Peoria County, Illinois Genealogy Trails

1882 Businesses in Peoria

National Democrat, Peoria, Illinois

Sunday, Jan. 1, 1882

"Peoria's Progress"

Transcribed by Genealogy Trails Staff






    General real estate and loan broker 225 Main street is well known throughout, not only Peoria, but the entire state of Illinois and other states and has the confidence of the entire community.  He does a large business not only for resident owners, but also for non-resident owners.  Has been in business so long in Peoria he is well posted in real estate and has a large list of real estate for sale and exchange, and you can get anything in his line in his office and always be treated politely and in a business manner.  He loans money and purchases real estate for others with great discretion always treating both parties fair.




    Manufactured by S. B. Hart & Co. on South Washington street, has so firmly fixed its superior merits, as well as decided advantages (after being thoroughly tested) over all others, in the minds of thousands of farmers, the company find themselves kept constantly busy with the help of one hundred or more workmen, to supply the demand.  This company has erected within the last six months one of the largest buildings in the city, and placed therein all the latest improved machinery necessary for their large business.  Their capacity is such that they now are in hopes to be able to fill all orders promptly.  As large as their capacity now is, and with all the improved machinery, and the aid of 125 skilled workmen, we doubt very much if it will be sufficient twelve months from now.  The growing demand for these drills are, to say the least astonishing, and marks them as being in the near future the drill of the country.  Why this will be so is apparent to all who have used them, for those who have not we with pleasure mention some of the superior advantages this drill has and holds over others, thereby giving to it a decided preference.  First, the drill is well made in every respect, from the very best material.  Second, it has the lightest draught.  Third, it has what is called "forced feed," the cups are grooved on the bottom and on the sides, which gives to the drill the post perfect feed, especially in drilling large quantities, as is often the case.  The feed cups are placed directly upon the axle, so there are no gear wheels, and the convenience of changing the quantity is unsurpassed, a point no other drill possesses, and is simply done by a sliding bar under the feed cups, to which is fastened the indicator.  The land measure is very simple in its construction and perfectly correct and reliable.  It is in full view of the operator and can be changed instantly.  Fourth, the seat is most admirable and serves double advantage, it not only gives to the driver a full view of all the working but is so arranged on the rear of the axle that it relieves all weight from the horses' necks.  Fifth, the cleaning of the hoes is easy and simple.  Chains are attached to each hoe and are so arranged that the driver can readily raise one or two, or all at a time, thereby giving them perfect freedom.  These are a few advantages this drill has over all others, and we might mention others, but space forbids.  To the farming community at large and to all agricultural dealers, we say examine the Union Grain Drill, and you will find all the advantages named.




    Flour dealers, at 329 South Washington street, are doing a large business, and have increased in goodly figures the past year.  This firm keeps an excellent grade of flour, and do all they can to please their customers, and for so doing are reaping the reward they are justly entitled to.  Parties will do well by calling on them and examine for themselves.




        are classed among the leading boot and shoe houses of Peoria.  They are known far and wide as keeping the very best grades in stock that are manufactured, consequently their trade is from the best class.  Their business for the past year is far in excess of 1880, which shows how gradually they are working up a No. 1 trade, which to them must be very gratifying.  They can be found at 227 Main street.




    Hatter and furrier, has this year made a great success of manufacturing ladies' cloaks.  Besides seals and fur=line, he has made to order many very handsome and luxuriant garments of silks and plushes.




    Of 211, 213, 215 and 217 Bridge street, manufacturer and dealer in wagons, spring wagons, carriages, buggies, etc., etc., is one of the old standbyes [sic] of Peoria and so well has he become known throughout Peoria and the surrounding country that his work is sought or by a large class of people.  The work turned out under the super-vission [sic] of Mr. Hupe is the very best, and from this springs his success.  His trade the past year exceeds by far that of 1880, and this alone speaks volumes for the work made by him.  None but the best seasoned wood goes into his workm, and none but the best iron. Skilled workmen are employed, and all can depend on what they get of Mr. Hupe.




    Who has recently succeeded Messrs. Corcoran & Co., 205 South Washington street, in the saddlery and harness business comes to us well spoken of, and as one who fully understands his business, having been engaged at it for the last twelve years, gives to him an experience valuable, and at once places him in the confidence of all.  The business of this place all known has been first-class, and nothing will be lost by the change; and we speak for Mr. Harpham a liberal share of the public patronage, feeling as we do that none but first-class goods will be allowed to pass from his establishment.

    Mr. Harpham has now a large and varied stock, consisting of the best of goods, all of which he intends selling at reasonable prices, and we take pleasure in introducing him to the community through the columns of the DEMOCRAT.




