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Ogle County
Military Records

Civil War Letters

Sent to: Hosea Vaughan, Lane Station, Ogle County, Ill
January 26th 1862
Dear Father
I have not received any letter from you yet but hope to soon. We are now in N.Y. at the mouth of the Chamberland river. We left St. Joseph last Thursday and we went to Cairo and there we crossed the river over to a place called Fort Holt, and there we stayed two or three days and then we left. When we left St. Joseph we had nothing to eat but hard bread to eat and cold water too drink and we walked about 10 miles through the snow and in and when we got there we had no place to go to get anything to eat and we was half froze to death and fatigued. I went in a ticket office and spread my blanket on the floor and laid down to rest and then in the morning four of us went out in search for something to eat. We went a little ways and we came to a small house and one of us went in and asked them if we could get something to eat, and they said we could and we went in and set down by the fire and got warm and by the time breakfast was ready, we set down and we eat as if we had seen nothing to eat in six months and that same night they got us up a good super and they treated us like men and then Sunday afternoon we left for Cairo and we got there Monday night and then in the morning they marched us down to the boat and we crossed over the river to a place called Fort Holt and we stayed there to or three days and then we left for a place called Smithland N.Y.

I sent six dollars to Charles Butterfield for a pistol and I wrote to him not to sent it for we was going from one place to another and I would love it if he send and you take this order and give it to him and tell him we have not got our pay yet and we do not know when we will get it. I wrote in my other letter and told him I would give you an order for it and I want you to be sure and get it and will immediately and let me know wither you got it and I want you to send me five or six postage stamps for I have not a cent to my name, and do not know when we will get it. We are all well at present and hope you the same. Write as soon as you get this. D.H. Vaughn. Remember and give this note to Charlie Butterfield.

Deloss H. Vaughn
52 Reg Ill Vol
Company C
[Transcribed by Christy Kelso who adds: "The Vaughn family were Ogle County residents and are buried at Lawnridge Cemetery, as is Deloss and his twin brother Delevan. Both died at 17 years old in different states, of typhoid fever while serving in the Civil War."]