1896 Peoria County Atlas

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Photos of Peoria County Residents
Photographed by Karen Seeman


Adams, George F. (Averyville)

Adlington, G. T. (North Peoria)

Aldrich, G. (Peoria)

Allen, Dan B., County Surveyor

Allen, Walter H. (Radnor)

Allen, William M., Mayor

Anthony, F. E. (Averyville)

Arnolt, Val. F. C.

Atwood, S. F., Attorney, 327 Main Street, Peoria

Back, Otto

Bailey, O. J. (North Peoria)

Baldwin, E. F.

Ball, Edward, Mr. and Mrs. (Limestone Township)

Ballentine, Thomas J., City Editor, Peoria Journal

Barnes, Jacob B., , Publisher, Peoria Journal

Barnewolt, A. H., Peoria County Treasurer

Barton, J. B.

Barton, Mrs. J. B.

Barton, Mary (Limestone Township)

Barton, W. C. H. (Limestone Township)

Beeler, Charles R. (Peoria)

Behrends, John G., Ice Dealer, 1229 North Water Street

Behrends, Martin G., Manager, John G. Behrends Ice Dealer, Foot of Voris Street, Peoria

Bell, Robert J. (Peoria)

Best, Mr. and Mrs. Peter (Kickapoo Township)

Birket, J. C. (North Peoria)

Boerkel, John F., Superintendent Springdale Cemetery

Bootz, Mr. and Mrs. W. W. (Kickapoo township)

Bontz, Mr. and Mrs. W. P., (Limestone Township)

Boomgarden, C. G., Schriftwart des Sued-Seite Turn-Vereins, 601 West Jefferson Street, Peoria

Bourscheidt, Peter J. Druggist, 722 First Av., Peoria

Bowden, William Proprietor, City Livery Stables, 213-217 Bridge Street, Peoria

Breier, William

Brendel, Dr. Frederick, 701 Fourth Av.

Breyer, Theodore Analytical and Consulting Chemist, 105 Main St., Peoria

Bristol, Mr. and Mrs. John E. (Medina township)

Brodman, Joseph Superintendent, House of Correction, Residence foot of Grant Street, Peoria

Brown, Milton A. (Chillicothe)

Brus, William J., Post Printing Co., Publishers Sonntags Post, 532 S. Adams St., Peoria

Bryan, William F. (Peoria)

Buckley, Warren

Bush, John D. (Peoria)

Cahill, Peter (Jubilee)

Calligan, E. G., Secretary, Peoria Retail Liquor Dealers Association; Adams, corner Hamilton, Peoria

Campen, Anthony F., Druggist - Erster Sprecher des Peoria Turn Vereins; 1303 and 2623 South Adams St., Peoria

Carroll, William H., (Peoria)

Cartwright, B. F.

Camp, Horace R., (Peoria)

Champney, O. B., (Peoria)

Clark, Will O., Peoria Commissioner of Public Works

Clinch, Thomas (Elmwood)

Cody, Joseph F. Jr., Boiler Inspectdor and Sealer for Peoria City

Coffinberry, Sam, (Peoria)

Collier, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph (Limestone township)

Conway, James R., Peoria City Clerk

Cook, Fitch B.

Cooney, R. J., States Attorney

Cooper, Dr. J. F., Physician and Surgeon (Elmwood)

Cox, Robert N. (Peoria)

Crawford, C. L., Peoria's Popular Jeweler, 305 Main Street, Peoria

Cremer, Bernard, B. Cremer & Sons, and - President German-American National Bank and German Fire Insurance Co.

Cutright, James M.

Dailey, John, Assistant Peoria City Attorney

Daniels, Orange, Notary Public and Justice of the Peace (Elmwood)

Davis, D. J. (Limestone Township)

Davis, Edgar (Akron)

Davis, Joseph M., Peoria City Superintendent of Streets

Davis, Mrs. L. and Mrs. C. Mohn (Limestone township)

Day, Henry P., (Peoria) Reporter, Peoria Journal

Deal, James (Peoria)

Dechman, J. E., Real Estate - Buildings a Specialty, 201 South Jefferson Avenue, Peoria

Doubet, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph (Limestone township)

Doubet, Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas (Limestone township)

Dubuis, O. F.

