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Listing of Peoria Banks, 1896

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Peoria Banks, 1896

 “A Brief History of Peoria” by Democratic State Central Committee?  1896.
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Bank of Commerce

Central National Bank

Commercial National Bank

First National Bank

German American National Bank

Merchants National Bank

Peoria National Bank

Home Savings and State Bank

Peoria Savings, Loan & Trust Co.

Savings Bank of Peoria

Zell, Hotchkiss & Co.

Peoples Savings Bank

Dime Savings Bank







The Commercial National Hank of Peoria succeeded the private banking firm of Callender, Ayres & Co., which began business March 12, 1881, with a capital of $75,000, the members of the firm being Columbus R. Cummings, Gardner T. Barker, Henry P. Ayres, Walter Barker and Eliot Callender, of whom the last two only survive at this date (1912). The national bank opened for business at the corner of Washington and Fulton streets, January 13, 1885, with a capital of $200,000. The board of directors consisted of Gardner T. Barker. Charles B. Allaire, Frank Meyer, George L. Bradbury, Walter Barker, Eliot Callender and Henry P. Ayres and the officers were Eliot Callender, president; Henry P. Ayres, vice-president and cashier. Two weeks later, Gardner T. Barker succeeded Mr. Ayres as vice-president, and on April 1st of the same year he was succeeded as cashier by Henry B. Dox, who continued in the office until his death in September. 1899. Homer W. McCoy was then elected cashier and served until May, 1901. when he resigned to enter the bond business in Chicago, where he now is president of McCoy & Company. The office was filled by the election of Elwood A. Cole, who was succeeded as assistant cashier by William Hazzard. 

Gardner T. Barker became president of the bank January 1, 1887, and continued in the office till his death in 1894. when Walter Barker succeeded him and has been reelected annually ever since.
January 1, 1904, the capital was increased from $200,000 to $550,000; the name was changed to Commercial German National Bank and the business of the German American National Bank was absorbed. At that time the board of directors consisted of Walter Barker, Joseph B. Greenhut, John L. Flinn, Bernard Crewer. J. N. Ward, Joseph Miller, Frank P. Lewis. Samuel Woolner, Warren R. Buckley, A. L. Schimpff, Johnson L. Cole. Leslie D. Puterbaugh. John Wilson. John Finley and Weston Arnold; and the officers were Walter Barker, president; J, B. Greenhut and J. L. Flinn, vice-presidents; Weston Arnold, cashier; El wood A. Cole, assistant cashier.

Report of January 22, 1904. to the comptroller of the currency showed capital of $550,000; surplus and profits $144,000; deposits, $3,922,665 and total resources, $5,116,682.
E. A. Cole, who succeeded to the cashiership [sic] July 1, 1904, resigned the position May 1, 1911, and was succeeded by William Hazzard, who had been assistant cashier since January I, 1905.
April 24, 1909, the bank removed from Fulton and Washington streets, where it had been located for twenty-four years, to commodious and elegant quarters at 321-323 South Adams street. Report of June 14, 1912, shows a capital of $550,000; surplus and profits $768,299; deposits, $5,127,294, and total resources, $6,995,593. On August 12, 1912, the capital stock was increased to $750,000, by the issuance of $200,000 new capital. This bank is the largest in the state outside of Chicago.

The present board of directors is made up of Walter Barker, William F. Wolfner, John L. Flinn, Bernard Cremer, Robert D. Clarke, Frank P. Lewis, William B. Woolner, Jacob Wocherheimer, Leslie D. Puterbaugh, Johnson L. Cole, Albert T. Schimpff, John Finley, William G. McRoberts and William Hazzard; and the officers arc Walter Barker, president; John L. Flinn and John Finley, vice-presidents; William Hazzard, cashier; William B. Reed and William M. Wood, assistant cashiers.
Rice, History of Peoria County, 1912, pg. 449-450 [Transcribed by Mandi 2011]





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