Peoria County, Illinois  Genealogy Trails




Addington Family
Contributed by Tom Addington TommyAdd(at)




b. b. Nov. 4, 1836 in: IN
d. June 25.1912  in: Peoria, IL
m. March 29.1857

b. March 01. 1841 in: IN
d. October 20, 1923  in: Peoria, IL
Father: Samuel FALOR Mother: Sarah (ROUSE)FALOR




1. OSCAR - b. Abt. 1856,  in: Boynton, Tazewell, IL. -  d. Unknown - m.Oct. 3. 1878., RACHAEL HAY  in: Boynton, Tazewell, IL.


2. Charles W. - b. 1859  in: IL


3. Emma J. - b. 1864 in: Delavan, IL - d. 8. 14.1901 in: Peoria, IL - m. John JONES


4.Fannie - b. 1866 in: Delavan, IL - d. March 26.1922 in: San Marciel, NM - m. Nicholas A. Kennedy.


5. Gracie - b. 1866 in: Delavan, IL - d. January 28.1896 - Buried: Peoria, IL - m. Charles Pratt

Children 1. Charles B. Pratt, d. June 9. 1895 Buried: Peoria, IL


6. Mary Alice - b. 1867  in: Delavan, IL - d. Unknown


7. George - b. 1872 in: Delavan, IL - d. Unknown


8. Laura M. - b. 1876  in Delavan, IL - d. March 16.1903 in: San Marciel, NM.


9. Harry - b. February 27. 1881  in: Delavan, IL - d. October 22, 1918  in: Peoria, IL

m. Anna Matelda " Tillie " GWINNER - b. December 14. 1884   in: IL - d. August 3, 1970  in: Peoria, IL

Children 1. Harold G., b. September 13. 1910    in: Peoria, IL , d. December 22. 1976   in: Peoria, IL





Beach Family

Contributed by Daniel Beach danbeach(a)

1.Charles Beach b. 18 Mar 1809, Canandaigua, Ontario, NY,
 (son of Jonathan Marsh Beach and Betsey Phelps)
 Charles died 1860, Princeville, Peoria, Illinois.
m. 15 Apr 1841, in Farmington, Fulton, Illinois, 
  Anne Lura Atchison, b. 1822, New York State,
 d. 1888, Princeville, Peoria, Illinois.  
  2.iHenry Harlow b. 2 Feb 1843.
  3.iiCharles Frederick b. 1845.
  iiiCornelia Elizabeth Beach 
b. 10 June 1848, Princeville, Peoria, Illinois,
 d. 11 Feb 1926, Chicago, Cook, Illinois, 
 buried: 13 Feb 1926, Mt. Hope Cemetery, Chicago, Illinois.
   ivCaroline A. Beach b. 1851,
Caroline died 1910, Phoenix, NE.
 m. _____ McMains. 
   vNelson Birdseye Beach b. 19 Sep 1854,
 Nelson died 11 Jun 1914.
m. Nov 1889, Mary Anderson. 

Second Generation

2.Henry Harlow Beach b. 2 Feb 1843, Akron Township, Peoria, Illinois,
 Henry died 17 Oct 1917, Peoria, Illinois, 
buried: Princeville, Peoria, Illinois
  m. 18 Oct 1866, in Peoria County, Illinois, 
  Sarah Ellen Nace, b. 19 May 1846, Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania
   (daughter of Jacob Nace and Susan Spencer)
   d. 15 Dec 1917, Peoria, Illinois
   buried: Princeville, Peoria, Illinois.  
  4.iCharles b. 1866.
  5.iiEugene B. b. 1868.
  6.iiiAnnie L. b. 15 Jan 1871.
  7.ivFrederick Melvin b. 23 Jul 1874.
  8.vWalter Benjamin b. 23 Jun 1875.
   viDavid Bowen Beach b. 23 Aug 1880, Princeville, Peoria, Illinois, 
d. 9 May 1903, Peoria, Illinois
buried: 12 May 1903, Princeville, Peoria, Illinois.
  9.viiAlbert Sumner b. 31 Aug 1882.
  10.viiiIda Belle b. 20 Apr 1885.
   ixAda Dell Beach b. 20 Apr 1885,
 d. 1885, Princeville, Peoria County, Il.
   xForest Ray Beach b. 5 Mar 1887, Princeville, Peoria, Illinois,
 d. 23 Mar 1964, Chicago, Cook, Illinois, 
 buried: A cemetery on south side of Chicago.
   xiLeafy May Beach b. 5 Mar 1887, Princeville, Peoria, Illinois,
 d. 1887, Princeville, Peoria, Illinois.

