. English - Eva May Butler- Lydia Catherine Butler - Henry Butler - Bessie B. Butler

Montgomery Co. IL Probate File E106
Mary L. Butler - Petition for Probate
d. 1 Aug 1919 Hillsboro Twp.
Heirs: Joseph Butler, Litchfield IL; Wesley Butler, Hillsboro IL; Sarah Ella Engles, Greenville, IL; Eva M. Newport, Hillsboro, IL; William L. Butler, Oronogo, MO; Henry Butler, Hillsboro, IL; Bessie B. Hall, Hillsboro, IL; Ono Orville Ash, Witcheta, KS


Montgomery Co IL, Probate Record File E11
James R Carr
Petition for Administration states that James died on 19 May 1883 leaving Deborah A Carr, widow, and Grace, Mary, Charles, Walter, and Bertha Carr, his children.

Montgomery Co IL, Probate File E12
Allison Clark
Affidavit of decease by C C Aydelott states that "Alinson" Clark d. 28 Jan 1861 in Montgomery Co IL leaving no will - Heirs were listed as: Margaret Clark, widow; Rachel and Eli Deshane; Emily and Thomas Bostick; James Clark; John Clark; Sarah and George W Edwards; Eli Clark; and Cyrus Clark.

Montgomery Co IL, Probate File B57
Jacob Clearwater, d. 14 Aug 1895
Will dated 28 Jul 1895 Litchfield IL gives---Thomas J Talley, son-in-law, all real estate and personal property to be held in trust except for the homestead which will not be included until after Jacob's wife died. Wife to receive money from rent or any sale of property during her lifetime. Thomas was to convert all personal property and credits into cash except household goods. After the death of Jacob's wife, Thomas was to sell real estate including the homestead and divide the proceeds together with the rest of the estate among Jacob's heirs. If Thomas Talley should die or be unable to serve as executor, David Davis Sr was to be asked to serve. Final Report dated 28 Aug 1899 stated that Elizabeth Clearwater, widow of Jacob, d. 26 Jan 1896. Heirs were given as: Susan A Monden, Napoleon Clearwater, and Maria E Talley, children.

Montgomery Co IL, Probate File E12
William Compton
William Cannon was administrator - Receipts included were---
Thomas Edwards - 18 Aug 1844 for coffin and base
Thomas Edwards - 24 Aug 1845 "fool of my demand against the estate"
Mary Jane Compton - 29 Jan 1845 for spinning, sewing, washing
Green Compton - sawing and hauling
James Compton - mowing
Wm McCall and Wm Cannon swore that on 15 Aug 1844 they were present when Wm Compton "bequeathed to his wife Permilia Compton his black mair called Jane and also twenty dollars to defray the expense of her delicate cituation."
"Paid out of the Estate of Kinneth(? cramped and smudged) Compton deceased by William Compton, administrator" - lists names of Robert, James, William, and Joseph C Compton and John Kirkpatrick

Montgomery Co IL, Probate File E40
William T Compton
Died 10 May 1908 in Donnellson leaving no will and no widow. His children were listed as John, Alfred W, Samuel, and William H Compton; Hattie Garrison; and Mary E Walker.

Montgomery Co IL, Probate File E40
Oliver Spurr Dale - d. 10 Nov 1907 in Butler Grove Twp, will dated 1 Feb 1895 and Letters of Administration gave heirs as Mary E Dale, widow and Amelia C Westcott, daughter, residing in Butler

Montgomery Co IL, Probate File E78
Mary E Dale - d. 26 Jan 1914 in Hillsboro, will dated 9 Apr 1908 and Letters of Administration gave Amelia C Westcott, daughter, residing in Butler as only heir (Amelia C. Westcott was w/o Thomas K)

Montgomery Co IL, Probate File E19
Achsa Dale - d. 20 Mar 1876 in Nokomis, Letters of Administration by William N Dale list heirs as William N Dale, husband and Ernest I Carter, Albert S Carter, and Lula A Dale, children

Montgomery Co IL, Probate File E18
Archebaus Dale - will dated 15 Nov 1861and filed 17 Feb 1863 gives heirs as Sarah, wife, and Augustus, Oliver S, Joseph B, and William N Dale, sons. (This file appeared to be incomplete.)

