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~Rev. John L. Guard Family~

Contributed by Lisa Rush of the Carroll County (Indiana) Historical Museum

     Ada Margaret Josephine Guard was born July 16th 1859.  Baptized Dec. 11th 1859 By Rev. L. W. Harkey, D. D.  Dixon, Ills.
     George Thomas Guard was born Jan. 31st 1861.  Baptized June 2nd, by Rev. Charles Young, Dixon, Ills.
     John Weiser Guard was born March 1st 1863.  Baptized Nov. 22nd 1863 by Rev. R. Heiser in the Ev. Luth. Church at Penn Ridge, Peoria Co. Ills.
     Charles Harkey Guard was born December 17th 1866.  Baptized February 14th 1867 by Rev. L. W. Harkey. D. D.  Pennsylvania Ridge, Peoria Co., Ills.
    William Lincoln Guard was born August 6, 1865.  Baptized Nov. 12, 1865 by Rev. Darice H..baugh in Ev. Luth. Church.  Penn Ridge, Peoria Co. Illinois.


     John L. Guard and Anna Mary Gabel were united in holy matrimony the 27th day of September, in the year of our Lord 1858. L. W. Harkey, D.D. Minister

    John L. Guard and Mary Jane Grant were united in holy matrimony the 16th Dec. 1869.  Wm. Rochiff Minister.


Births, Deaths, Marriages
     Mrs. Anna Mary Guard died October 20th 1868.  Was buried October 22 1868. Rev. C. Ruhl preached funeral sermon. Text Romans 12:12 "Rejoicing in hope; patience in tribultion; Continuing instant in progress."

     Mrs. Mary Jane Guard was born May 24th 1846.  Died July 30th 1872 Aged 26 years 2 mo 6 days.  Isaiah 40.1. Rev. Ressler.
Rev. John L. Guard died Oct. 18th 1895 was buried Oct. 20 1895.  Rev. Grumble preached the funeral sermon (--) assisted by Rev. Kelso.  Rev. Ruhn and Rev. Exline and Rev. Davidson.
     Anna Francis Eschker B. Dec. 23rd 1853 Married July 2nd 1874 to Rev. J. L. Guard


"My Wives"
     Anna Mary, first wife of Rev. J. L. Guard, was born December 19, 1833.  Died October 20, 1868.  Aged 24 years, 10 months and 1 day.

     Mary Jane, Second wife of Rev. J. L. Guard, was born May 24, 1846.  Died July 30 1872.  Aged 26 years, 2 mos. and 6 days.

         "Rejoicing in hope; Patient in tribulations; Continuing instant in Progress."  Rom. 12:12.



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