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French Grove Cemetery
Millbrook Township, Sec. 32

Cemetery is well cared for and active.



:Driving Direction:
From Peoria, take Rt. 150 WEST past Jubilee State Park, through Brimfield, and on into Millbrook Township.
At Junction 78, turn LEFT & go approx 1.4 miles. A paved country road angles to Rt 150. A sign along the road (difficult to read) signals the cemetery. Follow this paved road approx 1/2 to 3/4 mile. Cemetery will sit on your left.


Below is a list of the FAMILY names of the stones within this cemetery. 
The total number of graves range between 250 and 325. The largest number of family and individual stones belong to: OAKES, COE, McCOY, TUCKER and GREEN. Each of these has in excess of 20 stones each!! Given the possibility of 1 to 5 stones that I may have missed, this is as complete a list as I could do. 
Steve Slaughter


Adlum, John B.
, Hatty J. (Adlum)
Alderman, Mary
Allison, Caroline P.
Allison, Joseph Emery
Alward, Mary Lois
Alward, Maggie
Alward, Matie
Alward, Joseph
Alward, Fedelia
Andrew, Alice A.
Andrew, Thomas
Andrew, Mary R.
Archibald ........ both from Glascow, Scotland
Their Children: Elizabeth, William Richardson, Archibald

Baird, Mary N. (Parker)
Baird, Mary Ellen
Baird, Catherine R.
Baird, James H.
Baird, Benjamin
Baird, William P.
Baird, Theresa Josephine
Baird, Catherine Jane 
Barr, John
, Janet F. ....... both natives of Scotland
Bates, George B.
Bates, William E.
Bates, Eliza A.
Bates, Fannie E. 
Bates, James
Bath, John ............ Born in Glascow, Scotland
Bell, Emma M.
, William B.
Blair, Agnes
Bodine, Ann
Brain, ........... infant child of Davis J. & Anne
Brooks, Louisa
Bryson, Hannah
Bryson, George H.
Bryson, Grace I.B.
Bryson, Samuel D.

Cackley, Jennie
Carroll, Ruth
Cation, Charles
Cation, James C.
Cation, Catherine
Cation, Mary
Cation, David
Cation, Mary Ella
Cation, Emms Parker
Cation, Mary L.
Cation, Russell L
Cation, William
, William (son)
Chapman, Joseph
, Eliza A.
Chestnut, Fannie E.
Clark, Margaret B. 
Coe, John C.
Coe, Louisa J.
Coe, Flora
Coe, Retta
Coe, John
Coe, Thomas S.
Coe, Joseph Y.
Coe, Rachel
Coe, Thomas S.
Coe, S.N.
Coe, Viola A.
Cole, Isaac Frank
Cole, Martha Ann (Nelson)
Cole, Johnnie
Cole, Sarah
Cole, Minnie
Cole, Mary Ann
, William F.
Cole, infant daughter of W.H. & L. M.
Conover, A.J.
Conover, Rachel (Dunham)
Coolidge, E.L.
Coolidge, Mary E.
Coolidge, John B.
Cowley, Lester F.

William H. 1868-19(no dates)
His Wife, Celia,1868-1912
SON, Williard H.,1902-1924
Daughter,Retha F., 1889-1917

Craig, Samuel
, Mary
Cramer, Winifred M.
, James C.
Cutter, Asa
Cutter, Burdie
Cutter, Sarah
, Isaac

Davis, Margaret
, Albert W.
Drake, Bertha B.
Davis, Arthur A.
Davis, Isaac W.
Davis, Amanda V.
Davis, John P.
Davis, Mary (Cole)
Davis, Julia A.
, Everett W.
Dombaugh, John Thomas
Dimmick, Milton A.
Dimmick, Eleanor 
Dimmick, George W.
Dimmick, John L.
Dimmick, William E.
Doubet, infant children of A.L & D.W.

England, Rachel A.

Foreman, Lucy Anne
Foster, Boyd .......... Civil War

Gale, Carrie Tucker
Goodman, Amanda Jane
Grant, Pauline
Grant, Gujard M.
Grant, Jennie
Grant, Wayne
Grant, J. DeCosta
Grant, Grant ................... soldier
Green, George O.
Green, Margaret (Labar)
Green, Edith G.
Green, John W.
Green, Maude R.
Green, G. Harry 
Green, Luther K.
, Marilla
Green, Emily W.
Green, C. Frank
Green, Doris E.

Hare, Jacob ........... Civil War
Hair, David H.
Hogue, William
Hogue, Adda B.
Hogue, Lorette
Hogue, Grace
Hogue, Grace, daughter of James
Hogue, Mary B.
Henderson, Sarah ---- 1797 - 1871
Henderson, Sarah ---- 1831 - 1919
Herriott, Reba O.
Herriott, Cornelia (Oakes)
Herriott, William H.
Herriott, Mary G.

