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Montgomery County
Souvenir Edition of the Litchfield Monitor
December 1894


S. W. Kessinger, Editor and Proprietor
Est. 1863, Litchfield, Illinois

Index of names and contents, transcribed by A Friend of Free Genealogy

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Turk, The Clothier, State and Kirkham Streets, Litchfield
The New York Store, D W & D P Taylor, proprietors, Litchfield
F E Huse & Co, shoes for everybody
Towey's, dry goods, carpets and millinery
The East Side Drug Store, M M Milnor
Smith & Loescher, Litchfield, hardware, tinware, Queensware
Wm Wiegreffe & Son, Dealers in Lumber
Mound City Mantel Works, C H Reader, St Louis MO
J R Challacombe, farm machinery, Hillsboro
J H Ritchie, proprietor, Litchfield, exclusive dry goods & millinery house
The V Hoffman Estate, Jefferson Street, Litchfield, general merchandise
Henry Holderread, E Side State St, Litchfield, harness, saddles, etc
The Updike & Cratty Hardware Co, hardware and farm machinery
L F Boothe & Co's, Raymond, men and boys clothing
Home Hospital, Drs A C & L H Coor, managers & proprietors, Carlinville IL
E A Rice Lumber Company, Litchfield
The Bell, L Nathan & Bro, proprietors, East Side State Street, Litchfield, clothiers
W C Miller & Co, Hillsboro, dry goods, clothing, groceries
C E Hensen, Virden IL, agent for Anheuser Busch Brewing Assn of St Louis Mo
D W Buel, Litchfield, dealer in smoked meats, salt, lard, etc
Wm N Morris, #12 State Street, Litchfield, dealer in groceries
Beach & Lang Milling Co, Litchfield, millers and grain dealers
E H Leuckel, Litchfield, furniture, undertaking a specialty
Geo Zink & David R Kinder, Masonic Block, Litchfield, attorneys-at-law
J F Blackwelder, MD, #17 Ryder St, Litchfield, physician & surgeon
Lane & Cooper, Hillsboro, attorneys-at-law
Dr J R Seymour, Raymond, physician & surgeon
C G Buffington, 122 W Kirkham, Litchfield, physician & surgeon
W M Ward, State & Hayward Sts, Litchfield, boarding house
The Globe Restaurants, No 1 opposite Wabash Telegraph Office and
No 2 #10 30 State Street, north of the New York Store
The Regulator, L Levy, proprietor, Litchfield, dry goods, clothing, shoes, etc
J C Strehle, 34 State St, Litchfield, shoes
H H Hensen, dealer in poultry, eggs & produce, W R Koeppe, Mgr
Dow H Strider, Raymond, the grocer
The Corner Drug Store, Frank R Milnor
Sanders Engraving Co, St Louis MO, photo engravers
Wm Barefoot, Litchfield, dentist
S H McLean MD, Hillsboro, physician & surgeon
C W Johnson MD, Litchfield, physician & surgeon
Mrs Mamie Charles-Towey, Union Ave, Litchfield, instructor in voice & piano
W A Howett & Thos M Jett, Hillsboro, attorneys-at-law
M M Creighton & John P Gardner, Litchfield, attorneys-at-law
Wm F Brell, State St opposite City Park, Litchfield, harness & saddlery,
United Typewriter & Supplies Co, St Louis MO
First National Bank of Litchfield

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Pg 1 -- Proud Old Montgomery, The Early Settlement & Development of the County
Pg 2 -- The Queen of the Prairies, A Review of Litchfield, the Metropolis of Montgomery County, Home of Unbounded Prosperity
Pg 6 -- Jesse J Phillips - Judge
Pg 7 -- Thos C Kirkland - businessman, S M Grubbs - president, First National Bank, Jacob J Frey - real estate broker
Pg 8 -- J H Burtner - Big Four Railroad, C W Bliss - journalist, Montgomery County News, Hillsboro
Pg 9 -- Our County Officials, Biographical Sketches to Date

Pg 10 State's Attorney - Thomas M Jett, Democratic Central Committeeman, Zanesville Twp - Oscar B Cain
Pg 11 -- A Bustling Little City Is the Verdict Rendered by Those Who Happen to visit the Enterprising City of Raymond
John R Challacombe - Republican State Senator
Jas A Brown - agent Big Four Railroad
Pg 13 -- The County's Capital, A City That Is Set On A Hill Cannot Be Hid
Pg 14 -- Over Thirty-Two Years Has The Monitor Sailed the Seas of Montgomery County Journalism
Pg 15 -- Delos Van Deusen - senior cashier of the Beach, Martin & Co Bank
Pg 16 -- S W Kessinger - editor and proprietor of the Litchfield Monitor, Frank C Buck - North Litchfield Twp Clerk, J M Truitt - lawyer and Mayor of Hillsboro
Pg 17 -- James F Greene, City Treasurer, Litchfield and Deputy County Clerk, James T Stansifer - republican alderman, third ward, Jno W Rose - insurance business
Pg 18 -- L F Boothe - dry goods and clothing store, E R Steele - Clerk, L F Boothe & Co
Pg 19 -- A New Enterprise, Development of an Industry Which is of Inestimable Benefit, Finest Vein of Coal in the State, The Carbon Coal and Manufacturing Co's Venture Their Plant Surpassed by None in the State. C W Beardsley - only wholesale & retail jeweler in the county
Pg 20 -- Litchfield Machine Shop, Rev M N Powers - minister, First Methodist Episcopal Church
Pg 21 -- Thomas F Blankley - President & General Mgr, Litchfield Transfer Co, Ike C Nathan - Partner in The Bell, clothiers
Pg 22 -- Litchfield's New Hotel, The Finest Hostelry in Illinois
Pg 23 -- A S Turk - clothier
Pg 24 -- Water Supply Co, S S Tilden - clerk, drug store owner, Republican politician
Pg 25 -- J H Atterbury - lawyer; C W Johnson, MD
Pg 26 -- John W Griswold - Republican alderman, Litchfield and ex county sheriff; G W Caldwell, MD
Pg 27 -- Dr R F Bennett; L Levy - proprietor, The Regulator, dry goods and clothing business; Frank Holden - Superintendent, Litchfield Water Supply Co
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