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Jewish Anshai Emeth Cemetery

1852 - 1873

Transcribed by: Candi Horton 2008


A Jewish Cemetery, Anshai Emeth, was organized in 1852 and was located on the bluff near South Adams street viaduct; between the 
M & St. L and the C B & Q railroad. The cemetery was deeded in trust to Leopold Rosenfield, Hart Ancker and Graham Frank. 
It was was abandoned in 1873 and bodies removed. There were probably about 150 bodies removed. 
After the old burial ground was cleared of bodies it was sold to the P & P U railroad in December 1899.


Removals to Springdale Cemetery

ULLMAN, David Dec. 7, 1881 - all reburied in one grave
ULLMAN, Julius  
ULLMAN, Millard  




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