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John S Lindly and Mary (Willoughby)
50th Anniversary - Mr and Mrs John S Lindly of Walshville were married in St Jacobs, Madison Co IL, Oct 19, 1865. Mrs Lindly was Miss Mary Willoughby. All the children and grand children were present---
Jess Lindly and family of St Louis
Charlie Cannon and family of Litchfield
[Bertha Lindly]
Claude Lindly and family of Nokomis
Edward and wife of Coffeen
[prob s/b "Jess Edwards and wife", Maude Lindly]
Mrs Emma Kirkland of Springfield
[This is John's sister, not child!]
Mr and Mrs T L Barlow of Walshville
[Effie Lindly]
[Don't know if they left children out or if I got off line; but, these are missing - George O Lindly, Lucious Eugene Lindly, and Emma Roach]
[Montgomery County News, Hillsboro, IL 19 Oct 1915 - Submitted by Lynn Byd Reener]

Little Miss Stout Entertains
Miss Roma Stout, daughter of Mr and Mrs Harold Stout celebrated her sixth birthday with 26 of her friends. [Litchfield Daily Union, Monday, April 25, 1927 - submitted by: Lynn Boyd Reener]

John Nick's Birthday
Constable John Nicholson today celebrated his 76th birthday anniversary.
[Litchfield Daily Union, 28 April 1927 - submitted by: Lynn Boyd Reener]

KINDER - Celebrated 34th Wedding Anniversary
Mr and Mrs L O Kinder well known and respected residents of this city quietly celebrated their 34th wedding anniversary yesterday at their home.
L O Kinder and Lillie Clyde were married in Litchfield in the old Guild Hall of the M E Church, May 30, 1893, by Rev M N Powers.
[Litchfield Daily Union, Tuesday, May 31, 1927 - Submitted by: Lynn Boyd Reener]

Mr and Mrs A H Tiemann Celebrate Wedding Anniversary
[Litchfield Daily Union, Mon. Jun 6, 1927 - submitted by Lynn Boyd Reener]
The Affair Arranged by Husband and Members of the Church
The twentieth wedding anniversary of Mr and Mrs August Tiemann of this city, well known and respected residents was celebrated on Sunday evening at the school building of the Zion Lutheran church of which church both are members. The affair arranged by Mr Tiemann was a complete surprise to Mrs Tiemann and was attended by one hundred guests, including the members of the Zion Ladies Aid and their families and numerous relatives of the Tiemanns.
As Mr and Mrs Tiemann entered the hall, Mrs Tiemann was presented with a houge bridal bouquet of orange blossoms tied with a satin bow.
During the evening there were selections by a quartette and an address by the pastor, Rev Strelow. This was followed by a serving of refreshments of ice cream and cake.
A pretty wedding cake was in evidence and was decorated with a miniature bride and groom. During the evening, Mr and Mrs Tiemann were presented with a neat sum of money from the Ladies Aid, a set of China dishes, and several other gifts.
It was a very delightful affair and at the departure of the guests all wished the guests of honor many more such happy occasions.

Surprised on Birthday
A few relatives and friends gave Mrs Ben Beeman a surprise on her birthday, Friday night, June 3, the evening was spent with music and singing. Refreshments of angel food cake and ice cream were served. All departed at a late hour wishing Mrs Beeman many more happy birthdays.
Mrs Joe Ryals of Shawnee OK was an out of town guest.
[Litchfield Daily Union, Mon. Jun 6, 1927 - submitted by Lynn Boyd Reener]

Entertained Saturday
Mrs Emil Schumacher of 121 W Fourth Street entertained a number of friends at her home Sat afternoon the occasion being her birthday anniversary. The afternoon was pleasantly spent and delicious luncheon was served. The guests included Mrs Emily Wilton, Mrs Mark Hooper, Mrs Anna Hooper, Mrs R A McPheron, Mrs Edson Pound, Mrs Dorothy Pound, Mrs Ed Richards and little daughter, Mary Orleans, Mrs Earl Anderson and little son, Billy, and Mrs Lee Sanders.
[Litchfield Daily Union, Mon. Jun 6, 1927 - submitted by Lynn Boyd Reener]