    Manufacturer of bank vaults, burglar proof locks, iron shutters and doors, counter railings, iron railings, awnings, iron sash, etc., etc., at 211 Fulton street, is the only manufacturer of the kind in Central Illinois, and so well does he do his work that his name is known all over the state, and the result is his work is sought for by many far and near.  His business has increased largely over 1880, showing conclusively how his work is appreciated by all.  In addition to the above, Mr. Lucas repairs safes, and all who trust their work to him can rely on getting as good as can be done by any one.





    Three hundred and fifteen and 317 South Washington street, since March 1, 1881 have moved the business of the old stand (200 South Water street) to the above location, and desire to call the attention of their friends to the change.

    Their facilities in receiving, storing and shipping goods are much improved.  They offer, at lowest possible rates, for cash, a large and carefully selected stock of drugs, oils and paints.

    The manifacture [sic] of their celebrated baking powder, so well and favorably known throughout Central Illinois, will be continued at the same place.

    They offer also at inducive prices by the light or box a large stock of French and American window and picture glass together with colored and ground glass to which they invite particular attention.




    The above firm, located at 106 South Adams street, is one of the best known in this part of the state.  Commencing in a comparatively small way during the early years of the war.  They are one of the few firms who passed through the trying years succeeding it without loss to their creditors, and are now one of the promptest cash houses in the city.

    We are pleased to state also that their sales make a most creditable showing upon our list of retail houses.

    This result they have achieved by keeping goods adapted to the most critical trade, and being satisfied with a modest profit thereon.

    It has been often said in our hearing that "an article coming from Clark's needs no other recommendation."

    When we see the crowd of people in their store we wonder that the first are willing to remain in so small a building, and hope before another New Year to be able to chronicle their removed (illegible) as their growing trade demands.


GAY & CO.,


    Dealers in fancy notions, toys, etc., etc., on Main street, known as the 99 cent store, is in fact a gay place, and the liveliest glace [sic] in Peoria.  This place has become the favorite resort and no wonder, under the supervision of Mr. Hardy it has always appears (as it really is) attractive, and his goods are such, as well as prices, as to please everyone.  To the readers of the Democrat we would say for all to just drop in and take a peep at the nice things there offered for sale.  Mr. Hardy and his polite and corteous [sic] lady clerk will make you feel at home and before you leave you will certainly purchase some article that pleases you.  His stock is large and fine.




    At 205 Main street (Chicago boot and shoe store) has been with us some years and is well-known for the large and well selected stock of boots and shoes he carries.  Since his advent among us he has built up a trade, that to him, is perfectly satisfactory.  His business speaks well for the past year.  People of Peoria, or in the country, when on Main street should go in this establishment and examine his large stock, inquire prices, and we will venture our word that they will be entirely satisfied that they can do no better in Peoria.  Try him.  Remember the number 205 Main street.




    Grocery dealers at 712 Main street carry a full line of staple and fancy groceries, and are doing well.  Their business has increased rapidly since they began and shows plainly that they are soon to step up to the front in the grocery business on upper Main street.  Goods ordered from W. Loucks & Son are delivered promptly and when yon [sic] receive them you can rely on their being excellent.  So much for the new firm.




    The Oil Tank Line company, located on Washington street, under the management of J. r. White has become one of the solid institutions of Peoria.  As a manager Mr. White is a success and the business done by him the past year decidedly shows this.  His sales are much larger than that of 1880 and had oil ranged as high the past year as the preceeding [sic] year, the amount would have been much greater in figures as it is, he has done an enormous business and causes light to shine in many a household.  His trade now extends over a large area of country and is fast gaining.  Mr. White has added to his business that of lubricating oil just what was needed, also Mica acle grease, both of which he is doing a large business in.  We are more than pleased to place this business before our readers, and would say to all country merchants of Central Illinois send your orders to the Peoria Oil Tank company and get the best oils to be had and at the lowest rates.




    Who is there that does not know A. W. Reen and his popular drug store on Main street near Adams, and of the fine class of drugs he carries as well as a fine line of toilette goods, why he carries the very best?  Mr. Reen's business the past year has been excellent and is fast increasing.  We are glad to note this, and it is no more than could be expected, for when one visits his fine and popular establishment and beholds one of those pleasant smiles of the doctor's he is certain to call again.  Parties from the country or visitors to the city who desire any of the above goods should not miss calling on the doctor.  Every attention will be paid you.




    Conigiski Bros. proprietor of the above store, are widely known as carrying as fine and large stock of most excellent goods as one could well wish to see.  Their store is thronged from early morn till late at night.  They sell their goods at very reasonalbe pricers, hence their large business.  People who wish to purchase them should be very careful and look for the sign of "The Revolution Store."   Make no mistake.




    Carpenter and builder 900 South Adams street, is an old resident of Peoria and is well-known as being one of the best mechanics in the city.  His business is increasing every year and the last year has been no exception.  There are many fine structures in this city that shows the handiwork of Mr. Joos.  He employs several men constantly and keeps them busily employed.  Mr. Joos is careful and conscientious in all he does and who employ him find it to their pleasure, that his skill as a builder is not surpassed, always prompt and reliable make him one of the best for the business.  Parties desiring estimates on work will find Mr. Joos well and thoroughly pested in all matters partaining [sic] to his business.