3.Charles Frederick Beach b. 1845,
d. 1910, Princeville, Peoria County, Il.
 m. 18 Jan 1882, in Stark County, Illinois, 
 Laura Cazzatt, b. July 1865.  
   iClaud F. Beach b. 1885.
   iiLester G. Beach b. Dec 1887.
   iiiEve D. Beach b. 1889.
   ivHazel D. Beach b. 1893.
Third Generation

4. Charles Beach, Sr. b. 1866,
d.1952, Oak Grove, West Carroll, Louisiana.
  m. Lila _____.  Charles 
   iCharles Beach, Jr. d. late 1950's, Corpus Christi, Texas.
5.Eugene B. Beach b. 1868,
 d. 14 Mar 1959, Sullivan, Moultrie, Illinois, 
buried: Mt. Hope Cemetery, Chicago, Illinois.
 m. Marguerite Weston, b. 1869,
 d. 3 Feb 1952, Chicago, Cook, Illinois,
 buried: Mount Hope Cemetery, Chicago, Illinois. 
   iHarlow W. Beach b. 23 Apr 1896,
 d. 16 Jan 1942, Chicago, Cook, Illinois, 
buried: Mt. Hope Cemetery, Chicago, Illinois.
   iiVirgil E. Beach b. 1898,
 d. 31 Jan 1913, Chicago, Cook, Illinois, 
buried: Mt. Hope Cemetery, Chicago, Illinois.
6.Annie L. Beach b. 15 Jan 1871, Princeville, Peoria, Illinois,
d.20 Jun 1932, Chicago, Cook, Illinois, 
buried: Mt. Hope Cemetery, Chicago, Illinois.
 m. Christofer C. Graves, 
d. 10 Jun 1925
 buried: Mt. Hope Cemetery, Chicago, Illinois.  
   iMarguerite Graves m. Harry King.

7.Frederick Melvin Beach b. 23 Jul 1874,
d.23 May 1934, Chicago, Cook, Illinois.
 m. 23 May 1900, Clara A. Farr, b. 6 Sep 1879,
 (daughter of Eugene Farr and Louise Springer) 
d. Madison, Dane, WI.  Frederick 
  11.iRussell Frederick b. 19 Nov 1903.
8.Walter Benjamin Beach b. 23 Jun 1875, Princeville, Peoria, Illinois
 d. 17 Jun 1937, Oak Forest, Cook, Illinois
 buried: 18 Jun 1937, Mt. Hope Cemetery, Chicago, Illinois.
 m. Viola Frances Ethel, b. 10 Jun 1883, Bethel, Morgan, Illinois, 
(daughter of Benjamin Franklin Ethel and Anna Bell Ham) 
d. 3 Apr 1945, Chicago, Cook, Illinois,
 buried: 6 Apr 1945, St. Mary's Cem., Evergreen Pk, Illinois.
  12.iRaymond Wesley b. 3 Feb 1919.
  13.iiHazel May b. 2 May 1923.
  14.iiiArthur Clinton b. 23 Feb 1926.
9.Albert Sumner Beach b. 31 Aug 1882
 d. 4 Oct 1950, Chicago, Cook, Illinois.
 m. 31 Aug 1903, in Peoria, Illinois, Alice May Farr, b. 22 Sep 1884, 
(daughter of Eugene Farr and Louise Springer) 
d. 2 Feb 1971, Chicago, Cook, Illinois,
 buried: St Joseph Cem, River Grove, Illinois.
   iBernice May Beach b. 3 May 1904, d. 3 Mar 1986.
  15.iiIrving Eugene b. 9 May 1911.
10.Ida Belle Beach b. 20 Apr 1885
 d.14 Aug 1919, Princeville, Peoria, Illinois.
 m. Edward Lee Flora.  
   iForest Flora.
Fourth Generation

