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Island Is Submerged [headline]
Choteau Island Is Covered - Farmers Flee to Safety - No Loss of Lives Reported
Granite City…island is completely submerged after 2 levies break…first time since 1903
[Litchfield Daily Union, Monday, April 25, 1927 - submitted by: Lynn Boyd Reener]

Former Litchfield Folks Write of the Flood Conditions
The Padens, Now in Mississippi, Write an Interesting Letter
Mr and Mrs Frank Paden of Rosedale, Mississippi, the former, formerly connected with the Litchfield National Bank, in writing to Mr and Mrs R V Carroll, yesterday, told of the pathetic scenes in that section caused by floods. Mr Paden, when not on duty at the bank where he is employed, has been assisting in watching the levee at night. The Padens reside just a few blocks from the levee where another break is expected and they are prepared to leave at any minute.
Notices have been sent out to residents that should the break occur, whistles and bells about the city would be sounded as a warning for them to flee to safety. A few evenings ago an automobile backfired and many nearby hearing the sound, thinking the levee had broken, fled, many women carrying two or three children in their arms.
[Litchfield Daily Union, Friday, April 29, 1927 - Submitted by Lynn Boyd Reener]


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