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The Peoria House


The Peoria House
The Peoria Democrat, in its Sunday issue, give this little scrap of history of the Peoria House. "Forty years ago, on the corner of Hamilton and Adams streets, the "Planters House" was opened for the entertainment of travelers. It was then a monster enterprise. To-day the Peoria House occupies the same site. Few would see in the present building anything of the old "Planters." The new dining room, 62x85 feet, has just been elegantly frescoed and is as attractive a room as can be found in the state. There are 150 sleeping rooms in this hotel at present. All on the first floor are arranged to accommodate commercial travelers or others desiring large rooms. The course of repairs and improvements inaugurated in the dining room will be continued until the whole house has been thoroughly renovated. Col. Deane, the proprietor, has been in the business for many years and has brought the Peoria House up to its present perfect condition. It is the first class house of the city."

Donated by: Nancy Piper
Taken From the Henry Republican, December 27, 1877



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