    WM. A. ZINDEL,


    Druggist at 622 North Adams street has as fine a drug store as one would wish to see.  The store is new and handsomely furnished and what is better it is well stocked with most excellent goods which are pure and fresh.  His toilet sets are splendid.  Mr. Zindel is a young man who has many warm friends and is doing an excellent business.  Careful and painstaking in all his dealings has made him very popular.




    Grocers at 625 North Adams street are well-known for the choice stock of staple and fancy groceries they always have for their customers, and have an excellent trade.  For many years have they been engaged at the above business and their fair dealing has redonnded [sic] to their credit.  Their business increases gradually and they are well pleased with their past years trade.  Remember their number.




    Who has for many years kept one of the finest little groceries stores in Peoria, can be found on North Adams street at the head of North Fayette street, and is so well-known that even to mention seems superflous [sic], yet we must say that he has a fine stock of most excellent goods and is well contented to make small margin on what he sells.  Every one knows this and the result is he is doing an excellent business.  Call and see him.




    Hattier [sic] and furrier, 112 South Adams street always has a nice and as complete a stock of hats, caps and furs as is required, and all from the very best manufacture.  It is Mr. Kersoski's aim, and has bean [sic] since he entered into the business, to keep none but the very best, being a practical hattier and furrier, and thoroughly understanding all its details he has succeeded in keeping up that reputation from the start.  His business increases every year showing full well that his goods and work are highly appreciated.  Plain, straigh-forward in all his dealings he has won hosts of friends and worked up a good substantial trade, which is quiet [sic] satisfactory.  Parties visiting Peoria in quest of such articles should visit 112 South Adams street.




    608 Main street, dealers in stoves, tinware, etc., etc., are live energetic men and have built up a good trade.  There stock is excellent and of good assortment.  Mr. Bradenburg has the reputation of being one of the best workers in tin Peoria, and all work done by him is of a substantial nature, and from this alone parties who desire work done in the the [sic] tin or roofing line can rely on getting the best to be had.




    Phillips Best's Milwaukee Baewing [sic] company since starting in this city have built up a trade that speaks well for the energy of those who rapid increase of business has have the business in charge.  Their demonstrated the fact that the quarters now occupied by them are far too limited, and in order to secure space sufficient are now fixing a large place on North Water street opposite the sugar works.  Also are increasing the capacity of their already large ice house.

    The products of this brewing company are known over the entire country, and gives entire satisfaction, hence the great demand.  This company was very fortunate in securing the services of Mr. Joseph Gillig, one of the best posted men as well as one of the best salesmen ever traveled out of Peoria.  Joe is whole souled, amiable and wins hosts of friends wherever he travels, and will materially help the now well-known Phillips Best's Brewing company.  The success of this company is already established in this section.




    J. R. Ziegler, dealer in plate glass and show cases manufacturing, on Hamilton street, is the largest in Central Illinois. His plate glass business has grown immensely in the last two or three years, and the many fine buildings in this city have been made finer by his work.  It is promptness and skill in setting large plate glass that has given to him a clear field in that line, and in no better hands could it be placed, and his prices are reasonable, made so from the fact that he deals largely, or larger, in the plate glass than any other man in Central Illinois.

    The show cases manufacture by J. R. Ziegler are models of beauty and are not equaled.  He employs the best skilled workmen to be had, and will not allow, under any consideration whatever, any but the best of work to leave his manfactory [sic].

    Mr. Ziegler is also the oldest undertaker in the city and carried a full line of burial cases, caskets, etc., in fact everything belonging to that line, and is always ready to give his services.




    Norris Pitt, No. 208 Main street, is one of the most popular merchant tailors in Peoria, and is doing a noble business, and helps make many a fine looking man look finer through his artistic suits.  He always has a fine selection of French, English and American worsteds woolens from which parties can select.  Mr. Pitt's prices are reasonable and he guarantees entire satisfaction in every case.

    On the first of February Mr. Pitt will move to 327 Main street, marble front, where he will be better pepared than ever to cantor to the needs wants and comforts of that mail [sic] sex, in general, and those wanting to commit matrimony in particular.




    Dealer in stoves and tinware, at the corner of South Adams and Walnut street, is enjoying an excellent trade.  His sales speaks well for the past year.  Mr. Ehlm is the largest manufacturer of elevator buckets in Central Illinois, and his trade reaches far and wide.  Mr. Ehln's reputation in this business is firmly established, as all know he does most excellent work.  His capacity is such that all who order from him can rely on getting their orders filled promptly.  We with pleasure recommend those who are intending to purchase any article in his line, or order from him any goods whatever, that all can rely on getting exactly what they expect.  All orders should be addressed as above.




