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Peoria City Officers and City Council, 1896

From the Standard Atlas of Peoria City and County, Illinois (Geo. A. Ogle & Co., Publishers & Engravers,Chicago, 1896)


City Council


Allen, William M. Mayor
Arnholt, Val. F. C. Alderman
Bell, Robt J. Alderman
Bryan, William F. Alderman
Carroll, Wm. H. Alderman
Coffinberry, Sam. Alderman
Fash, Arthur D. Alderman
Francis, Willis Y. Alderman
Furry, Elisha A. Alderman
Gorman, Thos. N. Alderman
Hall, John H. Alderman
Hecht, Jacob Alderman
Lynch, Henry W. Alderman
Oden, Charles V. Alderman
Spring, Sylvester O. Alderman


City Officers


Beeler, Chas. R. Treasurer
Clark, Will. O. Commissioner of Public Works
Cody, Jos. F. Jr. Boiler Inspector & Sealer
Conway, James R. Clerk
Dailey, John Assistant Attorney
Davis, Joseph M. Superintendent of Streets
Fash, Chas. A. Superintendent of Police
Heim, Jacob Comptroller
Irwin, Wm. T. Attorney
Klingel, Christian Oil Inspector
Lucas, Dr. Emma J. Health Commissioner
Millard, James Collector
Millard, Wm. Deputy Collector
Moeller, Carl Fire Marshall
Pursley, Thos. J. Police & Fire Commissioner
Schuch, R. W. Superintendent of Building
Thompson, Almon. D. Engineer
Warner, John A. Assistant Fire Marshall








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