11.Russell Frederick Beach, Sr. b. 19 Nov 1903, 
d. 24 Jul 1984, Tucson, Arizona.
m. 31 Oct 1927, in Chicago, Illinois, Mary Elizabeth Barsondorf, b. 2 Dec 1906,
 (daughter of Henry Barsondorf and Margaret McGurty). 
  16.iJohn Melvin b. 17 May 1929.
  17.iiRussell Frederick b. 9 Jun 1938.
   iiiMary Patricia Beach b. 15 Jan 1940, Chicago, Cook, Illinois,
 m. 14 May 1966, Thomas Schroeder.
12.Raymond Wesley Beach b. 3 Feb 1919, 
d. 15 Sep 1984, Chicago, Cook, Illinois.
  m. Dorothy Bergthold.
   iRaymond Wesley Beach, Jr..
   iiRobert Beach.
   iiiSharon Beach.
   ivShirley Beach.
   vGeorge Beach.
13.Hazel May Beach b. 2 May 1923, 
d.11 Sep 1957, Chicago, Cook, Illinois
buried: St. Mary's Cem., Evergreen Pk, Illinois.
m. Samuel Bonomo. 
   iRobert Bonomo.
14.Arthur Clinton Beach b. 23 Feb 1926, Chicago, Cook, Illinois,
 m. (1) 24 Jul 1948, in St. Columbanus Church, Chicago, Illinois,
 Erichetta Bianchi, b. 26 Jun 1926, Chicago, Cook, Illinois, 
(daughter of Pasquale Bianchi and Amelia Ciucci) 
d. 19 Mar 1962, Berwyn, Cook, Illinois,
 buried: 22 Mar 1962, Queen of Heaven Cemetery, Hillside, IL, 
m. (2) 26 Jan 1963, in St. Philip Neri, Chicago, Illinois, 
Marian Elizabeth Stenson, b. 5 Jul 1926, Chicago, Cook, Illinois,
 (daughter of Martin Francis Stenson and Anna Agnes Walsh) 
m. (3) 1971, in Cook County, Illinois, Charlotte Issbrucker, b. 1920.
  18.iDaniel Arthur 
  19.iiThomas Alan 
   iiiMary Jane Beach m. Geoffrey Prudence
   ivPatrick Francis Beach 
   vMatthew Martin Beach 
   viNancy Marie Beach  m. Patrick William Flannigan,
15.Irving Eugene Beach b. 9 May 1911, Chicago, Cook, Illinois,
 m. Florence Lillian Kraak, b. 26 Mar 1912, 
(daughter of Arthur Herman Kraak and Emma Sophia Lindquist)
 d. 24 Apr 1994, Tucson, Arizona,
 buried: Cremated.
  20.iAlice Fay b. 6 Sep 1934.
  21.iiSusan Irene b. 27 Jul 1941.



Descendants of Mary Ann Blust
Contributed by Mary Ann Arnold debtfree(at)


1   MaryAnn Blust
     Age at death: ?    
Number of children: 1

2   Arnhold Blust
   b: 1823 in Grand Duchy of Baden 
Age at death: 42 est. 
Number of children: 6  

...  +Catharina Maria Hotze Hatze
   b: in Salza, government district of Nordhausen in Prussia
m: Unknown date
Number of children: 8
Father: unknown
Mother: unknown

3   Melinda Blust .... 
+Henry Kapmeyer   
m: September 04, 1876 in Tazewell, Co. Il.
Marriage ending: September 04, 1876 in Louis Harmel

3   Louis Blust
   b: December 11, 1860 in TAZWELL CO. PEKIN, IL 
Age at death: 20
     Number of children: 1   
....  +Lydia Toenings 
  b: 1861 in PEKIN, IL
m: December 19, 1880 in Pekin, Il
Number of children: 5
Father: Henry G Toening
Mother: Dorothea Koch 
Note: Spellings Toenings, Toennings, Toeining

.. 4   Louis Arnold Blust
   b: February 13, 1881 in Pekin, Il. 
Age at death: 80 
    Number of children: 2   
......  +Myrtle
   b: April 03, 1882 in Red Willow Co, McCook Ne.
m: August 03, 1900 in Blaine Co. Watonga, OK.
Age at death: 80  
Father: RobertJ(r) Smack
Mother: Nancy(Margarate) Houchin

... 5   Louis Arnold Blust Jr
   b: September 03, 1900 in Oklahoma City, Ok. 
Age at death: 92   
  Number of children: 2
.......  +Helene Frances Welch 
  b: September 01, 1914 in McAlester, Ok.
m: September 13, 1936 in Wichita, Ks.   
Father: Rupert David Welch
Mother: Emilie Bierdie Earad

... 5   Tula Blust
   b: in Oklahoma City, Ok.
.......  +Bell
m. Unknown
d: Unknown
d: Unknown   