    Druggists, corner of Adams and Main street, are enjoying a trade second to none in the retail business.  Kind and obliging to all, they have worked up a solid trade that to them must be gratifying.  Their business for the past year is evidence of this, for it shows an increase, and a good one.  Those who wish to get pure and fresh drugs, or fine toilet sets, it is a good place to go and trade.




    Dealers in heavy hardware and carriage and wagon stock, are the largest dealers in Central Illinois, and are doing an extensive business.  Their trade for the past year has rapidly increased, which shows the energy and the esteem this firm enjoys.  Having been in the business for a long time, they are well known at home and abroad, and their strict adherance [sic] to business, as well as selling on close margins, has given to them a business almost second to none in the state.  Their building is large and capacious, having added another story to it the past year.  They carry an extensive stock of all kinds of iron, and can and will fill all orders promptly.  They buy largely, and are able to duplicate Chicago prices.  In fact Cummings & Emerson is the place to purchase your iron, carriage and wagon stock.




    Who is engaged in manufacturing galvanized cornice, has within the past three years built up an excellent business, and so well and faithfully has he done all work entrusted to him, that he now finds himself crowded with orders, having all he can do.  The First Congregational church, of this city, shows his skill and handiwork; also St. Patrick's church, Mr. Bartlett's new residence, as well as J. H. Bunn's new residence, and several other fine buildings in this city.  The court house building at Ottawa is receiving its galvanized work from the hands of our excellent worker, showing the sound sense of the supervisors of that county, as well as showing who they preferred.

    The many fine buildings that have received this galvanized ornamental work from the works of Mr. Burgerhoffer stand out as monuments of skill and grandeur; and speaks more for him and his works than we can.  Success to him.





    The well known wholesale grocer, at 104 South Washington street, is fast stepping into the front ranks, as his sales the past year will indicated.  Mr. Gibson has a large and spacious bilding [sic] which is well adapted to his business.  His trade extends over a vast territory and is fast extending.  His customers are numbered among the solid ones, hence he can rely on retaining their custom, for they all known he carried a large and choice stock of excellent goods from which they can purchase, and is ever ready to give them the very lowest figures to be had.  Parties visiting Peoria intending to purchase groceries, will find at L. B. Gibson's whatever they may want.




    Undertakers, on Main street, opposite Rouse's opera house, are, unquestionably the largest in their line in Peoria, and to day stand credited with doing the largest business.  They are prompt and reliable, fully understanding the business.  They do the business entrusted to their care with great care.  Their stock is excellent.  They are also engaged in the manufacture of show cases and are turning out a goodly number of them, and beautiful - and finished in a manner that cannot help but please the most fastidious.  Their business in this line is increasing fast and no doubt but within a short time they will have to seek larger quarters.  Such is the result of doing good work.  Be sure and visit their establishment.




    Dealer in hardware, stoves, cutlery and tinware, has been in business in Peoria for many years, and is know [sic] for keeping none but the best goods manufactured, and selling them at prices that justify all in patronizing him.  We are glad to state that his business increases every year, and that his trade is extending.  This is as it should be for no fairer man is there on earth to deal with than Thos. Lloyd, 119 South Washington street, it is a good place for all to go, who desire any article in his line.  None but the best of goods are kept by him.  Go and see him.




    Boot and Shoe dealers, at the head of Bridge street, opposite the City hotel, are one of our leading boot and shoe houses, and as such are doing an excellent business.  They are well known as handling none but the best of goods manufactured, and disdains to offer anything else to the the [sic] public.  Their business for 1881 far exceeds that of 1880, showing conclusively that we state nothing but the facts.  J. C. Green & Son are noted for their straightforward business principles and all who deal with them are cognizant of these facts, hence their great success.  Those who wish to purchase any article in the way of boots and shoes should patronize this firm.




    Is the live and energetic sewing machine man of Peoria, and his sales for the past year far exceeds any number ever before sold in this city by any one man.  This is as it should be, for Mr. Downing has struggled along for years, and by uniting energy and fair and square dealing, he has reached the point where his business is remunerative, Mr. Downing confines himself to no one kind of machine.  His long experience has taught him that all do not prefer one kind of a machine, and that it is useless to undertake to convince people that such is the case.  Acting upon this idea, he concluded, wisely, that it would be better to keep all the standard machines, and hence filled his spacious rooms with machines from the best manufacturers, and then give to his patrons his experience with all machines.  So well has this proved that his success has been maavelous [sic] for he has had to enlarge his quarters, and so truthful is he in all sales made by him, that to-day he has become the leading sewing machine man of central Illinois.  No doubt exists at all that within the next three months we will see Mr. Downing looking for more spacious rooms, as his present quarters will be too limited to transact his steadily increasing business.  We would say to those who are in quest of a number one sewing machine, that Mr. Downing always has on hand a large assortment of all the best machines made, and will point out to you truthfully their valuable points.  He is, in all probability, one of the best versed men in that business in the state, kind and gentlemany [sic] - honest in all he says and does - it is no wonder that he is meeting with such excellent success.  Aiding and helping him, we find Mrs. Downing, always on hand, to show to purchasers everything in and about a machine that is to their interest.  Amiable, kind and obliging at all times, she wins hosts of friends.  Combine the qualifications of Mr. and Mrs. Downing -- qualities that always win, it is no wonder that they who purchase a machine of them are always recommending others to be sure and go to Mr. Downing's, on Fulton street, between Adams and Jefferson streets, Peoria, Ill., to buy a machine.




