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Harker's Corners Cemetery

 Special thanks to Steve Slaughter, Al & Carole Martin, and Linda T.



The cemetery has one Civil War and one WWII vet and at least 5 - 18th century births. 
The most recent burial was 2005. The scenic cemetery is mowed.
But many headstones are in need of attention with several stones nearly buried. 
Al and Carole Martin, Aug. 2007

Driving Directions
Starting at the intersection of Lancaster and Cameron Roads, West of Bartonville, IL;
Travel West on Lancaster Rd. for 1.9 miles to Harkers Corner. 
Turn right (North) on Harkers Corner and travel .4 of mile to the cemetery.
It sits on a hillside on the East side of the road,
just North of  one of the entrances to Lake Camelot.






Partial Headstone Transcription

Champ, Asemath w/o G. W.   d. April 25,1866 ae.31y5m12d
CLEMMER, Lucy A.   1856 no date Linda T.
CLEMMER, Thomas W.   1856 1917  Linda T.
Cowser, Charlotte Tapping   1842 1929  
Cowser, Corp'l Henry M. CO. I 32 IL Inf. Vol 1837 1898  
COWSER, Thomas    1826 1858  
COWSER, Louise McQUOWN   1860 1886 Linda T.
COWSER, Infant Son same stone as Louise 1882 1883 Linda T.
Griggs, Sarah w/o George   d. Jan.20,18-5 ae.-- -- 23d
HALLER, Anna Maria w/o Ludwig HALLER  1806 1889  
HALLER, J. Ludwig   1838 1898  
HALLER, Ludwig    1802 1880  
Harker, Buella       Mar. 17, 1866  72y 2m 12ds
Harker, D. W.     d.May 12,1885 ae.71years
Harker, Henry S.     July 28, 1875   55y 18ds
Harker, Jeremiah W.   b.Apr.11,1824 d.Dec.21,1889  
Harker, Mary w/o D. W.   d. Jan12,1886 ae.73years
Harker, Nancy A.   b.Apr.19,1831 d.Jan.15,1905  
Harker, Puella     d.Mar.17,1866 ae. 79y6m12d
Harker, Sarah w/o James Jr.   d.June 25,1888 ae.79y4m7d
Houghtaling, Margaret     d.July 3,1836 ae.50y
Houghtaling, Sen. John     d.Feb.23,1862 ae.83y
Marker, Isabella w/o Henry S.   d.Mar.23,188- ae.66y15d
McMains, Enoch   b.Mar.12,1795 d.Apr.25,1867 ae.72y3m12d
Mills, Elizabeth w/o Joseph T. Mills   d.Mar.7,187-  
Mills, Elizabeth   widow of Joseph T. MILLS   Mar. 7, 1871  
Mills, Susan R. d/o J.& E.S.   d.Sep.15,1876 ae.20y3m3d
MORRIS, Eliza COWSER   1828 1908  
Oliver, Cpl William C. Jr.   Nov 28 1920 Aug 14 1976  
Phillips, Ashsa M.   b.Aug.12,1849 d.Dec.25,1949  
Phillips, Luke M.   b.Sept.7,1812 d.Oct.3,1891  
Phillips, Maria   b.July 15,1811 d.Mar.9,1899  
Schulz, Herman Arnold   1856 1908  
Smith, Henry     d.Jan8,1881 about 106
Van Patten, Joseph   b.June 20,1806 d.May 10,1888  
Van PATTEN,  Matthew  s/o  J. & E. Van PATTEN    Mar. 9, 1869  26y 1m 27ds
Van PETTEN,  Thomas W. B.    Nov. 29, 1822   Aug. 18, 1862  




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