3   AUGUST Blust
   b: January 01, 1863 in PEKIN, IL
d: Unknown 

3   AMELIA Blust
   b: August 28, 1864 in PEKIN, IL 
Age at death: 1

3   ARNOLD Blust
   b: September 08, 1865 in PEKIN, IL
d: Unknown 

3   MARY Blust 
  b: September 08, 1865 in PEKIN IL 
d: unknown


Faner Family Branch
Contact- Robin L. Fritz

Elmer Francis Faner was born in Peoria 24 Oct 1900, died there 17 July 1991. 
His daughter, my mother, Shirley Louise (Faner) English was born there 12 January 1923. 
Elmer's father George Faner was born in Illinois, not sure what town, he died in Peoria 3 March 1913, buried Lutheran Cemetary.
His wife Mary Eva (Umdenstock) Faner was born in Tazewell Co, Illinois 19 July 1865 and died in Peoria 2 Jan 1936, buried in Lutheran Cemetary. 
George's father Simon Faner was born in Germany, died in 1880, that's all I know.

My grandmother Irene Johannah (Spelman) Faner English was born in Peoria 13 June 1901, died 17 July 2006, she was 104 yrs at death. 
Her biological father was John T. Spelman or possibly Jack. He owned a tavern called "The Leisy" Rochester Beer, in Peoria.
I believe he was born in NY abt. 1860, died March 1903. He died in Peoria. 

Pauline Bertha (Berg) Spelman Schmolder, went by Lena, was Irene's mother. She was born in Peoria 9 Sept 1878, died 11 April 1975 in CA, was buried in Springdale Cemetary in Peoria. 
Her second husband, after Spelman died, was Herman Gustav Schmolder, he was born in Illinois, I think Peoria, not sure Aug 1877 & died in Peoria. 

Fowler Family
Contributed by Tom Addington TommyAdd(at)



b. May 3.1869     in: Lacon, IL
d. March 30.1945      in: Peoria, IL
Father: Daniel FOWLER

b. July 29.1873 in: Washburn, IL
d. February 14.1937 in: Peoria, IL
Father: Charles BLACKMON
Mother: Amanda (DAVIS) BLACKMON


1. Beulah
b. November 25.1893
m. Thomas Patrick Ryan
b. March 31. 1890       in:  IL
d. Aug. 4. 1945              in: Alton, IL

Child: 1. Bernadine K., b. Jan. 22. 1916  in: Peoria, IL, d.Unknown

2. Norton
b. Unknown    d. Unknown

3. Charles Clifford
b. September 13. 1898    in: IL
d. October 13. 1987        in: Santa Barbara, CA.
m. June 9. 1923               in:  Peoria, IL
Willa Mae Tiemeyer
b. February 24, 1898      in: IA
Last seen in February 27. 1998 in: a Hot-Air Balloon

b. IL d. Unknown

b. IL d. Unknown



Flint Family
Contributed by Tom Taylor ttaytom(at)


Thompson J.S. FLINT
m. October 19.1837 in: Tremont

Mary Elizabeth JAMES
b.Feb. 25. 1817 in: Scituate, Mass.

Father: Josiah JAMES

Gustafson Family
Contributed by Stefan Puke stefan.puke(at)

Carl Gustafs Puke =Charles Gustafson´s family and descendant´s.


Carl Gustaf  worked as a miller in Sweden and yardman in Peoria. Born 1824-12-13 Kinnarumma  Älvsborgs län

In 1881 he lived in Mossebo Älvsborgs län wherefrom he emmigrated in 1881-11-04, and change his name to Charles Gustafson.

He died 1903-02-27 in Peoria


Family with Johanna Sofia Johansdotter born 1827-08-14 Dalatorpet Seglora Älvsborgs län.
They married 1851-12-31 in Sweden.
(Sofia Gustafson)
She emmigrated 1884-02-04
She died 1897-06-21 in Peoria.



1  Alfrida Euforsyne Puke (Gustafson) born 1852-04-02  in Sweden - Emmigrated 1872-06-14.


2  Johan Oscar Puke (Oscar Gustafson) born 1853-10-10 in Sweden - Emmigrated 1881-04-22.

Died in 1922-04-06. Buried at Springdale cemetery.

 Family with Amanda C born 1857-05-31 in Sweden. They married 1879-10-28.

Amanda died 1891-10-28 in Peoria.



2.1 Julia Wilhelmina Gustafson born 1879-12-24 in Sweden

2.2 Ellen Sofia Gustafson born 1884-02-02 in Illinois died 1889-03-21

2.3 Ellen Ottilia Gustafson born 1890-02-23 in Peoria


Family with Sofia Fast (Gustafson) born 1866-09-06 Sweden. They married 1894-11-04.