    103 and 105 South Water street, general worker in copper, tin, galvanized and black iron work, guttering, piping, etc., is fast gaining in business.  It is only about three years since Mr. Tonn began, and from the start he has gained steadily.  He has the reputation of doing most excellent work, Church towers and also roof work, in either tin or slate, he makes a specialty, and he has done many fine jobs in and about Peoria.  We are glad to state this for deserving is he who takes pride in what he does, and this is what Mr. Tonn does.  No unsatisfactory work is his motto.  Parties dsiring work done in his line can do not better than to consult Mr. Tonn, and get his opinion and estimates, for he will do you good work.




    The popular drug, oil and paint dealer, 111 South Washington street, has built up a solid and well paying business which must be very gratifying.  The drugs, oils and paints carried by this house are all from the best known manufacturers of the country, and can be relied upon at all times.  Mr. Albrechet's trade has increased rapidly every year, and his goods goes far and near.  This house also carries a large and well selected stock of lamps of the best makes, in which a large business is done.  Mr. Albrecht is attentive to business and all who patronize him will know just where to find him.




    Dealer in groceries, flour, feed, bailed hay; etc., at 1023 South Adams street, has built ap [sic] a trade which certainly entitles him to great credit.  This has been done through his keeping none but the best of goods and selling them at reasonable prices.  We would advise all who reside on South Adams street and adjacent streets, to be sure and call at his store.




    212 Bridge street, dealer in groceries and provisions, is a gentleman well and favorably known to a large portion of the residents of Peoria.  His stock is extensive and he is doing a fine business.  His goods can always be relied on as being of the best, purest and freshest to be had.  Prompt and reliable, his trade is increasing right along, and his gains this year over that of last year shows conclusively that Mr. Muller is the man for all parties living in and around his neighborhood, or, in fact, in any part of the city, to trade with.  We congratulate Mr. Muller on his fast increasing rade, and his unending success.




    who has a large and fine grocery establishment on the corner of North Adams and Fayette streets, is one of your self-made men, and one who has prospered from the very commencement of his business.  It is but a few years since Crosby White opened out in the business, and with a very small capital, but so successfully has he managed his business that to-day he stands second to none in the reatil [sic] grocery trade.  This is evidenced from his large sales, the past year, showing a large and healthy gain over 1880.  His stock consists of none but the very best to be had, and all can rely upon getting just what they want of Crosby White.  Affable and courteous, fair in all his dealings, he is winning hosts of friends, as a rapidly increasing business show.  Go to his place and purchase your groceries.




    No. 504 Main street, is undoubtedly one of the best places in the city of Peoria to dispense of your cast off clothing, or anything else you wish to dispose of.  The highest cash price is paid by him for all such articles as you may wish to dispose, and at all times you can get the very best prices.  Messrs. Meirs & Co. are well known for their straight forward dealing, and if you wish to purchase a watch, chain, musical instrument or clothing of any kinds; you can get bargains of him, that no firm in the city can duplicate.  Please be particular, and make a note of this fact, and it will be to your advantage.




    W. W. Dowing, the popular grocer at the head of Bridge street on South Adams, enjoys one of the best and most satisfactory trades that could be imagined, and this is just as it should be, for Mr. Downing keeps none but the freshest and choicest articles in the grocery line; is kind, obliging and energetic, and strictly attends to his business.  His clerks are prompt, reliable, amaible [sic] and thoroughly understand their business.  In fact there is no better place to buy groceries.




    are the largest sash, door and blind manufacturers in Central Illinois, and are doing a large and thriving business.  Their work for 1881 shows this conclusively, and that the orders from home and abroad are coming in heavy.  They work a large number of men, all fully understanding their duties, and under the watchful care of the young Truesdale's.  All work turned out is just as it should be.  Truesdale & Sons are prompt, energetic and ever ready to treat you most courteously.  Their works have been largely extended, and their capacity is now such that they are able to fill orders with promptness.  Their motto is "good work, cheap as can be had, and promptly executed."  Their establishment is on Water street, at the foot of Fayette.




