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Cathy Sue Worlow  proved pictures and data on the HOLT Family.
Other Pictures and data proved by Steve Slaughter.
1956 Honor Roll Burial Listing by Candi.


Texas Union Cemetery
Rosefield Township, Sec. 30, Peoria County, IL
Cemetery is located behind church.

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The HOLT Family


1956 Honor Roll Burial Listing
Located at the Main Peoria Public Library on microfiche

NAME, War, Rank, Branch, Unit/Company, DOD, Grave Location

BOHANAN, J.W., C, Pvt., Army, Co. B. 86 IL Inf., Oct. 7, 1872, g-3, lot 12, blk A, sec. NW
GREEN, Oswald B., C, Pvt., Army, Co. K 77 IL Inf, Feb. 14, 1903, g- 2 blk 6R sec. NE
GREENHALGH, Wm. R., C, Pvt., Army, Co. D. 86 IL Inf., 1903, g-3 lot 19, blk A, sec. NW
GRUDY, James, C, Cpl., Army, Co. G., 108 IL Inf., Oct. 12, 1905, g-1 Lot 15, blk A sec. NW
WRIGLEY, James, WWI, Pvt., USMC,66 Co. 5 USMC, Oct. 16, 1918, g- 6, lot 5, blk B, sec. SW
WRIGLEY, Joseph, C, Cpl., Army, Co. D. 86 IL Inf., June 1, 1925, g-1 lot 8, blk B, sec SW




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