Sofia died in Danville, Vermilion County Illinois



2.4 Oscar Reihard Gustafson born 1899-03-23 in Peoria. He died 1900-01-27 in Peoria

2.5 Ruth Hilda Arabella Gustafson born 1901-07-11 in Peoria. She died 1901-07-17 in Peoria

2.6 Karma Marurite Gustafson born 1907-06-30 in Peoria



3  Adolf Cornelius Puke (Gustafson) born 1856-05-24 in Sweden - Emmigrated in 1877 lived in Peoria


4  Carl August Puke (Carlson) born 1858-01-18 in Sweden - 
Concreeting at R. R in 1876 he change his surname to Carlson. He emmigrated in 1887



5  Aron Georg Puke (George Gustafson) born 1861-01-09 in Sweden - Emmigrated 1878-04-26



6  Hjalmar Herbert Puke (John Gustafson) born 1862-06-26 in Sweden - Emmigrated 1879-06-06. He died in California 1887-01-06.


Family with Josephine Albertina Peterson (Gustafson) born 1859-10-28 in Sweden. They married 1884.

She died 1939-02-02.



6.1 Herbert Gustafson born 1884-11 and died 1885-08-04.

6.2 Hjalmar Gustaf Gustafson born 1886-04-24, Illinois. He died 1890-03-03.




 Emil Victor Puke (Victor Gustafson) born 1864-02-27 in Sweden
Engineer Trucker Railroad  Emmigrated 1883-06-09. 
He came to Peoria but moved 1884-01-07 to Mattoon Illinois . He died there 1935-12-05.


Family with Josephine Albertina Peterson (Gustafson) born 1859-10-28 in  Sweden. 
(His brother 
John´s wife) They married in 1888-10-20

She died 1939-02-02 at Mattoon and buried at Dodge Grove Cemetery Mattoon.




7.1 Victoria Albertina Gustafson born 1889-10-28 Illinois and died 1969-06-11 Mattoon Coles County Illinois

She is buried at Dodge Grove Cemetery Mattoon

7.2 Emil Helmer Gustafson born 1892-08 in Mattoon and died 1894-02-22 in Mattoon

He is buried at Dodge Grove Cemetery Mattoon

7.3 Victor Hugo Gustafson born 1894 in Mattoon and died 1899-03-24 in Mattoon
He is buried at Dodge Grove Cemetery Mattoon

7.4 Albert William Gustafson born 1897-02-08 in Mattoon and died 1959-09-15 in Mattoon
He is buried at Dodge Grove Cemetery Mattoon

7.5 Josephine A Gustafson born  1900-10-03 and died 1935

View photo of Victor, Josephine and Hugo Gustafson
View Josephine (the mother) with Victoria, Josephine and Albert
 Adult picture of Albert and Victoria


8  Gustav Bernard Puke (Barney Gustafson) born 1866-03-13 in Sweden

Emmigrated 1884-02-04.

He died 1910-05-14 n Peoria
Buried at Springdale cemetery.


Family with Hulda Peterson (Gustafson) born 1868-06 in Sweden. They were married 1889-12-31.

She died 1916-10-14 in Peoria

She is buried at Springdale cemetery.

8.1 Gustaf Leonard Gustafson born 1890-10-14 in Illinois 
8.2 Agnes Linea Gustafson born 1893-08-15 in Illinois. She died 1927-06-11 in Pittsburg Pennsylvania. 
She is buried at Springdale cemetery. 
8.3 Edith Sophia Gustafson born 1898-09-26 in Illinois and died 1915-07-15 
She is buried at Springdale cemetery.




 Johanna Maria Puke (Gustafson) (Mary Johnson Odle)  born 1868-03-02 in Sweden

Emmigrated in 1884-02-04. 
1920 living in Peoria

She died 1961-09-04 Homewood and buried in Oak Lawn cemetery


Family with Nils Johnson (Nels)born 1862-01-22 in Knäred Halland Sweden. 
They married 1891-01-29. 

He died 1926-12-20 in Homewood Chicago



William Ludvig Johnson born 1893-01-30 Peoria

 Earl Arthur Johnson born 1895-01-29 in Peoria

 Goeffrey Johnson born 1897-05-16 in Peoria

 Orrel Johnson born 1901-10-20 in Peoria

 Edna Carolina Nellie Sofia Johnson born 1904-02-14 in Peoria

Harold Davis Johnson  born 1906-10-31 in Peoria



10 Otto Wilhelm Puke (Otto Gustafson) born 1870-08-13 in Sweden

 He emmigrated 1884-02-04.

