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Peoria County Board of Supervisors, 1896

From the Standard Atlas of Peoria City and County, Illinois (Geo. A. Ogle & Co., Publishers & Engravers,Chicago, 1896)





Akron  - Edgar Davis

Brimfield - M. P. Reed

Chillicothe - Milton A. Brown

Elmwood - Thomas Clinch

Hallock  - Alva Merrill

Hollis  - M. Nesselhaus

Jubilee - Peter Cahill

Kickapoo - Sam. Potts

Limestone - Henry Harren

Logan  - Robt. A. Stewart

Medina - Edward Thorne

Millbrook  - J. P. McCauley

Peoria  - Philip Smith

Peoria - Edward G. Arnholt

Peoria - Frank H. Putnam

Peoria - G. H. Winkelmeyer

Peoria - Jas. W. Walter

Peoria - Thos. Scholey


Peoria - O. B. Champney

Peoria - John C. Kingsbury

Peoria - Thos. J. Edwards

Peoria - William Stafford

Peoria - Horace R. Champ

Peoria - Alonzo Williams

Peoria - Norris Pitt

Peoria - August F. Verch

Peoria - Geo. C. Murray

Peoria - C. Aldrich

Peoria - Chas. E. Durst

Princeville - A. D. Edwards

Radnor  - Walter H. Allen

Richwoods - John McClure

Rosefield  - S. Reents

Timber  - Wm. Fahnestock

Trivoli - James H. Richards





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