    In all probability there is no investment made by a farmer that yields greater returns than that of purchasing and thoroughly laying of a few hundred yards of tiling, for it has been fully demonstrated that it will effectually reclaim lands that have hitherto been considered valueless, and to know where and of whom to procure the best tiling and at reasonable rates in desirable.  A. W. Bushnell, 422 South Washington street, manufactures just what every farmer wants, and of the best quality, of different sizes and different kinds.  Mr. Bushnell also manufactures the Asbestine stone, an article fast taking the place of natural stone for window caps, sills, key stones, arches, etc., etc.  This stone is much cheaper, fully as durable and will stand the test of time better than all other stone, can be made more ornamental and gives to buildings a better and finer finish.  Mr. Bushnell also deals in lime, hair and cement, and is doing a large business.




    Mr. Nitschke, whose manufactory is at No. 510 Main street, has the reputation of making the best brands of cigars in Peoria.  Some of his favorite brands include Moss Agates and the famous Upman cigars, of which he makes large quantities, and so popular are these brands, and in fact all brands which he manufactures, that every one is taken in Peoria.  Mr. Nitschke constantly keeps from twenty to twenty-five practical cigar makers and strippers at work, and has all they can do.  His business for the past year has increased largely over that of 1880, which in itself speaks volumes for the merit of his work.  Mr. Nitschke only commenced the above business a few years ago, but being a practical cigar maker himself and fully understanding just what kind of goods should go upon the market and realizing the fact that goods in quality should not detoriate [sic], fully made up his mind from the beginning that let come what would none but the best of stock and the best of workmanship should be used and employed.  Rigidly has he kept that vow, and to-day his brands and work are not excelled.  His popularity is increasing daily, and it is right it should, for good work is entitled to its reward.


J. HOFFMBNN, [sic]


    Who is engaged in manufacturing cigars at No. 219 South Washington street, purchased the stock in trade of the late Mr. Brokenholz, and from that moment success has attended him.  Mr. Hoffmann is a practical cigar maker, and fully understands the desires of those who like to indulge in a good cigar, and furnishes to them just what they want.  His goods are graded a No. 1, and his celebrated Non Pins Ultra, Moss Agate, as well as his Upman brands, are zealously sought for, and are highly spoken of by all who are so fortunate as to get hold of them.  Mr. Hoffman is energetic and reliable, and well deserves his success.




    has been in the painting, glazing and graining business in this city since 1849, and without question more work can be seen that has been done under his supervision than any other many in Peoria.  His work speaks for itself.  His artistic signs are seen on many of our best business houses in the city, and his process of graining, imitating all the different woods, are the most natural and best in the city, and everyone knows it, hence his popularity.  His business the past year has rapidly advanced over past years, and no doubt exists but what it will continue to do so.




    Auer & Mall at 213 South Washington street keeps an excellent stock of clothing suitable for all kinds of trade and we are pleased to say are receiving a liberal share of public patronage.  Their business shows a handsome increase the past year and it is no wonder for in all their dealings, honest representation stands prominent.  These gentlemen are practical in their business, buy for cash, and therefore can and do sell at terms that none others can no more than duplicate.  We take special pride in recommending the above firm to the trading public as one in every way worthy of your patronage.




    M. V. B. Cumerford, who embarked in the above business a few months ago, at 125 South Jefferson street, has, we are pleased to say met with wonderful success.  His business since opening out has been large and is fast increasing.  The flour which he handles are the best brands made in Minnesota, Kansas and Illinois.  He handles the flour made at the largest mill in the world, C. B. Pillsbury & Co., Minneapolis.  Mr. Cumerford is energetic and active, and perfectly reliable, fully understands his business and will within the near future enjoy one of the largest trades in this city.  Please remember his number and call and inspect fine brands.

    Mr. C. is also sole agent for Hayden's celebrated fire kindler for central Illinois.  The best known offered.




    Is the pioneer of the rage and scrap iron business of Peoria, and so well has he succeeded and so well is he known, that he is sought for by all those who have such articles to dispose of.  Mr. Harsch can be found on South Water street between Main and Fulton, where he can be found ready to pay the highest cash price for all such goods, and we take special delight in recommending him to all.  His capacity is unlimited and cash always ready.  From this on he intends to embark in the hide and wool business, and to those who have such to dispose of we feel they can do no better than to give Mr. G. Harsch a call.




    This institution is one in which we take particular pride in mentioning.  There is no college in the state where the students can secure so complete an education, in so short a time and for so little money as at A. Parish's business college on South Adams street, Peoria, Illinois.  Thousands can attest to what we say regarding this institution, and we fully advise and cheerfully as well as conscentiously [sic] for all who wish to secure a complete mercantile education to patronize A Parish's business college, knowing full well that all the acquirements can be had at this place.  Young men and young ladies attend this college and forever secure to yourselves a permanent business for life.




    Peoria's favorite bottle beer man, is meeting with success that fair and honest dealing is fairly entitled to, his business for the year 1881 far exceeds that of 1880, and this rises from the face that Mr. Ryan, in all his business, does just as he would like to be done by, viz.: that he gives the best of goods to those who order from him and as all are becoming satisfied of this fact the consequence is that his trade is fast increasing.  His trade is not simply confined to Peoria and surrounding vicinity, but his goods are sought for in a number of states, and as far south as Texas, showing conclusively that his goods are appreciated by all who deal with him.  We are glad to note this for John who is one in whom every one can trust, and we cordially recommend to the public at large.