He lived at 708 Fayette street when he died 1953-06-13.

Mr Gustafson retired March 31 as deputy sheriff and bailoff of the Peoria county circuit coart after serving in the sheriff´s office for 21 years.

Before entering public work Mr Gustafson operated a grosery store for a number of years. He became a member of the Peoria police department in 1912 serving six years as a patrolman.

He had been active in Republican party circles for many years and was elected an assistant supervisor while serving on the police force. 
He remained on the county board until 1920 when he was elected supervisor of the poor in which capacity he also took over the duties of township tresurer.

Four years later he became directorof the Peoria office at the State Employment service, serving four years in that position.
 He also was employed for a time as a special agent for the Illinois Terminal railroad.

He is buried at Parkview cemetery.


1:st Family with Nellie Hopple (Gustafson) born 1860-10-09 in Cameron. They married 1897-07-08 in Peoria. She died 1945-03-15.

She is buried at Springdale cemetery.

Obituary at other place at this homepage


2:nd Family with Mary Helen Costley (Gustafson) born unknown. She died 1948-05-22


3:d Family with Nora Gray (Gustafson) born unknown. They married 1949-04-09 in Decatur



Generation 2



2.1 Julia Wilhelmina Gustafson


Family with Robert H Reichel born 1878-08 in Germany. They married 1899.




2.1.1 Doroty reichel born 1901 in Illinois

2.1.2 Robert Reichel born 1904 in Illinois

2.1.3 Eleonore Reichel born 1906-02-21  in Illinos


2.2 Ellen Sofia Gustafson born 1884-02-02 in Illinois died 1889-03-21


2.3 Ellen Ottilia Gustafson born 1890-02-23 in Peoria


2.4 Oscar Reihard Gustafson born 1899-03-23 in Peoria. He died 1900-01-27 in Peoria


2.5 Ruth Hilda Arabella Gustafson born 1901-07-11 in Peoria. She died 1901-07-17 in Peoria


2.6 Karma Marurite Gustafson born 1907-06-30 in Peoria


 6.1 Herbert Gustafson born 1884-11 and died 1885-08-04. He is buried at at Dodge Grove Cemetery Mattoon


6.2 Hjalmar Gustaf Gustafson born 1886-04-24 Mattoon Illinois. He died 1890-03-03. He is buried at at Dodge Grove Cemetery Mattoon


7.1 Victoria Albertina Gustafson born 1889-10-28 Illinois and died 1969-06-11 Mattoon Coles County Illinois

She is buried at Dodge Grove Cemetery Mattoon

Deathnotice at other place at this homepage.


7.2 Emil Helmer Gustafson born 1892-08 in Mattoon and died 1894-02-22 in Mattoon

He is buried at Dodge Grove Cemetery Mattoon


7.3 Victor Hugo Gustafson born 1894 in Mattoon and died 1899-03-24 in Mattoon



7.4 Albert William Gustafson born 1897-02-08 in Mattoon and died 1959-09-15 in Mattoon




7.4.1 Charles E Gustafson born 1927-01-14 in Illinois. He died 2001-03-01 Missouri Stone County

7.4.2 Willian Glen Gustafson born 1929-08-06 Mattoon Illinois. Bill died 2005-02-22 in Marietta Georgia

7.4.3 Alberta Marie Gustafson born 1931-02-12. She died 1931-02-14.


7.5 Josephine A Gustafson Stenographer at Railroad born  1900-10-03 and died 1935


Family with Fred Herold born 1890 in Illinois. They married in 1923.



8.1 Gustaf Leonard Gustafson Blacksmith/Pullman conductor born 1890-10-14 in Illinois.
In 1930 he lived in Chicago Cook County


Family with Orletta Gustafson born 1889 in Illinois. They married in 1928.


8.2 Agnes Linea Gustafson born 1893-08-15 in Illinois. She died 1927-06-11 in Pittsburg Pennsylvania.

She is buried at Springdale cemetery.

Deathnotice at other place at this homepage.


8.3 Edith Sophia Gustafson born 1898-09-26 in Illinois and died 1915-07-15

She is buried at Springdale cemetery.

Deathnotice at other place at this homepage.


