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Litchfield Daily Union, Friday, November 27, 1914
Hung Jury Raymond Hold-up
People vs Herschall Martin, Earl Welge, and Ray Fehr - Welge turned states evidence and the indictment against him was nollied.

The Flood Inheritance Tax
Harry C Stuttle of this city, representing the Inheritance Tax department of the attorney general's office, this week collected the inheritance tax from the legatees of the Phillip Flood estate of Girard. The amount of tax collected was $2006.11. There were twelve legatees and the amounts paid by them was from $46.37 to $543.70.

Woman Pays A Big Fine
-- The jury in the case of the People vs. Cyrus Coffield, Geo Artis, and Harry Gaddis returned a verdict of guilty and they will serve a sentence at Chester on the charge of burglary.
-- Chester Covington of this city pleaded guilty to larceny and was fined $25 and cost and one day in jail. He was let out on probation and must get a job and support his mother.
-- The case in court today is that of the People vs Marvel Mercer. He is charged with forgery.
-- Julia Knapp of Hillsboro pleaded guilty of selling liquor in anti-saloon territory and cost, amounting to $125.95, which she paid.

Must Pay Back Taxes
According to a decision handed down this week, the Merchants Bridge Company of St Louis must pay into the county treasury of Madison County back taxes amounting to $29,511.75. This case has been in court since 1911.
[Submitted by: Lynn Boyd Reener]

Sonnerman Pays Up, Final Chapter is Written, Carlinville
State Representative Otto Sonnemann paid the State of Illinois $3,802.41 through his attorney, M J Brown, Hillsboro. He was sued after he accepted pay for services in the office of the Attorney General Brundage while serving as a member of the State legislature.
[Litchfield Daily Union, Tuesday, January 12, 1926 - submitted by Lynn Boyd Reener]

Circuit Court - January 1926

Litchfield Daily Union, Tuesday, January 12, 1926 - submitted by Lynn Boyd Reener

April 1927 -- Grand Jury

Litchfield Daily Union, Wednesday, April 13, 1927 - submitted by Lynn Boyd Reener

Fitzjerrell Will Has Been Filed
Cyrus Fitzjerrell, pioneer farmer and banker of Raymond left an estate valued at $70,000 according to a petition for probate….real estate, $50,000 and personal property, $20,000. The estate goes to his children and grandchildren.

Raymond Farmer Bankrupt
Springfield, IL - Lewis A Gurley, a farmer of Raymond, was adjudged bankrupt in the federal court here today. He listed his liabilities of $28,639.46 and assets of $16,640.00

[Litchfield Daily Union, Friday, April 29, 1927 - Submitted by: Lynn Boyd Reener]

Weatherford Will Has Been Probated
J. R. Miller has been appointed administrator of the estate of the late Wm. J Weatherford who died on April 19. The estate consists of real estate valued at $8000 and person property valued at $11,000. The property is to be divided equally between his two children, Mrs Mary Etta Wilson and William Weatherford both of this city. The administrator is empowered to sell all property necessary to make an equal division of the property if it be deemed advisable.
[Litchfield Daily Union, Thursday, May 3, 1928 submitted by: Lynn Boyd Reener]

Goodpasture is Fined - Case is Appealed
[The Litchfield Daily Union, Fri, June 30, 1927 - submitted by Lynn Boyd Reener]
The case of the City of Litchfield vs. Charles Goodpasture was tried today before Judge W N Morris. Mr Goodpasture was arrested on June 13 on a charge of violating the Prohibition Enforcement Act. The case was tried by a jury composed of the following: Bruce Gilbert, Robert F Jones, W P Rogers, Ed T Cox, Peter Meyers Jr, and F H Windels. City Attorney George P O'Brien prosecuted. Mr Goodpasture represented himself but offered no defense. The testimony of Deputy Sheriff's Hayen, Lincoln Johnson, and Chief of Police George Taylor was taken. The jury returned a verdict finding him guilty and assessed a fine of $200 and costs. Mr Goodpasture prayed an appeal to the Circuit Court.

Sheriff's Sale - By virtue of an execution to me issued out of the Circuit Court of Montgomery Co, State of IL, in favor of J J Buscher and against Frank A Crabb and Blanche Crabb, I have levied on the following described property, to-wit: Lot 44, Block 8 of the Litchfield-Hillsboro Chautauqua Association, Montgomery County, IL…Henry C Hill Sheriff [Litchfield Daily Union, Friday, June 30, 1927 - submitted by Lynn Boyd Reener]

Can Man Evade Jury Duty Case
[Litchfield Daily Union, Sat., Jul 2, 1927 - submitted by Lynn Boyd Reener]
Constable Claude Allen in compliance with the suggestion of jurists of today, started out a few days ago to get a jury to business men to sit on the case of the City of Litchfield vs. Charles Goodpasture. Among the men selected was Esper Paullis. According to Constable Allen, Mr Paullis refused to set on the jury saying he was busy…the question was to be taken to the court of Judge Morris on July 8

Esper Paullis Declared Not Guilty
[Litchfield Daily Union, Friday, July 8, 1927 - submitted by Lynn Boyd Reener]
Judge Jno W Griswold in his court this afternoon ruled that Esper Paullis was not guilty of evading jury duty. A few days ago Constable Claude Allen told Mr Paullis to report at Judge Morris' court as a juror in the Goodpasture case. Mr Paullis failed to appear and he was charged with contempt of court. He was represented by Judge Atterbury. States Attorney Ramey prosecuted.