Montgomery Co. IL Probate File E139
Catherine Driskell, d. 30 June 1925
Will gives heirs as: brother - John Driskell; nephews and nieces - C R s/o of John Driskell and Louisa L Bandy residing in Raymond; Jonathan Allen, Marshall Allen, Willard Allen, and Lester Allen ch/o Nettie Driskell Allen residing in Litchfield; and Nellie Martin Dover d/o Alice Driskell Martin residing in Litchfield.

Montgomery Co. IL Probate File E147
James Marshall Driskell - d. 29 Apr 1926 - resident of Raymond IL
Survived by Alla Ann Driskell, widow, and Louisa Bell Bandy, adult heir and legatee of Raymond IL

Montgomery Co. IL Probate File E90
Jeremiah Driskell, d. 7 Jan 1916
Will lists heirs as the Catholic Church and Father Patrick Carroll; sons, Richard of Litchfield, James of Mt Vernon IL, Edward of St Louis; and children of deceased son, Michael: Thomas, Edward, Michael, Mamie, and Michael's widow, Mary Driskell

Montgomery Co. IL Probate File E134
John W Driskell, d. 6 Apr 1924 - will gives Cecil R Driskell as son and only heir

Montgomery Co. IL Probate File E18
Timothy Driskell, d. 31 Jan 1856 per Affidavit of Decease
Sarah Driskell, widow; James Driskell, administrator
Inventory taken by Thomas A Gray, Miles Shields, and Benjamin Livingston

Montgomery Co IL, Probate File E21
Thomas Edwards
Will dated 21 Sep 1853 lists: Mary G Edwards, wife; heir or heirs of John B Edwards, eldest son; heirs of Archibald M Edwards, third son; Mark Edwards, fourth son; William A Edwards, second son; Thomas S, Charles H, George W, and Sarah E Edwards, remaining three sons and one daughter. C C Aydelott was named executor and the witnesses were William Cannon and John Berry
The Affidavit of Decease states that Thomas Edwards died 24 Aug 1857 in Montgomery Co IL
Misc papers in file gave Mark as Mark W and Thomas S as Thomas Sidney. George W signed with an X.
There was a receipt from William Cannon, "guardian of Sarah E Edwards minor heir". There was also a receipt from John Clark as "guardian for minor heir of Thomas Edwards, deceased"; however, no name was given. The affidavit by Susan Edwards, widow of Archibald Edwards, living in Stephenson Co TX, stated that Archibald's only heirs were Thomas R Edwards, age 28 of Stephens co TX and Mary Francis, age 30, wife of Nathaniel Brumbelow(?) of Jack Co TX.

Montgomery Co. IL Probate File E45
Philip Grote - d. 30 Apr 1889 his home in Nokomis Twp
Petition for Letters of Administration, 20 June 1889
Survivors: Elizabeth Grote, wife
children: Philip, Sophia, August, Edward, Mary, Caroline, Jesse, and Glenn Grote


Montgomery Co IL - Probate Record E 27
Elliott Holliday - d. 27 May 1860 intestate; Adm bond 18 Dec 1833 by Eli Deshane and Elliott Holliday
heirs: Melissa J., William R., Mary Ann Eliza, Mahala Caroline,Temperance Serena, Martha Ellen, John William, Morgan - Adm William T. and Mary H. Morgan

Montgomery Co IL - Probate Record E 28
Elliott Holliday - d. 30 Sept 1854; Adm bond 6 Nov 1854 by Spartan Grisham and T.D. Whiteside
Widow - Mary H. Holliday

Montgomery Co., IL, Probate Court Journal C, pgs 30-31
October 5, 1840 - Charles W. Jenkins age 13 years on the 29th day of May 1840, son of Gillis Jenkins, deceased of SC, made an indenture with the approval of his guardian to serve as an apprentice farmer to William Bradley until he was 21 years of age.

Montgomery Co IL Probate File #5
Ezra B. McAtee d. 11 Feb 1931, Waggoner, IL, leaving no will
"left surviving him no widow and your petitioner, a niece; Melvina C. Birchhall, Elmo, Wash; John W. McAtee, George W. McAtee, and Marie Peterson of Centralia, Wash; Theresa Stapleton, Duval, Wash; Fred S. McAtee, Ellensburg, Wash, his children as heirs" signed Mary Molohon; J.S. Kessler was administrator

Montgomery Co IL Probate File E53
Andrew J McBride, d. 19 Sep 1906 in North Litchfield Twp leaving no will, Letters of Administration dated 2 Oct 1906, by Harold Hood list heirs as: Elizabeth A McBride, spouse, Mrs. Lizzie Sanders, and John M McBride