9.1 William Ludvig Johnson Clerk at Railroad born 1893-01-30 Peoria


9.2 Earl Arthur Johnson Machinist Arsenal born 1895-01-29 in Peoria

He died 1964-03-12 in Homewood and was buried in Oak Lawn Cemetery


9.3 Goeffrey V. Johnson Carrepairer Railway COborn 1897-05-16 in Peoria


9.4 Orrel Johnson Office Clerk Railway CO born 1901-10-20 in Peoria


9.5 Edna Carolina Nellie Sofia Johnson born 1904-02-14 in Peoria


9.6 Harold Davis Johnson  born 1906-10-31  in Peoria
He died 1966-01-15 in Homewood




Photo of Unknown Gustafson family - we know that these are Gustafsons, we just don't know which ones

Submitted by Diana Davis, Davis Genealogical Website (need new website address)


Generation 1

1. Patrick/Michael HANLON
b. in Limerick County, Ireland
d. in Ireland
m. Margaret Ann HIGGINS in 1798 (estimated) in Ireland


2. i. Patrick HANLON
b. circa 1798 in Limerick, Ireland
m. circa 1840, Catherine FLEMMING in: Alton, Madison County, IL


10. i. Mary HANLON
b. 1842  in:  Peoria County, IL
m. James DURKIN. 31-May-1877   in:  Peoria County, IL

+ 11. ii. Hanora HANLON
b. in 1844 in IL
m. Patrick HOWELL

+ 12. iii. Catherine HANLON
b. in 1846 in IL
m. Patrick J JORDAN. 24-Nov-1881 in:  Peoria County, Il

13. iv. Anna M HANLON
b. in 1848 in Peoria Co, IL
d. 15-Mar-1919 in 70y, Peoria, IL
b. in St. Mary's Cemetery, Peoria County, IL

+ 14. v. Margaret HANLON
b. in 1850 in Peoria County, Il
d. in 1887
buried:  in Kickapoo Cemetery, Peoria County, IL
m. John RYAN jr

+ 15. vi. David* HANLON
b.12-Mar-1855 in Rosefield Twp. Kickapoo, Peoria County, Il
d. circa 11-Dec-1935 in 83y, Harvard , Clay County, NE
buried: 16-Dec-1935
in frm. St.Joseph's Church, Harvard Cemetery n.w.Lot#3, Harvard, NE
m. Eliza* Ellen DOUBET . 9-Jan-1880 in Peoria Co., IL

16. vii. Ellen HANLON
b. in 1858      in:  Peoria County, IL

17. viii. Nellie F HANLON
b. 27-Jun-1857     in: Rosefield Twp, Peoria, IL
d. on 27-Jun-1952   in: Peoria Co, IL
buried: in St. Mary's/St.Patricks Cem, Kickapoo , Peoria, IL

18. ix. ??? HANLON
b. 12-Sep-1872
d. 12-Sep-1872    in: Peoria County, IL
 buried: St. Patrick's Cemetery, Kickapoo, Peoria County, IL

+ 3. ii. Timothy HANLON
b. in 1800 in Limerick County,Ireland
d. in IL
m. Elisabeth HARRIS circa 1840 in Ireland


19. i. Thomas Jefferson HANLON
b. 18-Aug-1843    in: Limerick, Ireland
d. 30-Mar-1925 in 81y 7m.12d, Brimfield, Peoria County, Il
buried:  in St.Bernard's Church, Springdale Cemetery, Peoria Co, IL

20. ii. John M HANLON 1844 in Peoria, IL
d.(1925)  in: Brimfield, Peoria county, IL

21. iii. Mary Ann HANLON
b. in 1847   in:  IL

22. iv. Margaret HANLON
b. May.1850    in:  IL
d.bef. 1925     in: Peoria, IL
m. Frank J MULICK

+ 4. iii. John HANLON
b. 24-Jun-1803 in Ireland
d. 15-Apr-1891
buried: in St. Patrick's Cemetery, Peoria County, IL
m. Lucinda Jane KELLEY in 1838 (estimated)


23. i. Margaret Ann HANLON
b. circa Jun-1839  in:  Alton, Madison Co, IL
m.28-Sep-1857 James MULVANEY in: Peoria Co., Il

24. ii. Frances HANLON
b.1841  in:  IL  d. Unknown
m. Christopher MULVANEY

25. iii. Almira HANLON
b. circa 1843  in: IL     d. Unkonown 
m.Solan  BROWN

26. iv. Cecilia HANLON
b. circa 1844  in: IL    d. 1913 (estimated) in: Peoria Co, IL
m. Richard MURPHY

27. v. Louisa HANLON
b. 1847 in:  IL  d. Uknown
m.Christopher CONNOR

28. vi. James HANLON
b. 25-Oct-1849  in: Peoria Co., IL   d. 5-Mar-1850  in:  5M.18D