KESSINGER - 39 Years Married
Judge and Mrs S W Kessinger of this city will on Monday, celebrate their 39th wedding anniversary.
[Litchfield Daily Union, Fri. Jun 30, 1927 - submitted by Lynn Boyd Reener]

Gates Family Held Reunion At Walton Park
The following were present:
Mr and Mrs T M Gates, Barnett
Mr and Mrs J C Gamble & children - John Jr, Lucille, and Pearl
Mrs Andrew Gates
Mr and Mrs Wm Gates and son, Billy
Mrs Edward Trover and sons Cullen and William
Mrs Frank Gates of Carlinville
Mr and Mrs Earl Little and son, Donald Earl
Mr and Mrs Roy Gates of Granite City
Mr and Mrs H O Roderick and son, Melvin
John Marshall Patton of Virden
Mr and Mrs Carson Besanceney and daughters, Reba, Verna, and Opal
Mr and Mrs Paul Lancaster of Gillespie
Mr and Mrs Charles McClenning of Hillsboro
Mr and Mrs Willard Gates and sons Galen and Ross of Girard
Mr and Mrs J F Hummel
Mrs Harry Hummel and son
Mr and Mrs F O Lorton and children, Orlando, May, and Hilma of Auburn
Mrs T M Goodman and daughter Virginia Louise
Mr and Mrs R E Vaughn of Centralia
Mr and Mrs Clarence Vaughn of Alton
Mr and Mrs Edgar Gates of Springfield
Mrs Stella Henson and daughter Selma of E St Louis
Walter L Gates of St Louis
Mr and Mrs Stanley Gates and children, Thelma, Helen, Frances, Ester, and Dorothy of Honey Bend
Mr J P Gates
Mr and Mrs James Gates
Mr and Mrs Elmer Saxby
Mr and Mrs Willard Allen
Mr and Mrs Elvis Groves and daughter, Lavonne
Mr and Mrs Sylvester Groves of Litchfield

[Litchfield Daily Union, Thurs, July 7, 1927 - submitted by Lynn Boyd Reener]

Mr and Mrs Lynn Celebrate Their Silver Wedding Anniversary
Many Guests were Present - Formerly Lived Here
Mr and Mrs George Lynn, formerly of Litchfield, but now residing in Granite City celebrated their twenty-fifth (25) wedding anniversary Sunday at their home 2109 M St. They received many beautiful gifts of silver. A delicious six o'clock dinner was served to the following guests: Mr and Mrs Wm Cline, Mr and Mrs Everett Karrick and children, Misses Woodie Lowry and Pauline Bunten of Litchfield; Mr and Mrs Chas Cline, Mr and Mrs Elmo Cline and Son, Mr and Mrs Lawrence Cline of E St Louis; Mr Roy Cline of Madison, Mr and Mrs Ed Dooling and daughters, Mrs Harriet Allen and Mr Albert Lynn of St Louis, Mr and Mrs Ed Bruning, Marvin Pence and Mr and Mrs George Lynn and daughter, Leatha and sons, Harold, Paul, and Herbert.
[Litchfield Daily Union, Litchfield, IL, Tuesday, July 12, 1927 - Submitted by Lynn Reener]

A Surprise Dinner
Relatives and friends gave Mrs Frank Nash a surprise dinner Sunday. All came with well filled baskets and a wonderful good dinner was spread and in the evening ice cream and angel food cake was served.
Those present were Miss Daisy Rusher, Mr Giles Rusher, Mr and Mrs Robert Rusher and son William and Mr Victor Griesneck of Carlinville; Mr and Mrs George Rusher, Mrs Myrtle Walls and daughter Laverna of Livingston, Mr and Mrs George Nash and daughter Georgia Mae and Mr Ben Wilson of Litchfield.

[Litchfield Daily Union, Wednesday, July 13, 1927 - Submitted by Lynn Reener]


Mr and Mrs Pete Kinsler entertained at Sunday evening dinner in honor of their neice Mrs Blanche Sheaur.

