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 “A Brief History of Peoria” by Democratic State Central Committee?  1896.
Transcribed by Genealogy Trails Staff


By D. N. Murphy


    The Water Works system of Peoria is universally conceded to rank with the best of those in the United States and to surpass those of other cities of the same population.

    The pumping plant consists of three Worthington compound, duplex, vertical high-duty pumping engines, each of 7,200,000 gallons capacity in twenty-four hours, or of a combined capacity of 21,600,000. These pumps work against a pressure of nearly 140 pounds, and in their daily performance give a duty of 100,000,000 foot pounds per 100 pounds of coal.
    Steam is supplied to the pumps from six Heine water-tube boilers of 200 horse power each, making a total of 1,200 horse power.  The pumping station is complete in every detail, and from an artistic standpoint, is, with its grounds, pleasing to the eye of all those who visit it. The water is drawn from wells, and is exceptionally clear and free from all mechanical and organic impurities. There is a reservoir of 19,000,000 gallons capacity at an elevation of 320 feet above the city datum, into which, when the pumps are working faster than the consumers are taking the water, the surplus supply is delivered. When the pumps arc shut down, the reservoir alone supplies the town.

    Eighty-four miles of cist iron mains from four to thirty inches in diameter distribute to the citizens water for domestic use and for fire protection. There are l,612 fire hydrants, all of which are kept in excellent condition; and with a constant pressure, varying from fifty pounds on the Bluff to 125 pounds in the lower portion of the city, steam fire engines are rendered unnecessary. The excellent record made by the Peoria Fire Department testifies more strongly than anything else could do to the efficiency of the water works plant.
    The rates enjoyed by Peoria are amongst the lowest in the United States. Below will be found a copy of a comparative table of rates compiled by the Indianapolis Water Company [not included in this transcription], with a view of showing how much below the average were the rates in Indianapolis.

    The water supplied by the Peoria Water Co. is exceedingly clear, cool and sparkling, and its healthfulness and purity are unquestioned.






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