    Messrs. Buckner & Coulson at 512 South Water street are undoubtedly the largest dealers n the above business in Peoria.  This firm always pays the highest price, and are meeting with success -- that a live and energetic firm are duly entitled to Messrs. Buckner & Coulson have been in the above business for many years, and are well known far and near for their unswerving integrity, and from this springs their unprecedented success.  Ever alive to the wants of all, they pay the highest price for rags, old scrap iron, hides and wool, etc., and those who have such to dispose cannot do better than to patronize Buckner & Coulson.




    Wholesale grocers, 210 and 212 South Washington street, carry an immense large stock, and are meeting with most excellent success.  Their trade extends over a large area of country, and is extending every year.  Their trade for 1881 is far in excess of that of 1880, showing decidedly that their mode of operation and the class of goods that they sell gives entire satisfaction to those who deal with them.  Messrs. McCoy & Strautt are close and shrewd buyers, purchase largely and always the purest and freshest as well as the best to be had, thereby enabling them to give their customers the bottom prices at all times - an advantage that at all times and with all parties who purchase is certainly desirable.  The past year's success of this firm speaks loudly for their energy and their fine business qualifications, which we are glad to note, and take particular pleasure in commending them to the public.




    Brass founders, plumbers, and gas fitters, corner of South Adams and Harrison streets, is one of the old established business houses of Peoria, having been started thirty-two years ago, and so steadily has it grown into favor through its most excellent work and energy of its proprietors that today it ranks the largest of its kind in Central Illinois.  The work turned out as this place is large, and requires a large number of men to execute it.  Their work extends over a large section of country, and their city trade is large.  All work turned out at this place is No. 1.  Their facilities are such that they are enabled to fill all orders rapidly, and all can rely on having it promptly.  They keep on hand constantly all articles pertaining [to] their business, and a fine assortment of chandaliers [sic], etc., etc.




    Beasley & Co., who are located at 105 and 107 North Washington street, just above the First National Bank, carry a large and excellent stock.  They have large, commodious rooms, and are doing an excellent business.  Their sales for the past year show large gains over the previous year.  This firm are live, energetic men, and through their prompt and fair dealing, have worked up a trade throughout the surrounding country which is pleasant to enjoy.  Their new quarters give them ample room to transact their fast increasing trade.  Nothing in the above line will be found missing at their establishment, and country dealers should send in their orders, as they can purchase of this firm as cheap as elsewhere, and as good goods as can be obtained.




    Formerly M. Pfiefer [sic], has recently formed a copartnership by adding to the firm Mr. A. M. Goebbel, who has been his efficient and trusted clerk for a long time.  We are pleased to state this to the public.  Mr. Goebbel is a young man well and favorably known to all, enterprising and energetic, one who fully understands all the details of the business, and we congratulate Mr. Pfieffer on his selection, as it will relieve him from his arduous toils very much.  The firm are proprietors of a large shelf hardware business, and carry an excellent stock.  They also keep on hand a large line of carpenters' and coopers' tools; also the Murry iron draw cut butcher machines -- the best in the market.

    They also handle farm machinery -- al of Peoria manufacture -- such as Peoria Plow company's plows, Selby's corn planter, S. B. Hart & Co.'s union grain drills, and Frazee's celebrated pumps -- all of which there can be no better, and all are well known throughout the country.  This firm show a good increase of business the past year, and to all farmers and others who would say, be sure and visit their establishment, at the above number.




    Geo. W. Rouse & Son, dealers in agricultural and farm machinery, at 110 South Washington streert [sic], are meeting with that success due to their energy and fair dealing.  Aside from their business place at 110 South Washington street, they have large warehouses at 420 and 422 South Water street and 508 North Water street, giving them the largest space for such business in the city.  They carry an immense stock of the best farming implements, and are doing a large business.  The sales the past year show heavy gains over the previous year.




    Hugo Brady, at 315 Main street, Peoria, has the largest stock in the above line in Central Illinois, and as good as can be found in any city.  He also carried a large and well selected stock of hats and caps, purchased from the best manufactures of the country.  Hugo Brady is a young man of marked abiity, and from his opening he has been the recipient of a trade that is most gratifying.  His trade is a solid one -- one that will hold to him -- which is right, for he carries none but the best, and is willing to sell so to live and let live.




    219 Main street, is one of the oldest dealers in hats, caps and furs in Peoria.  His stock is well selected, and he is doing a good business.  Mr. Schwarzman manufactures all his own furs, being a practical furrier of large experience, he understands it fully and suits all his customers.  His sales in the country are large, which his books attest.  Parties wishing to purchase new furs, or have old ones repaired, will find this an excellent place.


