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Elmwood Township Cemetery
(includes Elmwood City Cemetery)


Elmwood Township Cemetery

Elmwood, Elmwood Township, Peoria County, IL
Est. 1854

Elmwood, IL is North West of Peoria, IL., served by state routes 78 and 8.
The cemetery is on Route 78 on the North edge of town and South of the Maple Lane Country Club. 
The large cemetery is active and well - kept with numerous Civil War headstones.
Elmwood is the birth place of Sculptor Lorado Zadok Taft. 
One of his sculptures is located in the cemetery.
Several several years ago this cemetery was combined to include the Elmwood City Cemetery. 



Let the judge scatter flowers o'er the dead soldier's dust.
Since he died that the court might be free to be just;
Let the church scatter flowers with a reverent hand.
And the soldier's grand faith by his works understand;
Let the school scatter flowers with a chastened delight.
For while swings her portal for black and for white;
Let trade bring a wreath for the brave volunteer.
For traffic no longer goes cringing in fear.
Let Elmwood bring flowers and scatter them deep.
O'er the sod where her brave boys so tranquility sleep;
And tenderly let her remember to-day..... 
 Ay, we'll build them a monument, stately and fair,
And the names of our fallen engrave deeply there.
Yet though it should rival the tall shaft of gray....

Written by Edwin R Brown
See the Hiram Brown page.

Erected to The Memory of the Defenders of Our Country
1861 - 1865
By the Women's Relief Corps 
Citizens of Elmwood




Military Burial Listing - By Steve Slaughter

Sculptor Lorado Zadok Taft

Hiram Brown - Pioneer Abolitionists


Partial Burial Listing Transcription

 Submitted by Carole Martin
Transcribed by Candi H. 


      A-J     K-Y       





Archie T. Miles
Born Elmwood Sept. 28, 1919 
Died Dec. 7, 1941 aboard U. S. S. Oklahoma at Pearl Harbor

Pictures by Carole Martin -2008



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