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It was laid on part of N.E. 1/ 4 section 19 T8N R8E of 4th PM

Was located on South Adams St.

--- as it was in 1936 -----


"There are about 100 graves stones left on the site, all of which are more or less damaged. One of the most imposing stones marks the grave of WILLIAM B. DAVIS, Company B, 125th Ohio Infantry (Civil War). The cemetery has been neglected for a good many years; weeds and brush and second growth trees being allowed to grow profusely. [In] the summer of 1936, the City hired men to remove all this unsightly growth but in a short time it was again in the same condition. The outer edge of the ground is being used as a dumping ground for rubbish, bottles, cans, old beds, garbage, etc.

"Mrs. Nellie Harms, a great grand-daughter of Aquila Moffatt, lives at 3915 South Adams, her home being adjacent to the cemetery. Mrs. Harms is the informant that in 1912 2 bodies of her ancestors were removed from the family lot to Mt. Hope [hill] in Springdale Cemetery.

"Available records in the office of Springdale Cemetery (on November 6, 1936) show that there are several orders on file, officially signed by the Board of Heath, City of Peoria, for removal of more remains of the Moffatt's buried in the cemetery which bears their name.

"On December 1, 1936, three bodies were removed to Springdale.

"Mrs. W.A.Moffatt, [residing at] 306 Hancock, widow of W. A. Moffatt, deceased August 1936, is authority for the statement that she was present when the remains of her late husband's mother and 2 brothers were taken out of the ground. A casket containing the remains of one of the brothers was all metal, encased in glass, the glass having been broken during the removal from the ground. As she looked on, the lid to the metal casket was removed showing a perfect skeleton, void of all outer parts of the body, with the exception of a heavy growth of hair neatly parted attached to the skull. The casket and contents were reburied in Fairview Lawn, Springdale Cemetery, along with the other 2 remains."




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