Durkin, Joseph P., Assistant Manager, Title Guaranty, Abstract & Trust Co., Y.M.C.A. Building, Peoria

Durst, Charles E. (Peoria)

Edwards, A. D. (Princeville)

Edwards, Thomas J. (Peoria)

Ehlen, H. J., Hardware, Stoves, Etc.; 608 S. Adams St., Peoria

Elder, Joseph, Master Mechanic, R.I.& P., and C.R.I.&P.R.R.

Enochs, T. B., Law, Real Estate and Insurance (Brimfield)

Evans, Willis, Reporter, Transcript

Fahnestock, H. H.

Fahnestock, William (Peoria)

Fash, Arthur D. (Peoria)

Fash, Charles A. W., Superintendent of Police

Finck, Mary E. (Medina township)

Finley, Robert (Peoria)

Fischer, Frank, President, Fischer Bros. Dry Goods Co., 223-225 S. Adams St., Peoria

Fischer, Jake, Treasurer, Fischer Bros. Dry Goods Co., 223-225 South Adams St., Peoria

Fischer, Julius E., Secretary, Fischer Bros. Dry Goods Co., 224-225 South Adams St., Peoria

Flanagan, P. A., Practical Horseshoer, 296 Hamilton Street, Peoria

Foley, W. E. (Mapleton)

Francis, John H.

Francis, Willis Y. (Peoria)

Frederick, Henry N., H.N.Frederick & Sons, Saddlery and Harness, 324 S. Adams St., Peoria

Furry, Elisha A. (Peoria)

Gallup, Hon. Joseph (Hallock township)

Garver, John N., President and Manager of the Transcript Co.

Gauwitz, Jacob (Richwoods township)

Gauwitz, Peter (Chillicothe township)

Gerard, Edward, Proprietor of Meat Market, 718 Second Avenue

Gerdes, Alt, Canal Commissioner, Gerdes & Co., Grain Commission, Board of Trade

Gibson, Charles R. (Averyville)

Goedecke, A. A., President, Peoria Retail Liquor Dealers Association, Foot of Voris St., Peoria

Goldberger, Herman, Editor, Sonntags Post

Gorman, Thomas N. (Peoria)

Grant, John R.

Grant, William P. (Limestone township)

Hakes, Alanson (Hallock township)

Hakes, E. E.

Hall, John H. (Peoria)

Hanna, T. B. (North Peoria)

Harbers, A. J.

Harmen, Henry (Limestone township)

Harms, William

Harring, C. C. (Averyville)

Harrmann, William

Hart, Mr. and Mrs. Felix (Chillicothe township)

Hart, W. A., 1412 Perry Street

Hausser, Rev. C. A., Pastor St. Mary's Church, Princeville

Hazard, S. B.

Hecht, Jacob (Peoria)

Hecht, Jacob, First Sprecher of the South Side Turn Vereinm, Peoria

Heinen, Frank R., Vice-President, Peoria Retail Liquor Dealers Association, Rear 113 S. Adams St., Peoria

Herget, John M., Real Estate and Abstracts, 108 N. Adams St., Peoria

Herschberger, W. B. (Peoria)

Heschong, John F., Druggist, 1016 North Adams St., Peoria

Hill, John, Opera House and Sample Rooms, Bartonville.

Hinzie, James M., Hinzie Lumber Co., Corner S. Washington and Walnut St., Peoria

Hitchcock, Charles F., Hutchinson & Hitchcock, Real Estate, 132 N. Adams St., Peoria

Hoefer, H. E., Peoria County Coroner

Holihan, John (Averyville)

Hopmyer, H. B., Sample Room, Bartonville

Hornbacker, I. M.

