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Peoria County Court House

Death Records

Book 2 ~ Index
April 10,1889 to 1899



Transcribed by Candi Horton. The spelling mistakes are in the index that way.
This is Only a Partial Listing ~ Everything I have is listed!




John Aylward p. 36
Myrtle Ayres p.118
Sara C. Ayres p. 176


Margarete W. Combs p.165


Catherine Edwards p.56
Elwood Eakin G. p.133
Teresa Eakin p.206
Alfred Ealey p.105
Hellen Eastman p.182
Joseph Eaton p.49
Hattie L. Emans p.2
Henrietta Endrs p. 130
Bertha B. England p. 45
Susan England p. 94
Karl A. Esch p. 87
Josephine Erb p. 13
William Erb p. 69
Herman Erdman p. 188
Grace E. Ewalt p. 60


Bernice Faber p. 206
Ellen Finn p. 102
Johie Flynn p. 160
Caroline E. Flint p. 197


Laura Harms p.166
Male child of C.W. & M.B. Hurd p.200


Irving Kloutzer p.52
Cecilie Knobloch p. 226
Albert Knoerle p. 40
Wilhelm Knoll p.140
Annie Knott p.104
(child) Knott p.174
Mrs. N. H. Knox p.200
Charles Koch p.113
M.Margaret Koch p. 226
Henry Koelling p.88
Catherine Koenig p.51
Augusta Koenig p. 111
Christain Koerner p. 21
Katherina Kohler p. 188
Ferdinand A. Kohl p. 61
Inft. of Nick, Kollar p.102
Jacob Kolmpel p. 189
Louis Kouher p. 59
Kate Kowalske p. 225
John Kowin p. 59


Catherine Lehr p.176
James Lonsdale p.21
Maggie Lonsdale p.21
Richard E. Lonsdale p.199
Ann Lonsdale p. 199
Lore, Male Inf. of Ernest p.223


William L. McCoy p.46
Henry McWorter p.206
Anna Meyer p. 31
Johann Meyer p. 31
Mary Meyer p. 41
Kate Meyer p.42
Ben, L.H. Meyer p. 50
George A. Meyers p. 63
Magdaline F. Meyers p. 163
Lena Miller p.14
Irma Miller p.15
William J. Miller p.25
Carrie E. Miller p. 27
William C. Miller p.27
Frieda Miller p.34
Male child Miller p. 47
Charles I. Miller p.113
Louis Miller p.133
Emil Miller p.155
Robert Miller p.162
William M. Miller p. 197
Corilla J. Miller p.208
Nora M.Miller p.221
Martha Miller p. 222
Murphy, Male child of John p.106


Mrs. John O'Hara p.48


Ann E. Purple p.194


John B. Rose p.191
Elizabeth M. Rose p. 226
Louisa M. Ross p. 56
Harold Ross p. 64
Katha Ross p. 70


Willa A. Sweet p.46


Jane Tucker p.120


Joseph Zajic p.208
Aline S. Zold p.61
Elizabeth Zuber p.114





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