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Montgomery County
Litchfield Lake Yaeger Dedication Program


Monday, February 13, 1967
The Gardens Restaurant

History of Lake Development

Conceived as an answer to yours of recurring water crises and solution to the needs of a progressive community, Litchfield's Lake Yaeger is an achievement of municipal, county, state and federal cooperation.
With 1412 acres of water surface, maximum depth of 39 feet and set in approximately 4200 acres of municipally acquired land, the lake provides a five billion gallon water reserve for an ever growing community.
The project has been growing ever since 1921, when the city undertook to acquire through a civic group its own water system. A joint state-federal survey in 1936 furthered the concept of a Shoal Creek Development. It progressed as a defense project in 1944 and then lay dormant until the early 1950's.
Then through the farsightedness of the present city administration, steps were taken first through private financing and then through the amended Watershed Protection and Flood Protection Act of 1956 to bring realization of the program on a grand scale.
Litchfield Lake Yaeger is just one phase of the program which when completed with stream channel improvement and other structures will protect and develop thousands of productive acres in often flood ravaged Shoal Creek.
Through an Act of Congress of 1960 and with the aid of a $1,715,000 forty year federal loan at 2.632 percent interest, construction of Litchfield's Lake Yaeger was commenced on Feb 26, 1964. Construction of the principal works was one hundred percent completed on July 26, 1966.
Through federal and state assistance, the community is now making the project more worthwhile by recreational development. It is hoped that this phase will be completed in 1968. Meanwhile, dozens of home sites are being acquired on its shores to make Litchfield Lake Yaeger truly a model project.

[I remember visiting my great grand parents property one last time with my grandmother before the land was flooded by the new lake.
Submitted by Lynn Boyd Reener]


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