Houghton, R. L. (Edelstein)

Hunt, Clark (North Peoria)

Hutchinson, James A., Hutchinson & Hitchcock, Real Estate, 132 N. Adams St., Peoria

Irwin, William

Jaquin, Nicholas J., Jacquin-Oden Stationery Co., 325 Main St., Peoria

Jaeger, Charles, Chas. Jaeger & Co., Gents' Furnishing Goods, 315 Main St., Peoria

Jerald, Nathan R., Advertising Manager, Peoria Journal

Johnson, Charles, Hardware, Etc., 2023 S. Adams St., Peoria

Johnson, Charles E., Peoria County Sheriff

Johnston, John, Peoria County Recorder

Joos, Rageth, Carpenter & Contractor, 902 S. Adams St., Peoria

Jordon, Mr. and Mrs. James (Limestone township)

Keithly, Arthur (North Peoria)

Kelch, Mr. and Mrs. Adam (Kickapoo township)

Kelly, J. W. (Kickapoo township)

Keyser, Charles P., City Editor, The Evening Times

Kingsbury, John C. (Peoria)

Kinnah, John S. (Akron township)

Kinsey, S. A.

Kirk, Walter H., Lawyer, Woolner Building, Peoria

Klemckow, H. F. D., Foregin and Domestic Cheese, Fancy Grocer, 235-237 S. Madison Ave., Peoria

Klingel, Christian, Oil Inspector, City of Peoria

Kneer, August

Knusman, George W. (North Peoria)

Kothe, Charles, Insurance Agent, 611 Third Avenue, Peoria

Krause, Charles

Kutz, George A., Superintendent Job Department, The Transcript Co.


Lambert, Charles T., Reporter, Peoria Herald, 204 Main St.

Lambert, W. H. (Peoria)

Laub, George, Proprietor of Roll's Hotel, 627-629 S. Washington St., Peoria

Loquist, N. E., Photographer, New Studio, 107 S. Jefferson Av., Peoria

Lorentz, Henry (Averyville)

Lovett, Robert H.

Lucas, Adam, A. Lucas & Sons, Architectural Iron works, 211 Fulton St., Peoria

Lucas, Dr. Emma J., Peoria City Health Commissioner

Lynch, Henry W. (Peoria)

Magenheimer, C. C., Real Estate, Arcade Building, Peoria

Martin, Rob. R. (Averyville)

McCartney, E. W. Family (Limestone township)

McCartney, William Ira (Limestone township)

McCauley, J. P. (Millbrook)

McClure, John (Richwoods)

McIlvaine, George H. (Peoria)

Meals, B., President of the Peoria City Board of School Inspectors

Meidroth, William F., Proprietor, "The Pabst", 108-114 S. Jefferson Avenue, Peoria

Meints, Fred., General Contractor, 416 Second Ave., Peoria

Merrill, Alva (Hallock)

Meyer, D. (Peoria)

Millard, James, Peoria City Collector

Millard, William, Peoria City Deputy Collector

Miller, M. M. (Kickapoo township)

Miller, P. D., Sample Room, Rear 215 Main St., Peoria

Miller, Theodore J. (Peoria)

Moeller, Carl, Peoria City Fire Marshall

Moeller, Jacob, Tailor, 1507 S. Adams St., Peoria

Moffatt, Mr. and Mrs. A. (Limestone township)

Moffatt, Mr. and Mrs. Ed.