[Litchfield Daily Union, August 15, 1927 - Submitted by Lynn Reener]


The country home of Mr and Mrs L Roberson was a scene Sunday for a merry gathering of relatives and friends in honor of two southern ladies, Miss Rosa Smith and Mrs Ollie McBride who are spending a few days visiting the Roberson home…Those present were: Mr and Mrs Arthur Groves and son frank; Mr J E McGowan, grandson Buster; J F Groves and Lester Sutherland and Mr and Mrs Don Roberson of Atwater; Mr and Mrs Frank Roberson and daughters, Frances and Melinda Jane of Butler; Mr and Mrs M L Chapin and son Bobby, Mr and Mrs F A Chapin, son Albert and daughter, Virginia and Miss Vesta Marko of Carlinville; Mr and Mrs J O Pruitt of Witt; Mr and Mrs Luther Karrick and niece, Helen Karrick, Mr and Mrs Giles Personette and son, Darrell; Mr and Mrs Jack Sunderland, Mr and Mrs R L Roberson, Maurice Ray and Henrietta Roberson of this city and Miss Rosa Smith and Mrs Ollie McBride of Greenville, Ohio.
[Litchfield Daily Union, Litchfield, IL, Thursday, Aug 11, 1927 - Submitted by Lynn Reener]

Mr and Mrs H F Kayser Celebrate Wedding Anniversary

At Their Home on Yesterday Afternoon---Children Present
Mr and Mrs H F Kayser quietly celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary at their home yesterday with a family gathering. Herman Kayser and Alice Stearns both of Litchfield, were married 60 years ago by Rev Hamilton, pastor of the ME church at that time. After a short wedding trip, they returned and began housekeeping in the home of the groom, where they now live, 701 N Madison St. Their three children are Mrs J Y Mayhew of Kewanee and Bert and Mrs H S Hyndman of this city.
Mrs Kayser is 80 and Mr Kayser, 89.
[Litchfield Daily Union, Monday, April 2, 1928 Submitted by: Lynn Boyd Reener]

Mr and Mrs Vernon R Washburn of Hillsboro celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary Sep 15.
The couple accompanied by their daughter and son-in-law, Patricia and Nick Bourdoumis, flew to San Antonio TX where they spent the weekend with Pfc Andrew Bourdoumis who is attending medic school at Fort Sam Houston for eight weeks…
Mrs Washburn is the former Irene Green, daughter of the late Ermagene and Frank Green and granddaughter of the late Eugene and Roxanna Corlew Lindly.
Mr Washburn is a son of the late William and Vera Tinsman Washburn and grandson of Mr and Mrs Seth Washburn. He is a nephew of the late Hattie Washburn Turner. The Washburns and the Corlew families were among the first settlers in Montgomery County.
Mr and Mrs Washburn were married Sep 15, 1940 in the Christian Church, St Louis, MO. Their attendants were Ruby Green Pisani and the late George Lindly of St Louis.
Mr and Mrs Washburn have one daughter, Patricia, a grandson Andrew, and a granddaughter, Catherine, wife of Bruce Gabeau of Hillsboro, and a great granddaughter, Nicole Gabeau.
Mr Washburn retired in 1981 as business manager of the Eagle Picher Industries Inc after 38 years and Mrs Washburn retired in 1963 from the Hillsboro Community School district where she was unit secretary for 30 years……
[unknown paper, 20 Sep 1990 - Submitted by: Lynn Boyd Reener]

Vernon and Irene Washburn Celebrate 65th Anniversary
Vernon and Irene Washburn will celebrate their 65th wedding anniversary on Thursday, Sep 15.
Additional/different information from 50th:
Vernon's parents: Will and Vera (Traylor) Washburn Tinsman
Andrew Gabeau's wife: Maia
Andrew Gabeau's residence: Lafayette LA
Great Grandchildren: Nicole and Courtney Gabeau, Zoe and Arestis Bourdoumis
[The Journal News, 8 Sep 2005 - Submitted by: Lynn Boyd Reener]

Vernon and Irene Washburn Celebrate 68th Anniversary
Vernon and Irene Washburn celebrated their 68th anniversary Sun, Sep 14 at the Hillsboro Country Club with their family and friends.
no additional/different info from 50th and 65th anniversary notices
[Journal News, Sep 18, 2008 - Submitted by: Lynn Boyd Reener]


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