Montgomery Co IL Probate File B13
Joseph McBride, d. 5 Oct 1877 in MO leaving no will
Application of Administrator, dated 8 Dec 1877, by John W Sanders lists heirs as: Elizabeth Hood, dau, no residence given; Addison McBride, son, Newton Co MO; Nancy Ann Mansfield w/o Ward, dau, Crawford Co KS; Kattie C Evans, dau, Boubon Co KS; Mary King, dau, Madison Co IL; Frank McBride, grandson, no residence given; heirs of Ellen McLain, deceased wife of Sylvester, Hillsboro - Anna McLain, deceased, Martha E McLain, Clara J McBride. There was a power of attorney to John McAdams from Joseph F McBride, grandson of the deceased; however, he is not listed as an heir.

Montgomery Co IL Probate File B78 - John T Owens, d. 11 Mar 1902
Heirs: Elizabeth Owens, widow; and his children, James W Owens, Samuel S Owens, Julia Lack, and John H Owens all of Fillmore

Montgomery Co. IL Probate File B8
Richard Daniel Potts - d. 28 Dec 1902 Zanesville - wife, Mary A.C. Potts and one son, Robert J. Potts, administrator

Montgomery Co IL, Probate Record E143
F A Rebman d. 28 Aug 1925 in Irving
Clara Adaline Rebman, wife, executrix
Heirs: Mrs. H H Weller, butler, adult; Mrs. W A Coffey, Irving, adult; Mrs. W J Grantham, Irving, adult; Mr. H V Rebman, Decatur, adult; Legatees: Thema Rebman, Irving, infant; Evelyn Rebman, Irving, infant; Opal Rebman, Irving, infant

Montgomery Co IL, Probate Journal D
Guardianship, Monday, May 21, 1866
James Franklin Russell, aged 17 years 5th April last and Eliza Ann Russell, aged 14 years; 15th May last chose John W. McVey as guardian

Montgomery Co IL, Probate Journal C554-555, Will Box 21
Thomas Russell - d. 25 Nov 1865 - George W. Russell, administrator
Heirs: Sarah, wife; Elmira w/o Christopher Etter, daughter; George, son; James Franklin, younger son
Elmira and Christopher Etter are to receive "but five dollars while living together or until his death but should Elmira, my daughter, still be living after the decease of Christopher Etter…(she) is to share equally with my other children."
Later on the same page, it was changed to read that they were "to share equally with other children after the decease or second marriage" of Sarah.

Montgomery Co IL Probate File E112
Willis Shields, d. 23 Jun 1920 leaving a widow, Effie Shields

Montgomery Co IL Probate File E110
John F Shields, d. 17 Mar 1920 leaving his mother, Margaret, and sister, Martha Godfrey

Montgomery Co. IL Estate File 5507
Julia Sills - will dated 18 Apr 1958 - d. 16 Nov 1961 - married once to John C. Sills
Children: Mary, deceased; Mabel Catherine, deceased; John, Vandalia IL; and Eunice Toberman, Coffeen IL

File B61 - Alphius M Stewart
Petition of Letters of Administration give death date as 8 Sep 1896 at his home in Audubon Twp and his heirs as: Eliza J Stewart, widow; Mary S Reid, G L Stewart, J S Stewart, Wesley Stewart, and Grover C Stewart, his children.

File B 61 - Amy B Stewart
Petitions for Letters of Administration gives the death date as 25 May 1895 and the heirs as A M Stewart, father; Eliza J Stewart, mother; Mrs. Mary O Reid, sister; George L Stewart, James S Stewart, Charles Wesley Stewart, and Grover Cleveland Stewart, brothers.

File B26 - Andrew Stewart
Petition for Letters of Administration state that Andrew died at his home in Montgomery Co on 12 Jan 1870 leaving Jane Stewart, his widow; Nathaniel Stewart, Eliza Stewart, Julia A Stewart, and Henry Stewart, his children. Elijah H Donaldson, "being of kin to said deceased" made petition.

File B24 - Anthony Stewart -- listed in the index

File B 78 - Daniel C Stewart
Letters of Administration give the death date as 23 Apr 1902. The final report gives heirs as James E Stewart, Delia Taulbee, Ellen Stewart, Ethel Stewart (minor), and George W Stewart (minor).

