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The Court Cases listed here are from varied local newspapers and will cover ARRESTS, CRIMINAL cases and COMPLAINTS filed in the police department.  The sources and dates will vary and will be listed above the article(s).

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CAUTION: May contain graphic information!


Men Suspected of Robbing Peoria Bank
Under Arrest.
Peoria, III., Dec. 11.óWith $1,800 In currency In their pockets, the two men accused of robbing the Peoria National Bank Saturday noon were captured at Toulon to-day. One of them has been Identified as Edward O'Regan, alias James Williams, who. It is said, has done time in a Chicago jail for robbery. The identity of his partner has not been determined.
The men were arrested in a livery stable as they were in the act of driving away. Sheriff Malone and Deputy Davis covered them with guns and forced them to throw up their hands. A search revealed five large revolvers and all of the money in their pockets. They will be brought to Peoria at once.
[The Washington Post, December 12, 1904 (Washington, D.C.) submitted by Barb Z. 2011]

S.A. SLOCUM, wanted by the United States authorities in Peoria for sending obscene matter through the mails, and who skipped his bond ten days ago, was captured at Hamilton, Ont. today and tonight Detective Dubois left for the prisoner.
The Daily Inter Ocean (Chicago, IL ) Oct. 22,1895, pg. 5  Submitted by Candi Horton

Peoria Morning Star
Saturday, September 22, 1945, pg. 13

Arraigned in police court Friday charged with disorderly conduct and resisting an officer, charles MODLIN, of 317 Bradley Ave., 
who operates the Hamburger Inn, 1509 Main St., was fined 426.00 by Police Magistrate Charles Schofield. His wife Mrs. Maude MODLIN, 
was fined $10.50 on a disorderly conduct charge.

Walter VINSON, 120 Lydia St., reported to police Friday the theft of his billfold, 
containing approximately $18 from his place of employment, the Oakford Co., warehouse, 310 South Washington St.

  Submitted by Candi Horton

Peoria Star
Wednesday, Aug. 11, 1943

2 Youths Held for Burglary in Trivoli 
Norris MARTERNEZ and Michael CARPENTER, named by Clarence Buttler in warrants charging burglary and 
larceny on June 29 at the Idle Hour tavern at Trivoli have been arrested and confined in Peoria County Jail.

John BEDDOWS, 38, R.R. 1 Norwood Park, was jailed today by Deputies Robert Wel?y and
Fred Reinhart on disorderly conduct charges brought by a Norwood Park women.

Walter ROGERS, 61, Brimfield, charged with assault and battery, was fined $17.50 Tuesday afternoon by H.J. Bridegroom, justice of the peace.

Clean-up Pending; Sweepers Missing
The second electric sweeper reported stolen, within 12 hours, by Mrs. L. AUCUTT of 1718 1st Ave., who said the sweeper was
taken while she was away from her home for a few hours. Mrs. Irma SOTTAUX of 1119 Knoxville Ave. asked police Tuesday to
aid in recovering an electric sweeper which she said was stolen from her rooming house at 1102 Knoxville Ave.

  Submitted by Candi Horton

Statewide News from The Ava Advertiser Jackson County, Illinois
for the year, 1890 January 31 - December 26
(this was a weekly newspaper) submitted by: Kim Torp

There has been a feud in the SLANE and GRANT families, near Peoria, for years. Recently George SLANE 
and two of his friends attacked Peter GRANT and GRANT shot SLANE fatally.

John J. FARRIS, who murdered Stephen McGEEHEE in April, 1887, was sentenced at Peoria a few days ago to twenty-five years in the penitentiary.
This was his third trial for the crime, which was a very brutal and unprovoked one.
On the first trial he was sentenced to be hanged, but the Supreme Court reversed the decision, and on the second trial the jury disagreed.

J. M. HADLEY, a prominent carpet and wallpaper merchant of Peoria, confessed judgment recently for $13,000, and his place was closed by the sheriff.