J. FABER,    


    Jeweler, at 219 Main street, always carries a good assortment of first class goods.  Skillful at his trade, and always giving entire satisfaction on all goods sold by him, and in repairing, he has worked up an excellent business -- one in which he can pride himself on -- knowing full well the trade that he has will remain by him.  When visiting Peoria parties will do well to visit his place of business.




    Messrs. Treibel & Son, who are located on Perry street, are the largest dealers in marble and granite in Central Illinois, and no doubt the most skillful.  Their work is known throughout and over a large territory, and is constantly extending.  Orders are received by them from the far west, showing conclusively and decidedly that their work takes high rank.  Besides their large works at Peoria, they have works at Boston, New York and Rockland, Me., and are direct importers of all the finest granits [sic] known, which gives to them advantages which they can extend to their patrons, that no other firm enjoys in Central Illinois.




    Is the pioneer of the west in the manufactory of regalias, and so well are they liked for their accuracy, as well as work and artistical taste, that they are sought for from the far south and west, as well as at home, by all societies.  No finer or more beautiful regalias can be had than those made by Mr. Bush.  He is making a specialty of regalias for the grand representatives for the Sovereign Grand Lodge I. O. O. F.; also the Encampment and Knights Templar outfit, and all lodges or societies cannot secure any better outfits than at John A. Bush's establishment, on Main street, under Rouse's Hall, Peoria, Illinois..




    Is the well known and gentlemanly agnt [sic] of the genuine Singer Sewing Machine company, whose office and salesroom is located on Main street, under Rouse's Hall.  These sewing machines have a wide-world reputation as being numbered among the very best, and always giving entire satisfaction.  They are gotten up handsomely, work to perfection, and with the greatest ease possible, features that should not be overlooked by none.  The business the past year speaks loudly for these machines as being the favorite; also volumes for Mr. Culbert, who is ever about, active and enterprising.  The Singer Sewing Machine company will not lack for energy and push, as well as sales, as long as the above agent remains in charge.




    Jas. Selby & Co., manufacturers of the above named planters, have had a large increase of business the past year over that of 1880.  This large increase of business has complelled them to erect large additions to their works, and to employ twenty five additional hands, making the number employed the last year 125.  The popularity of these planters are evidenced from the increased demands for them and the extension of territory over which they are ordered.  The fields of Ohio, Indiana, Iowa, Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, Wisconsin, as well as Kentucky and Tennessee, are favored with these planters, and from all who use them comes back the word "satisfied."  Thousands of these planters are made annually and scattered over a vast domain, and it must be very gratifying to the above firm to know that their planters are so highly appreciated.  Their works are located at the corner of South Washington and Oak streets.




    S. A. Fuller, at 106 Main street, has at considerable expense established a fine laundry.  All the latest improved machinery that has yet been brought out for such purposes he has placed therein, and has everything so perfectly arranged that he now does as fine laundry work as can be had in any city.  Mr. Fuller fully understands the business, is active and energetic, and through these qualifications has gained a large patronage, and such is the satisfaction he gives in all his work that he is constantly increasing his list of regular customers.  We are glad to note this, and say to the public that Mr. Fuller is every way worthy of a large and liberal patronage.  Parties who reside in the country towns can ship to this laundry any article they may wish, in the washing line, and have them returned to them safely and finely finished.  Remember the number and place.




    Druggist, corner Main and South Washington streets, has a fine establishment and keeps all the latest and best, as well as the purest drugs to be obtained.  Mr. Davis is doing a good business as his gains for the  past year show.  The patronage of Mr. Davis is of that solid nature which makes business a pleasure and his increase of custom shows how he is appreciated. His is a good place to go, for those who are in quest of any article in his line.




    H. N. Fredrick, whose extensive establishment is at 109 South Washington street, Peoria, is the largest dealer and manufacturer in the state, outside of Chicago.  The work of this firm needs no mention, but to give to the public some idea of its nature and extent, we sill say that they occupy a basement and two floors, 122 feet deep - the rear half being 48 feet wide, making it one of the largest and most conveniently arranged manufacturing establishments in the state.  This immense structure is jammed full of as fine goods, comprising everything in the harness and saddlery line, as is known -- al of theie [sic] own make, and as fine and as well made as can be found in any city.  To carry on their immense business, and to supply their trade, which reaches over entire Illinois, Indiana, Iowa and the greater portion of Missouri they employ forty skillful workmen who are kept constantly busy, and the work they turn out is truly astonishing and shows great taste.  For the convenience of the workmen and to facilitate business, they have had two large elevators put into the factory, also all the latest improved machinery known, so as to enable them to meet the demand for their widely known goods.

    We take pleasure in recommending H. N. Frederick to the trade, knowing as we do that he is able to duplicate prices, no matter from what point given, and that all his work will give entire satisfaction.  All country merchants or dealers in harness can do no better, or be more fairly treated than at H. M. Fredrick's, 109 South Washington street, Peoria, Illinois.



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