Mohn, Mrs. C. and Mrs. L. Davis (Limestone township)

Moll, Amand, Clothing and Gents' Furnishing Goods, 203 South Washington St., Director and Manager of Spencer's Military Band and Orchestra, President of Local 92, National League Musicians of U. S., Also State Organizer

Monroe, James (Limestone township)

Morby, Mr. and Mrs. W. H. (Rosefield township)

Morgan, Henry M., Postmaster, Peoria

Morris, A. J. (Eden, Illinois)

Miller, Theodore J., Insurance and Loans, Masonic Temple, Peoria

Murray, George C. (Peoria)

Nesselhaus, M. (Hollis)

Niehuas, Hon. John M., Lawyer, Woolner Building State Senator

Nisbet, A. B., Architect and Superintendent, 219 S. Adams St., Peoria

Nurse, Mr. and Mrs. H. H. (Hallock township)

Oden, Charles V. (Peoria)

Oertley, Mr. and Mrs. John (Akron township)

Olander, Frederick, Grocer, 405-407 Antoinette St., Peoria

Pierce, H. H. (Richwoods township)

Peters, Charles (North Peoria)

Phelps, William E. (Elmwood)

Pillsbury, James E., Clerk of the Circuit Court for Peoria County

Pindell, Henry M., General Manager, Peoria Herald Publishing Co.

Pitcher, Mr. and Mrs. James (Limestone township) (from photo taken in 1864)

Pitt, Norris (Peoria)

Polson, Michael (Bartonville)

Pothoff, Henry E., Secretary Workingmen's Loan aned Homestead Association Insurance, Woolner Building, Peoria

Potts, Sam (Kickapoo)

Powell, Dr. J. W., Physician and Surgeon, Rooms 238-239-240 Woolner Building, Peoria

Powell, Dr. V. M., Physician and Surgeon, Rooms 238-239-240 Woolner Building, Peoria

Price, Mr. and Mrs. D. B. (Rosefield township)

Pursell, Jesse J. (Brimfield township)

Pursley, Thomas J., Peoria City Police and Fire Commissioner

Puterbaugh, Leslie

Putnam, Frank (Peoria)

Quinn, Frank J.

Randall, Henry (Limestone township)

Ream, Samuel (Peoria)

Reed, M. P. (Brimfield)

Reen, August W. H., Druggist, 303 Main Street

Reents, S. (Rosefield)

Reichel, Jonathan G., Contractor, 503 Webster St., Peoria

Rice, Luther J., Town Clerk, Akron township

Richards, James J. (Trivoli)

Riegert, William, Manufacturer of Carriages, Buggies, and Business Wagons, 113-117 Bridge Street, Peoria

Rigby, William, Grocery, Sample Rooms and Billiard Hall, Glassford, Illinois

Robertson, Joseph L., Superintendent of Schools

Rudel, Charles A., Clerk of County Court

Samuel, John B., Secretary and Manager, Title Guaranty, Abstract & Trust Co., Y.M.C.A. Building, Peoria

Sandmeyer, Henry Sr., H. Sandmeyer & Co., Hardware, Etc., President Peoria Steam Marble Works, and Vice-President Merchants' National Bank, 215 S. Adams St., Peoria

Schaefer, Joseph A., Post Printing Company, Publishers of Sonntags Post, 532 S. Adams St., Peoria

Scheeler, Amon (Chillicothe township)

George A. SchererPresident of the Retail Grocers and Merchants Association of Illinois, and President of the National Association of Retail Grocers, 407 S. Adams Street, Peoria

Schifeling, Albert J., Jeweler, Adams st., Corner Harrison, Peoria

Schmid, William G., President Gesang Verein Concordia, Adams, Corner Bridge Street.

Schnellbacher, Jacob

Scholes, Robert

Scholey, Thomas (Peoria)

Schulz, F. W. (Limestone township)

Schweitzer, John F., Grocery, 719 First St., Peoria

Seibold, August, Proprietor, Railroad Exchange Hotel, 109-11 Hamilton Street.