Sheriff NOEL of Peoria County, was at the Joliet penitentiary a few days ago, where he took two murderers, 
John J. FARRIS, of Fulton County, twenty-five years, for shooting Stephen MCGEEHEE, his divorced wife's husband,
and Joseph MACKEY for five years for killing James COWAN

Friday, May 2, 1890

A few days ago Lafayette COLE, manager of the Peoria Electric Light Company, resigned to go to New York, and then it was discovered that he was crooked in his accounts,
 and that he was short about $6,000. He was captured in New York, and will be returned to Peoria. 
COLE's relatives are very wealthy and are expected to come to the rescue.

Interest in the celebrated JUNGHAUS murder at Peoria has been revived by the opening of a letter from Germany addressed to the murdered man. The letter was from L. A. KOERNER, of Lieumnitz, Germany, and showed that the dead man's real name was Theodore ZOGEL, and that he was a defaulter in the old country

Friday, June 27, 1890
Another of these terrible mysteries for which Peoria is achieving an unenviable notoriety is in process of unraveling. The other night a young girl employed as a waitress in a restaurant, in company with three other young girls from the same place, went on a steamboat excursion up the river. The boat left about eight o'clock, returning shortly after midnight. Katie SHEEHAN, the young girl in question, was seen alive when the boat landed, but after that her whereabouts were invovled in mystery until noon the following day, when her body was fished from the river about two blocks from where the boat landed. 
Sufficient evidence was learned to cause the arrest of a young cigar-maker named Charles BECK,
who was with the girl on the evening in question, and who was the last one with whom she was seen alive.

The Newton Press, Jasper County, IL, July 5, 1893- Submitted by: Kim Torp 
At Peoria, Mrs. Crandall, aged 70, mother of Eugene Crandall, was fatally injured in a runaway. 
She was out riding with her son's family.

November 14, 1913 - Ste Marie Tribune - Submitted by: Kim Torp 
- Julius K. Schwabacher, a millionaire, was arrested at Peoria, Ill., on a state warrant charging him with attacking a 
10 year old girl, the charge being preferred by the girl. 
-Rev. Francis Ankrom, pastor of the Second Congregational church of Peoria, Ill., was arrested and lodged in the county jail 
on charge of contributing to the delinquency of his children. His wife made the complaint.

Ste. Marie Tribune, Friday, December 19, 1913- Submitted by: Kim Torp
Waterloo - After being disbarred by the supreme court from the practice of law in Illinois for 7 years, Arthur S. Keithley of Peoria filed 
before the high court a petition signed by nearly 200 members of the Peoria county bar in which he asks reinstatement.

The Sainte Marie Tribune, Friday, Jan. 23, 1914- Submitted by: Kim Torp
Boy Shot Accidentally
Harry Eilers, aged 4, was shot through the right temple at his home by Leroy Erxleben, aged 12, while the two were scuffling for the possession of an old revolver.

Peoria Star Newspaper, November 25, 1907   Submitted by Candi Horton

Gardner-Steele Case Resumed
In the branch court this morning the case of Charles L GARDNER vs. the Ben Steele Weigher Co., in which he sues for breach of contract 
and royalties was resumed. It was interrupted Saturday by the illness of a witness named, Lick.

BROPHY and BAITER - Their Cases Are Set for Trail at This term of Court.
Among the cases set down for trail at this term of the criminal court are those against John BAITER (not BADER) and Martin BROPHY. 
Owing to the act that Mr. BROPHY is temporarily (?) absent from the city, he will not be tried, but the state's attorney says that he is ready to try BAITER for the murder of Floyd CHURCHILL the Princeville barber, who was shoot and killed by either BROPHY or BAITER as they were leaving the store they were robbing at Princeville when interrupted by the posse. BAITER is represented by C.S. STUBBIES. The latter told SCHOLES a few days ago that he was ready for trail.

The following orders were entered in branch court today.
RONICH vs. CAMP, default set aside and plaintiff allowed to amend. 
McCOY vs. BLYE, default.

