Peoria County, Illinois Genealogy Trails
Transcribed by Candi Horton

Old St. Mary's Cemetery
1855- 1882

Old St. Mary's contained 5 and 1/2 acres. It was purchased June 22,1855 from Patrick and Mary HARMON, for $1.00 by Anthony O'Regan, Roman Catholic Bishop of Chicago. It was located between the Rock Island Railway and North Adams St., opposite Tiker, Woodlawn and Spitzznagle Streets.

In July of 1877 it was transferred from the Bishop of Chicago by Thomas FOLEY to John Lancaster SPALDING, the first catholic Bishop of Peoria, who sold it to J.B. Bartholomew. Finally in 1903 the land was sold to Avery Manufacturing Plant. -the location of LaTourneau-Westinghouse Plant - Nov. 1955

The old cemetery was in poor condition, fences were broken down and it is said that cattle wandered over the graves.
It was sold because it was soon apparent that the cemetery was not large enough for the Catholic dead of Peoria.
So in 1882, 40 acres were purchased for the new St. Mary's Cemetery on Sterling Ave.
The bodies in Old St. Mary's were removed to Springdale and the New St. Mary's cemetery.

Graves Moved to Springdale

CASTILO, Daniel April 29, 1890 all in one grave. Moved again Nov. 27, 1934 to the New St. Mary's
LOEFFEL, Anna Reburied all in one grave March 22, 1890
LOEFFEL, Maurice  
MEEHAN, Anna  
MEEHAN, Maggie Reburied all in one grave March 19, 1890
MEEHAN, Thomas  
MURPHY, Ellen  
MURPHY, Mary  
MURPHY, Stephen Reburied all in grave April 16, 1894
NICHOLAS, Paul Reburied all in one grave March 22, 1890
NICHOLAS, Richinor  




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