Ax Slayer Will Seek New Trial - Springfield
[Litchfield Daily Union, Sat., July 9, 1927 - submitted by Lynn Boyd Reener]
Attorneys for James Hays, 29, farm hand found guilty late Thursday by a Sangamon Co jury of killing an Old Berlin woman with an ax, will ask for a new trial it was indicated Friday…Hays had been discharged from a farm where both he and Mrs Dolly Flatt were employed because he had forced his attention on the woman's 15 year old daughter. Thinking the woman had been responsible for his losing his job, he returned during the night and slew the woman with an ax and attempted to kidnap the daughter.

Partition Suit Filed In The Austin Miller Estate
The Youth of One of the Heirs Makes the Suit Necessary

Flora Miller and Austin Miller Jr by their attorneys Drver [as written] and Brown, filed in the circuit court Saturday a bill for partition and dower. The suit is directed against Harrison Miller, Reynolds, Orville and Harley Miller, Mattie B Yard, Carrie B Pointer, Ed O Fuchs, Lewis Staley, Harry E Lee, and Mattie Yard as conservator of the estate of Austin S Miller, deceased. The deceased Austin Miller died owning an extensive acreage of farm lands in sections 3, 14, 15, 16, and 22 of Pitman township. He died July 7, leaving no will. Flora Miler is his widow and Harrison, Reynolds, Orville, and Harley Miller, Mattie Yard and Carrie Pointer, and Austin Miller Jr are his children. The latter is a boy of eight years. The widow has elected to take one-third part in all the land left by the deceased, as per statute and each of the children are entitled to an undivided two twenty-firsts part of the land. Owning to the age of one of the heirs, the partition suit became necessary in order to arrive at a legal partition and division of the estate, the suit being a friendly one.
[Litchfield Daily Union, Litchfield, IL, Tuesday, July 12, 1927 - Submitted by Lynn Reener]

Mrs Flora Miller of Pitman twp has been appointed guardian of her seven yr old son, Austin Miller Jr in county court. The boy is owner of 80 acres of farm land and will inherit about 83 acres more from the estate of his late father. Mrs Miller filed bond in the sum of $3,000. [Litchfield Daily Union, Litchfield, IL, Fri, 15 July 1927 - Submitted by Lynn Reener]

Guy Bandy will hold a public sale at his farm 9 miles north of this city on Thursday, July 21. Arthur Billiter will be the auctioneer and P M Bandy will be the clerk
[Litchfield Daily Union, Litchfield, IL, Fri, 15 July 1927 - Submitted by Lynn Reener]

[Litchfield Daily Union, Litchfield IL, Wed, Aug 10, 1927 - Submitted by Lynn Reener]

Master's Sale - Paul McWilliams, Master in Chancery

PARSONS - Notice of Application for Probate of Will
To Dave Parsons, Roy Parsons and Margaret Parsons heirs at law and legatees, so far as known of Arthur L Parsons deceased late of Montgomery County Illinois….Mike Godfrey, County Clerk, 5 AU 1927

Litchfield Daily Union, Saturday, August 13, 1927 - Submitted by Lynn Reener

Suit Filed for Death of Engineer
A suit for $10,000 damages for the death of Melvin Busher engineer killed in the Big Four wreck below Staunton several weeks ago has been filed against Frank Cordera, et al, Benld. Cordera was the owner of the truck which the train struck at the crossing and derailed the train, causing the death of the engineer. The suit is filed by R G Real, an attorney of Mattoon, for Mrs Pauline Busher, the widow. It is brought to the September term of court.
It will be remembered that the Big Four struck a truck on Route 4 and that the entire train left the track. The engineer was killed.
[Litchfield Daily Union, Monday, May 28, 1928 - Submitted by: Lynn Boyd Reener]

The Late Hamlin Will Is Filed
The will of the late C P Hamlin disposes of property amounting to about $20,000. Besides his residence property in Hillsboro he had several thousand dollars worth of stocks and bonds and a 260 acre farm, in Audubon township. He also carried $9,000 in life insurance.
He wills all of his property to his wife, Blanch Moody Hamlin except the farm which is given her during her life after which it goes to his nephews. He appoints his wife executrix without bond.
Litchfield Daily Union, Tuesday, April 24, 1928 - Submitted by: Lynn Boyd Reener

Notice of Application for Probate of Will
John H Fitzgerald, deceased - heirs at law and legatees: Lulu R Fitzgerald, John O Fitzgerald, Frank E Fitzgerald, Minnie Hall, Nellie L Booth
[Litchfield Daily Union, Saturday, July 7, 1928 - Submitted by: Lynn Boyd Reener]


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