The Peoria Daily Transcripts, May 22,1891    Submitted by Candi Horton

William FRED, who was arrested by Officer FINLEY for operating a shell game at the corner of Liberty and Water streets, 
was yesterday prosecuted before Squire O'BRIEN for playing his ? business. The magistrate sent him to the workhouse for 110 days 

James HANNAN, who twisted Patrick LYON's neck, causing death, was acquitted by the jury, which was out twenty- eight hours.
The acquittal was due to a lack of intent to the kill the old man. The verdict is not satisfactory to the officials, but  it pleases Mr. HANNAN and his friends.

Peoria Journal, Thursday, July 19, 1883    Submitted by Candi Horton
Henry HAMAR was found;on the streets intoxicated. He was sent to the workhouse for twenty- six days.
Vina MARTIN was arrested on a warrant for disorderly conduct.
Peter SMITH was taken before a police magistrate and fined $13.80 for drunkenness and trespassing.
Jennie WILLIAMS bagnio was raided last night. The police found six persons in the house.
Thomas CONNELL was placed in cooler No. 2 for drunkenness and discharging fire arms.
Several boys were arrested for stealing potatoes from a garden on Plank road but nothing could be proven against them, they were released.

 Peoria Star, October 1928    Submitted by Candi Horton
William SILL, 16- years old fugitive from the state institute at Lincoln, IL, was taken into custody by police here and is bring held for Lincoln authorities.

Peoria Daily Transcript, July 23,1891    Submitted by Candi Horton

MEYERS WAS FINED- Another Chapter in the New Interesting Indlekofer Case

Joe MEYERS was yesterday arrested by officer Finley on a warrant and taken before Squire O'Brien for a hearing. There he was fined $5. and costs, a total of $10.20, which he paid. The arrest furnishes another chapter in the interesting Indlekofer case. The arrest was made on complaint of Albert INDLEKOFER, the husband of Annie who is now in jail for the death of Mrs. Theresa RUPERT. INDLEKOFER has just been released from the workhouse, by the Mayor. He was serving a sentence in that institution for alleged abuse of his wife and the man MEYERS has for some time been a bone of contention to him. He charges MEYERS with hanging around his house altogether too much, and says that whenever he is at liberty his wife and MEYERS connive to have him sent to the workhouse on some pretext or other, after which all is clear sailing for them. He also makes the charges against MEYERS, who has been trying to get bail for Mrs. INDLEKOFER, but so far without success. Almost his first act on being released was to appear before a magistrate and swear out a warrant for the man whom he accuses of causing him so much trouble. He charges him with disorderly conduct and trespass, which being sustained resulted in fine.


Dan ALEXANDER was again on the war-path last night and made life miserable for the remaining members of his family. Dan is well known to the police. He was formerly a resident of Upper Flat Boat City, and it will be remembered that a few months ago the police attempted to arrest him and he stood two night officers off with a revolver. The next day a day officer went after him, but Mr. ALEXANDER shoved a shotgun under his nose and bluffed him out. He was finally captured by Officer SCHADER and given a lengthy workhouse sentence. Yesterday he and his father-in-law, named Phillipe were out walking together, and about 6 o'clock came home for supper. The house was locked, his wife having gone to the grocery. This riled Dan, who promptly kicked open the door. The supper was on the stove cooking, but the fact that supper was not ready, riled Dan, and as his spouse returned, he he proceeded to administer a sound threshing to her. He hit her several blows and kicked her a couple of times. Her father entered to protest and Dan turned to him thumping him. Not yet satisfied he took a revolver and ran them both out of the house. They made their way to the police station where they entered complaint against Dan and then went to Squire O'Brien's house to swear out a State's warrant for his apprehension.

Jacob BUISMAN reported to the police station last evening that on Monday evening at 7 o'clock he was seized by Jack WHITTAKER and dragged off the public highway and into a shed. Where he was robbed of a small amount of money and locked up. He afterwards effected his escape but claims he sustained injuries that kept him in bed until yesterday. The affair took place near the corner of Olive and Henry streets.

Cul RYAN was arrested yesterday afternoon by Officer BAUMAN. He was very drunk.
Walter OSBORN, was arrested last evening for hitting Conductor James P. MURPHY of Central Railway with a rock.
The residence of a man named SELBY, on Linden street, was burglarized Monday night and a watch and $18. in money were stolen.




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