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City Police and Fire Departments

 “A Brief History of Peoria” by Democratic State Central Committee?  1896.
Transcribed by Genealogy Trails Staff

    The Fire and Police Departments in Peoria are thoroughly modern and most efficient.  The value of city property in use by the Fire Department is over $100,000.00.  In seven first class brick houses are stored hose wagons, carts, trucks, steamers, to the number of fourteen, and are housed forty-seven paid firemen, who, with the Fire Marshall and Assistant Marshall make up the working force of the department.

    The Police Department is composed of the Chief, Captain, Sargeant [sic], two detectives, forty-nine patrolmen and the police matron.  The city ambulance service is under control of this department.

    Cooperating with and forming part of both the Police and Fire Departments, is the Electricians Department, which, with its electricians, assistants and operators, one hundred miles of wire, its 190 fire alarm and police signal stations, is a most important factor in maintaining the high standard of the other two departments.




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