Johnson, Nancy
Keeling, Lulu
Keeling, Louise
Keeling, Mildred
Keller, James 
, Jennie
, Willie
Kellog, Jack Abraham
, Ella B.
, Samuel A.
Kent, Jane
, Mary S.
, John
, Nora
Kirtley, Pearl (Slocum)

Lyons, Roxie L.
, Georgia A.
, Gladys M.
Lyons, Bertha Jane
, John Howard
Lyon, Joseph
, Hanna
, Sylvia
Lambertson, Elisha
, Elizabeth
Lambertson, Rebecca
, George
Lacey .............. infant child

McCoy, Cecil J.
McCoy, John A.
McCoy, Matilda 
McCoy, James P.
McCoy, Margaretta
McCoy, Jane Pursell (wife of Angus McCoy)
McCoy, Daniel S.
McCoy, Minnie
McCoy, Susanna
Makings, Daniel
, Robert
, Anna ........ with son Robert
Makings, Ida B.
Machin, Caroline A.
McFarland, Sarah
Myers, James P.
, Mary J.
, John A.
Mounts, M.
, J.
, M.
Morrow, Harry M.
McRill, James Albert
Moore, David
, Mary (Richstine) 
McClellan, Luella B.
, C. Lannes
, Charles L.
, Sarah (Edwards)
Moore, Jacob H.
, Martha A.
, infant son
McCoy, Emily C.
, Joseph S.
, Marie J.
Machin, William H.
, Minnie M.
McCuen, Mary J.
Moore, George Martz
, Ruth Ann
George MARTZ, son of David & Mary MOORE, Co. H. 86th Regt. IL Vol Inf., Nov. 11, 1841- Mar. 2, 1915
McConnell, James A.
, Margery
, John S.
, Elizabeth
, Robert A. ---- Civil War

Null, Joseph
Nelson, Josiah
, Margaret
, John H. .............. Civil War
Nelson, John
, Jennie
, Willie
Oaks, Mary
, Blanche L.
, Forrest M. 
Oakes, Will B.
, Robah L.
, William M.
Oaks, John G. ---- {interred in Whitter Valley Cemetery, PA}
, Rebecca
Oberholtzer, Glen P.
O'Connor, Jennie L.
, Ralph J.

Purcell, Edson D.
, Lydua
Pursell, Amanda J.
, Theodore H.
Pursell, George
, Rachel A.
, Ora E.
Pilgrim, Eliza J.
, Marie
Phelps, Mary (Reed)
, Lulu

Quine, Florence B. (Green)

Reed, William
, Sarah V.
, Angus M.
, S.M.
, Jane D.
Rogers, Mary (Young)
, J.B.
Reed, Jane D.
, Samuel M.
, Margaret
, Dr. A.C. .............. Spanish American War
, Mary J.
, John
, Louisa
, James, Jr.
, John C.
, J.G. ................ soldier
Reed, Sarah L.
, Joseph
, Elizabeth B.
Rogers, John G.
Reed, Florence
, Harry L.
Richstine, Margaret
Rynearson, Jennie V.
, J.V.
Rynearson, Cornelius
Reed, Willie C.
, James G.
, Saide C. (Oakes)
Rhodes, Nancy A.

Schinell, Lawrence
Schinell, J. Edwin
Schinell, Geraldine M.
Schinell, H. Mae
Schinell, Commodore A.
Schinell, Mary V.
Schinell, Harry G.
Schinell, Detta (McCoy)
Schinell, Johm H.
Sutherland, Enola
Sutherland, John A.
Steel, infant daughter of J & M.E.Steel
Shade, John
Sowers, Julia
Sutherland, Ralph W.
, Rachel R.
, Elisha J.
, James M.
Shaffer, Dr. Vesper, MD
, James A.
, Louisa J.
Shaw, Estella B.
Slocum, Joseph W.
Slocum, John C.
, Margaret
, Gertrude
Sutherland, Christina
Sutherland, John
Sutherland, Daniel
Sutherland, Elizabeth J.
Steele, Rachel
Steele, Nancy
Smith, Fergus, Sr
, Sarah E.
Smith, Rev. James H.
, Eleanor (Bryson)
, Nora (Smith)
Shaffer, Anna L.
Summerson, John
Summerson, Lucinda
Summerson, Francis
Summerson, Michael 

Tucker, Jane
, Vachel
Tucker, infant son
Thomas, Jennie E.
Todd, Alexander
, Ann
, Dean Sanford
Tucker, Clement S.
, John S. 
, Mary (Nelson)
, Delia
Tucker, Ezra W.
, Catherine E.
, Lettie A.
, Eliza Jane
, Samuel B.
Thompson, Thomas
, Edith

Van Patten, Gilbert J.
, Emma
, Mary B.
Warne, Mary
, Elizabeth
, James
Warne, Andrew
Webber, Hannah
, James P.
Welsh, Sumler E.
Wertman, Henry Elmer
Wertman, Benjamin
Wertman, Mary
Wertman, Charles S.
Wertman, Elias
Whetzel, Phila E.
, Ralph S.
, Effie A.
White, John
White, George
Whittaker, infant sons of Richard & Hannah
Wright, Levi B.
, Rachel






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