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This cemetery has military burials for the Revolutionary War, War of 1812, Civil War and the Mexican War.


Child, James R. Co. H 17th Regt. IL Inf.   May 15, 1862  
Corbett, James  Co. B 11th Regt. IL Inf.      
Dorbett, Joseph  Co. C. 108 IL Inf.      
Dowdon, Clementus Rev. War   1856  
Harkness, Elizabeth Edson  Married James Harkness June 1786 Born In Bridgewater, MASS Feb. 6, 1765  Died Dec. 16, 1850  
Harkness, Isaac     Dec. 22, 1878


Harkness, James Sgt. MASS Regt. Rev. Soldier 1775-1778 Born at ?ell?am, MASS June 2, 1756 Died Harkness Grove, IL Aug. 18, 1836
Harkness, Sarah w/o Isaac Harkness   d. Feb. 3, 1885


Johnson, Orson D. Co. I 114 Regt. IL Inf.   Jan. 18, 1864  
Johnson, William H. CPL Co. G 108 IL Inf. March 7, 1840 Sept. 14,1867  
Kellogg, Nathan Co. D 108 Regt. IL Inf. Dec. 25, 1794 Dec. 28, 1877  
Kelly, Edward  Co. E 8th IL Inf.   Oct. 4, 1863  
Kennedy, William PVT Co. F 2nd IL Foot Vol. Mexican War      
McCurdy, David  Co. I 84th Regt. IL Inf.      
Merchant, William H. Co. E 15th Regt. Maine Inf.   May 22, 1862  
Parkhurst, Josiah C.  Co. G 9th Regt. IL MTD Inf.      
Richardson, George IL PVT Rangers US Vol. War of 1812 June 25, 1785  Aug. 16, 1868  
Roberts, Andrew  Co. G 83rd  IL Inf.  1828  1867  
Shepard, William  Captain Co. E 2 IL Foot Vols. Mexican War      
Smith, William PVT Co. C 1st Regt., IL Inf. Mexican War      
Van Horn, William N.  PVT Co. B 4th Regt. IL Inf. Mexican War      
Widner, Samuel Co. B 44th Regt. Ind. Inf. 1842  1863  




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