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Hinkle Cemetery

Timer Township, N.W. part of Sec. 21, 3rd Prin. Meridian, 1 mile West of Glasford, IL

This cemetery would be classed as despoiled; it's basically untended. 
Most of the stones are flat on the ground or broken. 
The damage to the tombstones and being toppled from their bases is due to cattle roaming freely through the cemetery.


At the embankment there is about a 40ft drop down to a running creek 
The most imminent danger will be erosion. There is only about 5ft remaining between Nebat and Margaret Hinkle's grave to the embankment.



Judy C. Wickert (Jan. 2006)

Mrs. Ella Hinkle, died-December 07, 1899,
Levi Eads, buried June 26, 1903 (full story Peoria Journal Star July 03, 1903)
Joseph Ellsworth Hinkle, died-February 28, 1902
Mrs. Joseph E. Hinkle, died-September 27, 1901
Levi Hinkle, died October 06, 1899,
Mrs. Mary Hinkle, died December 04, 1903. 
I know my great-great grandparents are buried there. 
William S. Kidd and Frances Kidd, however I can not find records to verify them. 

Cemetery Inventory:

Hinkle,Charles Edward- Died Dec.24,1920
IL Fireman 2nd Class, U.S. Navy, USS Vermont G. H. S.

Hinkle, Nebat- Born - Oct. 25, 1823 Died- Feb. 21, 1904
Hinkle, Mary- Daughter- Died May 19, 1855
Hinkle, Margaret- wife- Born- July 15, 1822 Died- Mar. 27,1851
Hinkle, Bandenah Lee- Born- May 11, 1849 Died- Jan. 1, 1918
Hinkle, Elizabeth J.- Died: Can't read month but day was the 25th , year was either 1845 or 1847, age 25y

Other side of Elizabeth J. Hinkle's stone:
Mary A.- Infant of D.J. & E.J.
Nebat- 1855-1933- Father
William- Died- May 20, 1927

Multiple Names on Stone- No Dates
Sarah E.
John A.
Daniel J.
Children of D.J. & E.J. Hinkle

SHREFFLER, William- Born- Feb. 1, 1802 Died- Oct. 31, 1859
SHREFFLER, Mary M. FLICKINGER- wife of William- Born- Feb.3, 1800 Died- Jan. 15,1875
SHREFFLER, Daniel- Born- April 10, 1831 Died- Dec. 29, 1908
View Shreffler Headstones

SANDERS, Children of of T. & J. 
Herbert A.- 1858-1860

Etta A. - 1860-1861



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