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 Jubilee Churchyard Cemetery
a.k.a Jubilee God's Acre Cemetery





Peoria County, Illinois, Jubilee Township, Plat Section 26
On the grounds of Jubilee State Park
Southeast Corner of the South East Quad of Section 26.




*Creation is of the mind and thought once born lives forever*
Carl H. Grabo, 1881-1955




This cemetery is well cared for and active.

† Directions †

Exit Interstate 74 at the JUBILEE STATE PARK/Kickapoo exit.
Go to stop sign & turn right. Go to stop sign in Kickapoo and turn left onto Illinois Route 40.
Drive approx 3/4 mile to the Princeville Jubilee Road (Illinois Route 40) & turn right. (Fussner Rd.)
 Drive approx 1 mile to entrance of Jubilee College State Park.
Once through the Park gates continue straight ahead & park opposite the college building.
Cemetery in sight.



This cemetery is listed on the Illinois State Genealogical records as JUBILEE GOD'S ACRE. In talking to the Superintendent of Jubilee College State Park on Saturday, October 11, 2003, ONLY residents of Jubilee Township can be interred within this cemetery. Originally, in the 1800's, the village of Jubilee sat South & West of this cemetery as well as the College/Prep School. Residents of the town were brought here to be buried.


The past neglect is still present present today.
However, signs of restoration can be seen and the grounds are keep nice.


Jubilee Cemetery, like many other ancient burial grounds, became uncared for and vandalized.
According to the article by C. Verne Bloch, June 8, 1975 in the Peoria Journal Star, this Historic Cemetery

"... is in a state of desecration. Some of the 300 tombstones have been knocked over and broken, tops of several moved over from the gravesite and others damaged. Grass and weeds have been left uncut and the cemetery, whose earliest grave dates back to 1841, has become an eyesore to visitors to the college grounds. For this reason, two Peoria brothers, both attorneys, have filed suit in Circuit Court to have the court appoint a trustee to administer funds in the State Exchange Bank of Brimfield to clean up the 134 year old cemetery. John Radley, who with his brother, Richard, filed the suit... He said funds for the maintenance of the cemetery amount to $6,200 and came mainly from persons who have relatives buried at Jubilee and others who contributed toward upkeep. Radley said many members of the Radley family are buried at Jubilee. Not only are there century-old burials there are recent ones, including a descendant of Bishop Philander Chase, who founded Jubilee College and Irwin Tucker, brother of Georganna Tucker, a member of the college. He was a former township supervisor."

Bloch, C. Verne, Jubilee Cemetery Deteriorating As College is Being Restored, Peoria Journal Star; June 8, 1975

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