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The jury in the case of Berry and others on trial at Jacksonville for the murder of Henry Pratt, returned their verdict on Sunday which was as follows: Isaac Berry was convicted of murder in the first degree and his time at the penitentiary fixed for the term of his natural life, Frank Britten's time in the penitentiary was fixed at twenty five years, Mathew McFarland, C Daily and Emanuel W Berry's time was fixed at fifteen years. Simeon Berry was found not guilty, but he was re-arrested on a charge of an assault with intent to kill. A motion was made by the counsel for the prisoners for a new trial, which has not yet been decided. [December 2, 1869 Decatur Republican, submitted by F. Hagerty]

Judge J.M. North left for Jacksonville, Ill., last Saturday morning, having in charge James Glaade, the crazy man who amused himself by breaking windows and laying spikes on the railroad track.  If Glaade does not succeed in turning the tables on him, the Judge will improve the opportunity of visiting his friends at the point, it being his old home.  [The Boulder County Courier (Boulder County) Friday, October 25, 1878]

Tries to Kill Man She Loved
Ida Guthrie of Concord tried to kill Mitchell Decker, to whom she claims to have been engaged for twelve years. Decker was married recently, and when the girl heard of it she determined to kill him. Going to his residence, she knocked at the door, and when Decker appeared she shot at him, the bullet penetrating his clothing. A struggle ensued, in which the woman was disarmed, but escaped. She ran to a creek nearby and tried to drown herself, but was captured and taken to Jacksonville. [Algonquin Herald (Algonquin, IL) March 13, 1902, page 3]


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