File B27 - Jacob Stewart
Affidavit of decease by Thos G Kessinger states that Jacob Stewart died 18 may 1861. On the back of the affidavit it says "(No Widow), Joel H Thomas and Clarinda Thomas, Elihu Jackson and Armilda Jackson, Robert Stewart, Viann Stewart, John Stewart, Jacob Stewart" It does not say who these people are and there is no further reference to heirs.

File B26 - James Stewart - will dated 15 Apr 1852
Entire estate to Salome B Stewart, his wife, for her lifetime. Upon her death, the real estate was to be divided among his male heirs and the personal property among his female heirs (not named). He appointed A W Jett and Anthony Stewart as executors. Executors bond was dated 4 May 1852

File B27 - Joseph Stewart
Affidavit of death by John Nail says that Joseph Stewart died 25 Nov 1856. There was a note from Samuel Hamilton of Shelbyville, IN dated 29 July 1858 stating that he is sending a note on Joseph Stewart in the amount of $5.15 He is asking for payment. Joseph was a partner in a business called Snowley and Stewart.

File B30 - Robert H Stewart - Will dated 29 Oct 1882
Petition for Letters of Testamentary gives death date as 3 Nov 1882 in Hillsboro
The will mentions: Kate J Stewart, wife; Harry S Douglas and Arthur D Stewart, nephews; Florence Douglas, niece; James D Stewart and John R Stewart, brothers; and the St Agnes Catholic Church. Final Report dated July term 1885 states that James D Stewart died 18 Sep 1884 and John R Stewart died 3 May 1885

File B30 - Saloma B Stewart - Will dated 15 June 1887 Fillmore IL
Age at death 76 - Bequests to: Wm A (no surname given), grandson; and Jane Austin, Ann Follette, Jane I May, and Laura Allen, daughters. It also mentions a grandson Wm A May. She appointed A O Whitlock, executor. Witnesses were Wm J Thompson and Jane Austin

Montgomery Co. IL Probate File B75,
John A Stump d. 10 Mar 1890 intestate, heirs were: Rebecca Stump, his widow, and the living children of his three deceased brothers and three deceased sisters as follows---
Elizabeth, Emma, Amanda, Eliza, Sarah, Drexie, Mary, & Alice, children of Peggy Ann Terhune;
Adeline, Merrilla, Priscilla, Mary, Charles, Margaret, John, Rebecca, & Cora. children of Milessa Kerrnutt; David, Nancy, Frank, Burtner(?), Joseph, Mary, & Olive, children of Mathew Stump;
Stanley, Frank, Adaline, Riley, Elizabeth, & Delia, children of Mrs. Callia Wiltson
Absalom, Elizabeth, & Nancy, children of Ephraim Stump & his widow, Jane; Unknown heirs of Francis Stump, deceased - Only place of residence given was that of Jane Stump widow of Ephraim and their children, Absalom Stump and Nancy Hickey lived at 6-miles, Wayne Co IL.

Montgomery Co. IL Probate File B53
Joel Stump d. 24 Mar 1887 in Pitman Twp., survived by: Annie Stump, widow and Newton, Edna, Grant, Daisy, Lula, and Minnie Stump, his children

Montgomery Co. IL Probate File E82
Nancy C Stump d. 21 Sept 1914 in Irving, only heir: Dilcie A McLean

Montgomery Co. IL Probate File B61
Peter Stump d. 28 Feb 1895 in Waggoner

Montgomery Co. IL Probate File E120
James M. Tooley, d. 28 May 1921, Mattoon, Coles Co IL
Mahala Tooley, wife and May Doing, Mattoon, IL; Welles M Tooley, Portland, OR; Rohe V. Tooley, Mattoon, IL; Clyde E. Tooley, Nokomis, IL; Ruby Boruff, Mattoon, IL, his children
Will dated 14 Aug 1905 stated that he was 64 years old, living in Nokomis.

Montgomery Co. IL Probate File B30
John Tooley, d. 25 Jan 1871 leaving a widow, Charlotte, and no children
Daniel H. Tooley was administrator.
John Travis filed a suit against Daniel H. Tooley claiming that he had misapplied assets of the estate.

