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Name Notes Birth Death Age  
Beecher, Alcanzer   1835 1928  

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Beecher Family Page

At Rest


Beecher, George A.  Father  1859  1929  
Beecher, Harry Grand Father  Mar. 17, 1786 Aug. 16, 1862  
Beecher, Maggie Mother 1868  1939  
Beecher, Osmond D. s/o A.H. & S. Beecher   Apr. 7, 18?4  27yrs 
Beecher, Sallie   1826 1911  
BENTLEY, Wm. H.   1st Lieut. 10th Col. Hvy Arty Co I  77th IL Inf.   Nov. 19, 1830  May 01, 1920    
Boxwell, Jno. Co. E 53rd IL Inf.        
Brockett, Harriet L.   Nov. 3, 1811  Mar. 14, 1888  

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Beecher Family Page

Brockett, Merrick    Sept. 18, 1803  Dec. 12, 1860  
CHARLESTON, W. P.  Co. A, 85th IL Inf.        
COLLINGE, Lawerence H.  Musicians Band, 47th IL Inf.        
Deavers, Danny        

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Family Page

Deavers, Rosella Jane        
Edwards, Thomas J.   Pvt, Co. G, 5th Regmt  Spanish American War Dec. 16, 1879 Jul 11, 1961    
GERMAN, Lyttleton A.  Co. G, 77th IL Inf.        
Gillham, George  Co. C, 138th IL Inf. *IL S.O.S. site listed as Co. I, 11th US Cav.      
HALE, Osmer B.  Musician - Co. A, 24 Ohio Inf.        
Harper, David s/o F. M. and K.M. 1894 1907    
Harper, David Thomas Co. I, 18th IL Inf.  April 11, 1846   April 6, 1890    
Holt, Benjamin Franklin        

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Family Page

HOLT, Edward & Eldred        
Holt, Frank P.   May 10, 1886  Aug 25, 1906  
HOLT, Jennie M.   1879  1936  
Holt, Lawrence Collinge   March 9, 1864, abt. December 15, 1892  
Holt, Lizzie Shephard w/o B. F. Holt      
Holt, Susanna HITCHEN        
Holt, Thomas     March 27, 1888, 61yrs
Holt, Walter   1884 1965  
Holt, William        
Isbell, Frank        
ISBELL, Leota Irene HOLT DEAVERS   1901 1981  
Isbell, Wyman        
Kepler, Francis M.  Co. F, 119th IL Inf.        
Kepler, John Corpl. Co. I 45 U. S. V. Inf        
King, William W. Co. K, 77th IL Inf.    April 6,1917    
LEWIS, Asa A. Co. G, 19th Iowa Inf.        
MOTT, Ralph  Sgt, 348th Inf., 87th Ohio Div.        
Mulvihill, Henry   Mar. 28, 1894 Aug. 16, 1899   Tree Stone
Mulvihill, Julia d/o J. W. and J. Johnson Aug. 14, 1862 Sept. 5, 1945  
PETTY, Jacob  Co. I, 86th IL Inf.        
PROCTOR, Joseph  Co. M, 1st IL US Artillery        
RABER, I.B. O. M. Sgt, 17th Indiana Battery        
STEELEY, William H.  Musician - Co. I, 50th IL Inf.        
STEWARD, Erastus W.  Co. I,  IL Cavalry - no specific unit known        
SWARTWOOD, Henry F.  Sgt, Co. E, 47th IL Inf.        
THRUSH, David S.  h/o Jennie M. Holt 1874 1938    
Van Arsdale, Bertha E. d/o B. F. and ???   1891   Tree Stone
WATERS, John  Co. H, 33 IL Inf.          
Wilkinson         Tree Stone




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