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City of Peoria Government Officials

Source: City Comptroller's Report City of Peoria, Year Ending Dec. 31, 1912; Peoria; 1913, Transcribed by C. Horton -2009



Office Official


Mayor E. N. Woodruff 3,500.00
City Clerk Fred B. Tracy  2,000.00
City Attorney Jos. E. Daily 2,000.00
City Treasurer P. A. Johnson 1,500.00
City Comptroller J. J. Crowder  2,000.00
Ass't City Comptroller ?. R. Scranton 1,200.00
Ass't City Clerk Wm. E. Moran 1,200.00
Corporation Council R. H. Radley 2,000.00
Commissioner of Public Works S. W. Eckley 2,000.00
Commissioner's Clerk J. C. Weis 1,050.00
City Engineer L. J. Jeffries 2,000.00
Supt. of Streets J. R. Grant 1,200.00
Supt. of Sewers W. P.  Conrad 1,200.00
Ass't Superintendent Sewer Department Albert J. Trager 840.00
Supt. Special Assessments H. C. Fuller 1,500.00
Supt. Special Assessments Stenographer Lena Brill 600.00
Fire Marshal T. N. Worm 1,800.00
First Ass't Fire Marshal Ed. J. Sipes 1,440.00
Second Asst. Fire Marshal B. F. Butler 1,350.00
Superintendent of Police W. W. Rhoades 1,800.00
Captain of Police Gustav Breymeier 1,260.00
Lieutenant of Police Thos. W. Gardner 1,080.00
Police Matron Anna M. Mayall  720.00
City Electrician W. E. Wolgamott 1,500.00
Commissioner of Buildings J. A. Schneider 1,800.00
Building Inspector Frank Schader 1,200.00
Plumbing Inspector E. H. Donahoe 1,500.00
Ass't Plumbing Inspector J. W. Kneer 1,200.00
Electrical Inspector O. C. Penny 1,200.00
Health Commissioner Dr. J. Rex Shol  l 1,200.00
Bacteriologist and Chemist Dr. Milo T. Easton  900.00
City Physician Dr. S. Horwitz 1,000.00
Health Department - Fumigator Frank Nelson 840.00
Health Department - TB Nurse Agnes Newbold 410.00
Registrar of Vital Statistics Edward Richardson 900.00
Food Inspector J. F. Peflacks 780.00
Harbor Master A. T. Griffiths 200.00
Supt. House of Correction Joseph Brodman 1,200.00
Sidewalk Inspector John Warner 900.00
Veterinary Surgeon C. D. Hartman 450.00
Fire and Police Commissioners John Newsam 480.00
  William Ohl 480.00
  P. A. Wendland, Sec'y 720.00
Police Magistrate Chester F. Barnett Fees
Oil Inspector S. A. Oakley Fees
Elevator Inspector Edward Auer Fees
City Collectors B. C. Colborn Fees
  F. C. Edwards Fees
Sealers of Weights and Measures Amand Moll Fees
  N. Lidwinoski Fees
Board of Examiners of Engineers Scott Perdue Fees
  Ben Owen Fees
  J. M. Davis Fees
Board of Examiners of Electricians W. E. Wolgamott Fees
  Geo. M. Akers Fees
  John Barnholt Fees
Board of Examiners of Elevator Operators W. E. Wolgamott Fees
  Edward Auer Fees
  I. H. Pyle Fees


Commissioners of House of Correction
Mayor E. N. Woodruff 
D. B. Pearce 
D. L. Bigham 
L. W. Moorehouse

Coliseum Commissioners
Henry B. Morgan
J. B. Barnes
W. P. Railsback
H. F. Steele
Leslie Robinson
W. R. Cation, Treasure



First Ward 
Jacob E. Stilwell 
Daniel J. Gorman
Fifth Ward 
Frank S. Keas 
Dr. L. R. Snowden
Second Ward
Walter B. Wilde 
Ralph C. Lowes
Sixth Ward
George Harms 
Robert A. McKee
Third Ward
B. Frank Brown 
Jacob J. Jobst
Seventh Ward
John J. Foley 
John M. Hartwig
Fourth Ward 
Andrew G. Forbes 
John H. Dunlap
Eighth Ward
Louis Wolf 
George Saurs





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