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Pictures from Steve Slaughter2008

La Salle Cemetery
Peoria County
Medina Twp. Plat Section 02 

This cemetery in Medina Township is well cared for & groomed. As you enter, the entire right side is among the oldest of the stones. 
This particular stone covering the entire grave of John Paterson lies on the left as you drive into the cemetery within 30 feet of the fence. 
On the same side of the cemetery & just down and west of Paterson's grave stands the only tree stones in the grave yard. 
The Tree Stone (Fogg) is on the Historic Register of Grave Stones on record in Springfield, IL.


On the top of the full length grave stone is inscribed:

John P. Paterson

Born at Lenox, Mass, May 5, 1787
Died in Peoria County, Illinois
August 1842, Aged 55 years 

He was a son of General John Paterson of the Army of the Revolution
Was a member of the State Legislature and Sheriff of Monroe County, New York
and one of the noblest works of God:  AN HONEST MAN

View the headstone- It's very hard to read in this picture.


McDonald, W. C.  Captain 86th IL Inf. 
Schwaea, J. C.   82nd IL Inf. 
Seely, Israel  died Aug. 23,1843, aged ?? yrs 3mos 13days 
Fergerson, Calvin  son of John Dalphine Fergerson who died May 31,1846, aged 5yrs 6m 1day 
Fergerson, Com Sgt. Elijah 11 IL Cav 
Fogg Historic Tree Stone
Fogg, Emma J. Aug. 24,1869 - Jan. 22, 1889
Fogg, John      Dec. 27,1875 - Apr. 29, 1876
Fogg, Children of J. & R. Fogg
Fogg, Joseph  Sep. 29, 1837 - Mar. 22, 1883 
Fogg, Rebecca Cox  Aug. 12, 1846 - Mar. 2, 1915 
Fogg,  Charles E. 1865 -1925 

Bauer, Adam  Co. K 1st Mo L.A. 
Princehouse , Elizabeth wife of S. Princehouse died Feb. 17,1842 Age ??y 7m 19dys- ?? looks like 16





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