29. vii. Maria HANLON
b. 1851 in: Peoria County, IL d.Ukmown
m. Solon HELD

30. viii. Lucinda Jane HANLON
b.1853  in: Peoria County, IL
m. Deminicus RYNEARSON

31. ix. John HANLON Jr
b. 1855  in: Peoria Co., IL  d. 1930
buried: St.Patricks Cath Cem, Kickapoo twp, Peoria Co, IL
m. Ellen GALLIGAN  in: Peoria Co., IL

32. x. Charles HANLON
b.1859  in:  Peoria County, IL   d. abt 1900

5. iv. Thomas HANLON
b. in 1804 in Limerick, Ireland
d. in 1879
buried: in St. Patricks Cemetery, Peoria County, IL
m. 18-Feb-1841, Ellen MURPHY   in: County Clare, Ireland


33. i. Michael HANLON
b. Unknown d. Coffeyville, KS

34. ii. Thomas HANLON JR
b.circa 1843  in:  Ireland   d.-----  in: Coffeyville, KS

35. iii. Margaret HANLON
b. circa 1845    in:  Ireland   d.1905    in:  Howard, KS
m.  29-Sep-1868   John PRENTICE  Peoria Co. IL

36. iv. William HANLON
b. circa 1847  in:  Ireland   d. 1905  in:  Canton, IL
m.Elizabeth MCDERMOTT

37. v. Valentine HANLON
b. 1848    in: IL  d.1850
buried: Kickapoo Cath. Cemetery, Peoria County, IL

38. vi. Mary J HANLON
b. circa 1862     in: Peoria, IL
m. 10-Oct-1887,  Henry E MCMANUS,  Brimfield, Peoria Co, IL

39. vii. Valentine(#2) HANLON
b. 1852  in:  IL       d: 1852  in: Peoria County, IL
buried: Kickapoo Catholic Cemetery, Peoria County, IL

40. viii. Jeremiah B. HANLON
b. 24-Nov-1852  in: IL  d. 1905  in:  Galva, IL

41. ix. John J. HANLON
b.1854  in:  IL    d. in: 1854
buried in St.Mary's Church Cemetery, Canton, Peoria Co, IL,

42. x. James HANLON
b.1857     in: IL      d.1857
buried: St.Patrick's Church Cemetery, Canton, Peoria Co, IL

43. xi. Richard C. HANLON
b. circa 1858  in:  IL  d.Woodhull, IL
m.13-Oct-1879 Augusta A BROWN   in: Kickapoo, Peoria Co, IL,

44. xii. Patrick HANLON
b.1862  in: IL     d.1862
buried: St.Mary's Church Cemetery, Canton, Peoria Co, IL

45. xiii. Charles E. HANLON
b.1864 in IL  d.1881

46. xiv. Nellie HANLON
b.1866  in: Peoria , IL   d.1868
buried: St.Patricks Cath. Ch. Cem, Kickapoo, Peoria Co, IL

+ 6. v. Jeremiah HANLON
b. in 1807 in Ireland
d. 26-Jun-1889 in 82y, Peoria Co., IL
buried: St. Patricks Cath.Cem, Kickapoo Twp, Peoria, IL

1st m.??? HANLON Mrs. -

2nd m. Mary SHEHAN on 12-Sep-1857 in: Peoria Co, IL


Children by ??? HANLON Mrs.

47. i. Jeremiah M HANLON
b.1853 in IL
d. 28-Apr-1926 in 73Y, 8 Days, Peoria Co., IL
buried: Peoria Co, IL

48. ii. John HANLON
b.1854 (estimated)     in:  IL

Children by Mary SHEHAN

49. i. Mary J. HANLON
b. 22-May-1860
d. 6-Jul-1890  in: Peoria Co., IL
buried: Kickapoo Catholic Cem., Peoria Co., IL

50. ii. Margaret Ann "Maggie" HANLON
b. 6-Mar-1863 in: Peoria Co, IL
m. Peter E. DOUBET
15-Apr-1879  in: Kickapoo, Peoria Co, IL

7. vi. Valentine HANLON
b. in 1808 (estimated) in Ire
d. in 1808 (estimated)

8. vii. Michael HANLON
b. in 1810 in Limerick, Ireland
d. 28-Sep-1849 in 39yr, Kickapoo, Peoria County, IL
buried:  in Kickapoo Cemetery, St. Patrick's Cemetery, Peoria, IL

9. viii. Margaret Ann HANLON



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