Root Cemetery a.k.a
North Hampton
The location of the Chillicothe Moffitt Family Cemetery.

Hallock Township,
Rural Peoria County, IL

In 1993 and 1994, Hallock Township contacted one member of the ROOT family concerning the cemetery named after Jeriel Root.
This contact led the township to
 convert it to a Nature Preserve.

The Cemetery was transferred to the Township Office in 1848, from Jeriel Root.
A brief history of The Jerial Root Family, and the Deed can be found here: Root Cemetery History.

Steve Slaughter, a local History Researcher, has gone to great lengths to aid descendents and non- descendents, Cheri Salz, get this cemetery taken care of.

Hallock Township has no intention of preserving the cemetery but prefer to keep it as a "Nature Preserve" and "Native Prairie Site".
The problem as we pointed out when I made this a public issue a few years ago, the "Prairie Site" isn't valid for there are several non-Illinois-native plants,
 brush & trees on site. We found that by naming it as a "Prairie Preserve," they wash their hands of the cemetery & any mantance of the cemetery.
 Short of a lawsuit to force the issue, I'm afraid the cemetery is destined to remain classed as despoiled beyond repair
Steve Slaughter May- 2007


2001 Happenings
-What it looked like in April and July 2001
- Actions Taken
- Clean Up day Nov. 4, 2001

Peggy Calvert's Letter to the Township Board and Purposed Care

Burial Inventory and Headstone Photos

Want to Help preserve this cemetery?

You can write to the Township Office:

Mr. Kevin Peterson
Supervisor of Hallock Township
21203 N. Blue Ridge Road
Chillicothe, IL 61523


Contact Steve to get involved.
Contact Peggy to make contact with a descendent.

Root Cemetery Sign, July 2001 pictures and many headstone pictures taken by Steve Slaughter!
Photos Courtesy of Peggy Robbins where taken by Cheri Salz.
Information from Steve Slaughter and Peggy Calvert !




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