Seibold, William

Seitz, Edward, Watches, Jewelry, Diamonds; 503 South Adams Street, Peoria

Shugart, W. H. (Richwoods township)

Singer, Charles, of Singer Bros. Bottling Works, 105-107 Fulton Street, Peoria

Singer, Emil, of Singer Bros. Bottling Works, 105-107 Fulton Street, Peoria

Singer, Henry, Agent Val. Blatz Brewing Co., S. Water, Foot of Harrison St., Peoria

Sleeth, William J., Postmaster, Pottstown, Illinois

Smith, Edson (Elmwood)

Smith, Philip (Peoria)

Spitznagel, Edwin C., Real Estate, Averyville

Spring, Sylvester O. (Peoria)

Stafford, William (Peoria)

Stewart, Robert A. (Logan)

Streibich, F. F.

Streibich, Frederick, Wine Grower, 1006 Moss Avenue, Peoria

Streibich, John C., Wrapping, Roofing and Building Paper, Blank Books and Office Stationery 301-305 S. Washington Street, Peoria

Stringer, John

Stringer, T. F. (Medina township)

Sucher, George B., Police Magistrate, 414 Fulton St., Peoria

Sutter, C. J., Contractor and Builder, 701 Second Ave., Peoria

Swords, Mr. and Mrs. William A. (Limestone township)

Thompson, Almon D., Peoria City Engineer

Thompson, E. F., Prop., Prospect Hill House, Richwoods township

Thorne, D. F. (Mossville)

Thorne, Edward (Medina)

Triebel, Henry

Triebel, Otto, Tribel & Sons, Marble, Granite and Statuary, 1416-1418 Perry Avenue

Triebel, William H., Triebel & Sons, Marble and Granite, 124 North Adams Street, Peoria

Tucker, Benjamin (Jubilee township)

Tyng, Mrs. A. G., 405 North Madison Avenue, Peoria

Ulrich, Nicholas, Lawyer, Loan and Investment Broker, 106 S. Adams St., Peoria

Ulrich, Valentine, President, Home Savings and State Bank, 317 S. Adams St., Peoria

Vandeventer, F. N. (Averyville)

Verch, August F. (Peoria)

Vicary, Mr. and Mrs. Henry (Kickapoo township)

Vonachen, Frank H., Druggist, 622 North Adams St., Peoria

Vonachen, Rudolph, 803 S. Adams St., Peoria

Voorhees, D. W. Jr.

Wack, John

Walter, James W. (Peoria)

Wantling, Isaac, Coal, 611 Fourth Avenue

Ward, James, U. S. Government Storekeeper, Peoria

Warner, Col. John, Ex-Mayor, Superintendent of the Asylum for Incurable Insane, 200 N. Park Place, Peoria

Warner, John A., Peoria City Assistant Fire Marshall

Wasson, T. J., Manufacturer of Artifical Stone, Cement, Side Walks, Dealer in Line, Cement, Tile, etc.  403 S. Washington St., Peoria

Waugh, E. F., General Contgractor, Corner McClure and Thompson Sts., Peoria

Weddell, Thomas R., Editor, Peoria Transcript

Weil, Dr. Albert, Peoria County Physician

Weil, Joseph A., Lawyer, Woolner Building, Peoria

Weisbruch, Henry J., Druggist, 723-725 Main St., Peoria

Weisbruch, Theodore B., Druggist, 723-725 Main St., Peoria

Welte, Ferdinand, 112 Third Av., Peoria

Wessensee, Geroge (Averyville)

White, Mr. and Mrs. Charles (Limestone township)

Whiting, William T.

Weichmann, Henry, Carpenter and Contractor, 217 W. Madison St.

Williams, Alonzo (Peoria)

Winkelmeyer, G. H. (Peoria)

Wolf, Louis PH., Publisher and Editor Peoria Sonne

Wolland, Mr. and Mrs. Edwin

Wolland, Mr. and Mrs. L. W.

Wombacher, John J., Treasurer, Peoria Retail Liquor Dealers Association, 700 N. Adams St., Peoria

Wonder, W. S. (Peoria)

Worthington, N. F.

Zimmerman, Andrew, Sole Bottler of Pabst's Beer, 128 North Washington Street, Peoria

Zotz, A.





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