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Cockelrease Has Resigned
C L Cocklerease resigned his job with the Secretary of State to become a deputy in the office of A H Bartlett, county clerk. Mike Godfrey was also a deputy. Josh McDavid was elected county judge.
[Litchfield Daily Union, Litchfield, Illinois, Friday, November 27, 1914 - Lynn Boyd Reener]

New Officers File Bonds
The newly elected county officers file their bonds late Thursday...A H Bartlet, co clerk; C W Johnson, sheriff; E A Lewey, superintendent of schools; Co Treasurer Kiggins
[Litchfield Daily Union, Litchfield, Illinois, Friday, November 27, 1914 - Lynn Boyd Reener]

New Officers at Carlinville
Co Clerk elect, J A Blaeuer selected Milton Mahan of Palmyra as one of his deputies; Sheriff elect Knoemeller will appoint W E Morris of Mt Olive as first deputy and Walter Crump of Palmyra will be appointed second deputy and jailer; Co Treasurer Day will retain J P Arnett as his office deputy.
Litchfield Daily Union, Friday, November 27, 1914

Sheriff Elect Gets Gold Star
Sheriff elect Chas Johnson was agreeably surprised yesterday afternoon, when he answered a hurry-up call to the Elk's Club rooms where he was presented with a gold star, a gift from a number of Litchfield friends and some of the court officers at Hillsboro...M E Bray mad a speech...The star is solid gold with the words "Sheriff of Montgomery County" laid in black in a circle around a solid gold eagle...
[Litchfield Daily Union, Friday, November 27, 1914 - Submitted by Lynn Boyd Reener]

Mayor Davis As A Policeman
Hiram Wood, of Schram City, has Thanksgiving dinner at Mom Beveridges, but refused to pay for it saying that he was broke...Mayor Davis being at the restaurant at the time and being ex-officio a member of the police force, marched the fellow around to jail...
[Litchfield Daily Union, Friday, November 27, 1914 - Submitted by Lynn Boyd Reener]

Candidates for Election
Litchfield Daily Union, Wednesday, April 13, 1927
Mayor -- Charles Blackwelder --D
Clerk -- Maynard Richards -- R / Chancy D Berry -- D
Treasurer -- Clarence Winkleblack -- R / Robt Felts -- D
Alderman --W R Howard -- D 2nd Ward
W H Fite -- R --1st Ward
Gus Boyd -- D-- 1st Ward
Arthur E Price -- R -- 5th Ward
Ed Lovely -- D-- 5th Ward
Ed Haley -- I -- 2nd Ward
Chief of Police --Charles Weber -- D / Geo Taylor -- R / T Elmer James -- I
Street Comm -- Charles Bishop -- R / Atlas Striplin -- D
- submitted by Lynn Boyd Reener

Election Thank You
Ed Haley - 2nd ward - lost
George Traylor - chief of police - re-elected

[Litchfield Daily Union, Monday, April 25, 1927 - submitted by: Lynn Boyd Reener]

Congressman J Earl Major will deliver the Independence Day address at Pana on Monday
[Litchfield Daily Union, Friday, July 1, 1927 - submitted by Lynn Boyd Reener]

The City Council Meets
A Short Business Session - An Adjournment Until July 14th Taken
Mayor J E Hewitt called the members of the city council in regular session last evening and all aldermen except Duncan answered roll call. City Clerk Richards, City Attorney George P O'Brien, Chief of Police George Taylor, Fire Chief Street and Street Commissioner Bishop were present. The business of the meeting was taken up as follows:
City Treasurer C Winkleblack showed balances to the amount of $22,791.08…Three funds were overdrawn last month leaving a balance of $20,680.52.
Street Commissioner Charles Bishop showed that $879.71 was spend last month
Justice of the Peace W N Morris showed 13 arrests, $241.00 in fines imposed, and $238.00 collected.
Chief of Police George Taylor's report agreed with Judge Morris
Chief of the Fire Department W E Street showed no fires during June
City Clerk Maynard Richards showed collections of $170.60 during the month.
Bills were paid and anticipation warrants issued
Alderman listed - Childers, Gooch, Price, Dupree
Auditing Committee - Hugh Hall, L P Brubaker, and Ray Farquhar

[Litchfield Daily Union, Friday, July 8, 1927 - submitted by Lynn Boyd Reener]

[Litchfield Daily Union, Friday, July 8, 1927 - submitted by Lynn Boyd Reener]

Litchfield Daily Union, Sat., July 9, 1927

submitted by Lynn Boyd Reener

Following is a list of candidates mentioned in various items of the Litchfield Daily Union, Monday, April 2, 1928
The front page states "Ted Brawley for Mayor".
Bandy, Elmer Hwy Commissioner Democrat N Litchfield Twp
Beck, J H Assessor Democrat S Litchfield Twp
Berry, Chancy Town Clerk Democrat N Litchfield Twp
Brawley, Ted Mayor Citizens Ticket  
Casper, Herman Supervisor Democrat S Litchfield Twp
Corzine, Roy Assessor Republican S Litchfield Twp
Dieckman, Wm E Supervisor Republican S Litchfield Twp
Fizzell, John J Alderman Republican Fourth Ward
Gordon, John Alderman Citizens Ticket First Ward
Grosenheider, Fred Hwy Commissioner Republican S Litchfield Twp
Kaburick, Edward States Attorney Democrat Montgomery Co
McWilliams, Paul States Attorney Democrat Montgomery Co
Reeses, Guy Short Term Citizens Ticket Fourth Ward
Striplin, Dan Hwy Commissioner Democrat S Litchfield Twp
Vandever, Lester States Attorney Republican Montgomery Co
Wenke, Gus Hwy Commissioner Republican N Litchfield Twp

Allen Does Not Want to be Constable
To the voters of North Litchfield township I wish to say that I am not in a position to handle the office of constable in North Litchfield and if I am elected I will not qualify.
Respectfully Yours, Lester Allen

[Submitted by: Lynn Boyd Reener]

State Representative and Mrs M E Bray went to Springfield last evening where he today acts as a member of the Legislative Committee on the Col Lindbergh reception. [Litchfield Daily Union, August 15, 1927 - Submitted by Lynn Reener]


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