Montgomery Co. IL Probate File B32
John Travis - d. 1 June 1877, Nokomis, IL - Will dated 3 Apr 1874 and petition for letters of administration list the following heirs
Susan Travis, wife
Elizabeth Culp, William Travis, Alexander Travis, Elsey Alabaugh, Jane Travis, Anne Dolen, Nevada Travis, George Travis, Addie Travis, and Rebecca Garrison, his children
Addie Travis, Allie Travis, and Ida L. Beard, his grandchildren

Montgomery Co. IL Probate File E41
Robert Travis - d. 10 Feb 1904
Martha A. Travis, wife and Adren, Ida M., Loren, Robert, Martha J., and Chester Travis, his children

Montgomery Co. IL Probate File 200,
David C Waggoner d. 12 Dec 1857, no list of heirs, Benjamin F Waggoner, administrator

Montgomery Co. IL Probate File 390
James Waggoner, d. 21 Aug 1905, will dated 7 Mar 1905, Brighton, Macoupin Co IL gives heirs as: Almira W Waggoner, wife; George Rowland Waggoner, James Elbert Waggoner Jr, Homer Oscar Waggoner, Louada Forwood, and Nellie Almira Mason, his children. He owned property in New Decatur, AL, Chautauqua Co NJ, and IL.

Montgomery Co. IL Probate File 198
John V Waggoner, d. 6 Feb 1865, a note in the file referred to Will Book A, Page 288 which gave a will dated 10 Jan 1865, listing the following bequests: Mary King, sister, land in Lyon Co KS; Miriam Rhoads, sister, land in Lyon Co KS; Sarah Almedia Waggoner, sister, land in Lyon Co KS; Charles E Waggoner, nephew, money; Joseph Waggoner, brother, land in IL; Benjamin F Waggoner, brother, land in IL

Montgomery Co. IL Will Book A, Page 213
Sarah Waggoner, will dated 20 Jan 1862 lists heirs as: Sarah A Waggoner, dau; Martha J Waggoner, dau; Miriam w/o William Rhoades; Mary w/o Alexander King; Charles Edward Waggoner, grandson; Benjamin F, John V, and Joseph Waggoner, sons.

Montgomery Co. IL Probate File 198,
William Waggoner d. (no day) Sep 1860, same will as in file 200, Emily Waggoner, widow
B F Waggoner, administrator, property consisted of ¼ interest in property with B F Waggoner, John V Waggoner, and Joseph Waggoner

Montgomery Co. IL Probate File 200
William Waggoner d. (no day) Sep 1860, will dated 15 Aug 1860 Bunker Hill, Macoupin co IL lists heirs as Emily A Waggoner, widow; Charles Edward and Stephen A D Waggoner, his sons
He appointed his brother B F Waggoner as executor and guardian of his sons. Per the will he owned land with his brothers and sisters in Macoupin Co and "Cansas Territory"

Montgomery Co. IL Probate File 390
Peter Wagner, d. 26 Feb 1902 in Gillespie, Macoupin Co IL, intestate, heirs: Walter Wagner, son; Maud Foster, dau; and Clara Foster (no relationship given)

Montgomery Co. IL Probate File 200
Peter Wagoner d. 17 Apr 1849 intestate, no list of heirs, Jacob D Wagoner, administrator

File B35 - Amos H. Whitmore
(There was only a will in this file, no other papers.)
Will dated 24 Mar 1857, gives the following heirs---
"four of my children, Harriet, Jared, Jane, and Mary"
"son, Nathaniel Whitmore" "son, John Whitmore"
"daughter, Abigail Whitmore" "daughter, Athlinda Whitmore"
"son, Joseph Whitmore" "wife, Mary Whitmore"
executor, Robert Little, "my friend"
witnesses, Otis Little and Stephen M. Smith

File B39 - Mary Whitmore
Petition for Letters of Administration
Mary Whitmore d. 24 Apr 1882 in Audubon Twp
left surviving her the following children and heirs:
Sarah E. Seyers, Josiah Reed, John Whitmore, Mary M. Hill,
Abigail Kellogg, Athelinda Lease and Joseph Whitmore, the petitioner

Montgomery Co. IL Probate Records - File Box E1
William J. Wood made an affidavit that Thomas Wood died 18 December 1858.
On the bottom of a sheet of paper headed "Thos. Woods Estate, Sale Bill, To Notes & c." is found: "Annie Wood (Widow), W.J. Wood (heirs of Martha J. McCaslin), Peter C. Wood, Margaret Brown, Angeline Wood, Anne Caroline Wood, Emily R. Wood, George W. Wood.

Montgomery Co., IL, Probate Court Journal B, pgs 48-49
July 3, 1838 - motion of William Wood to be appointed guardian of William H. Jenkins, one of the minor heirs of Gillis Jenkins, deceased. William H. Jenkins, minor orphan of Gillis Jenkins deceased of the age of 13 years on the 15th day of January 1838.


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