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Peoria County Court House

Death Records

Book 1 - Index

Dec. 28, 1877 to April 9, 1889


This was transcribed by Candi Horton.
Spelling mistakes are in the index that way.
THIS IS ONLY A PARTIAL LISTING ~ What I have is listed!



Marie E. Cramer p. 215


Mathew L. Darst p.107


Female Inf. of Jos. Huber p.204
Elijah Hunt p. 227


L.B. King p.220
Harriet King p.3
Caroline Koenig p.19
Ida Konig p.84


Inf. Dau. of William Lamb p. 173


Inf. Dau of Thomas McCoy p.17
Willie McCoy p.123
Patrick Mehan p. 148
Mrs. B. Mendenhall p. 29
Onke Ments p. 12
Theadore Meir p.14
Herman Meir p.65
Mary Jane Merrill p.113
Ida Mesterschmidt p.83
Tillie Mesterschmidt p.140
Jane Metgner p.130
Martha Mettler p.130
Johanna Metnam p.45
Henry Louis Meyer p.9
Dick B. Meyer p.136
William Meyers p.67
Christena Meyers p.72
Charles Meyers p.73
Gertrude Meyers p. 110
Eddie Meyrus p.79


Charles T. Saupe p.45
Frank Sweet p.23
Flora J. Sweet p.25
Philip E. Sweet p.30
Maude Sweet p.78


Bridget Quinn p. 238




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