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"N" Obituaries of Montgomery County, IL

Died at Hillsboro Hospital Today
Mrs W C Newberry a prominent Irving lady died at the Hillsboro hospital this afternoon. [
Litchfield Daily Union, Friday, Jun 30, 1927 - submitted by Lynn Boyd Reener]

Norvell, John - Creamer, George - Allen, Samuel -
On An Errand of Mercy, Three Barnett Section Men Run Down and Killed
Struck by J & St L Engine While Going on a Handcar for a Physician
Deep gloom and sorrow pervades the little village of Barnett on the eastern limits of Macoupin County, for death in its most terrible attitude entered three different homes this morning and snatched away three bread-winners - healthy, stalwart men. John Norvell, George Creamer, and Samuel Allen have gone to their last account, and though the world may never know, and their names will not go down in history's chronicle, yet in the eyes of Him who rules all things they are as truly heroes as the men who have given their lives on the battlefield for their county. These three were only hard-working section men in the employ of the Quincy, Carrollton, & St Louis railway yet as humane a motive actuated them to go on the errand of mercy which resulted in the loss of their lives as pervaded knights of old in days of chivalry.
This morning about 4:30 James Bryant, foreman of the Q C & ST L at Barnett, John Norvell, George Creamer and Samuel Allen, members of his crew, were informed that the presence of a physician was speedily needed to save the life of a friend and neighbor. The nearest physician was at Atwater, four miles away.
Haste was imperative and the men pushed out their handcar, threw it on the Jacksonville & St. Louis track and sped away, their hearts glowing with the generous purpose of saving a friend, while their strong backs bent over the propeller and their brawny arms infused still greater speed into the wheels of the little car as it fairly flew towards Atwater. So engrossed were they that they failed to notice a light engine which crept upon them until Bryant, clanking up, shouted a warning to his companions and leaped as the collision occurred. The others, unable to escape, were thrown into the air and killed by the shock. Two of them were picked up with their necks broken. The Q C & St L runs its trains over the J & St L tracks from Barnett to Litchfield and the crew frequently propelled between those points, Atwater, being north of Barnett, was out of their territory.
No train being scheduled, they anticipated no mishap, but the engine which caused the accident was hurrying from Litchfield to Jacksonville to pull out a passenger train. The dense fog also prevented the crew from perceiving their danger till the engine was directly upon them.
The accident occurred two miles north of Barnett, just within the county line. It was engine No 6, with Engineer George Morrell and Fireman George White aboard, that struck the handcar.
After the collision Engineer Morrell was unable to check his engine till a mile beyond the scene. He ran back and saw the broken car and an old coat but no traces of any person. His thought was that some one had stolen the handcar for a ride and seeing the engine approaching, had jumped off and run away. The engine pulled on to Girard, where Morrell and White were informed of the true results of the collision and they returned to Barnett to testify at the inquest. Bryant, who escaped with minor injuries, hastened to Barnett and gave notice and the bodies were placed in a wagon and taken to Capt "Tip" Richardson's farm for the inquest and Coroner Hart, of Girard, was sent for. It was indeed a pitiable sight when the relatives were informed of the catastrophe and viewed the remains of the slain men. Creamer was fully 40 years old, with a wife and two children. He carried no insurance and his family was dependent for sustenance on his daily labor. Norvell who was 38 was insured for $3,000 in the Modern Woodmen and $2,000 in the Mutual Protective League. Mrs Norvell is the daughter of Perry Martin, a well-known citizen of Shaws Point, and a niece of J L Plain of this city.
Allen ws 23 years old and unmarried. He is a son of Gilbert Allen who resides at Coffeen. Creamer is a nephew of Capt H T Richardson and Mesdames John and Ed Wilson, of Carlinville.
Thomas Rinaker, in response to a telegram from relatives of the deceased men, left at noon for Barnett and the inquest was held in abeyance till Mr Rinaker's arrival. This leads to the impression that damage suits against the railroad will probably be instituted.
The funeral services over the remains of John Norvell, Geo Cramer and Samuel Allen who were killed between Barnett and Atwater Saturday morning were held at Barnett Christian Church Sunday morning at 10:30. This was the saddest occasion ever witnessed in that locality. Before the alter were the corpses of three stalwart, robust men in the prime of life, who had been hurled into eternity without a moments notice. The funeral sermon was delivered by Rev Fred Hagan of Stanford IL who paid a touching tribute to the deceased and spoke words of sweet consolation to the bereaved relatives present. The remains of John Norvell were taken to the South Raymond Cemetery for interment. Those of Samuel Allen to Honey Bend and Geo Cramer to the Barnett Cemetery.
[paper and date unknown - Submitted by Lynn Boyd Reener]

Norvell, John - Cramer, George - Allen, Samuel - [paper and date unknown]
Additional information from a second article---
John Norvell, son-in-law of Perry Martin, left a wife and three children
George Cramer, s/o John L Cramer of Chesterfield, left a wife and two children
Samuel Allen left a sister, Mrs Gertrude Barnett of Barnett and his father, mother, brothers and sisters of Coffeen


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