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Gov. Matteson has issued an order for the election of a Judge of the Peoria circuit, to fill the vacancy caused by the death of Judge Peters.
The election will take place on the first day of April.

[Illinois State Chronicle (Decatur, Illinois) March 27 1856 submitted by Nancy Piper -2009]

City Election
An Election will be held in several wards in the city of Peoria on, Tuesday, Oct. 1st 1872.
To adopt or reject an act passed by the General Assembly of the state of Illinois, entitled
"An act to provide for the incorporation of cities and villages." Approved April 10, 1872.

The election will be held at the following named places:

First Ward: At the store of John GORMAN, corner of Maple and Washington streets.
Second Ward: At Holly Hose House, on Sanford street.
Third Ward: At the Court House
Fourth Ward: At the bakery of John OHL, corner of Jackson and Washington streets.
Fifth Ward: At City Hall.
Sixth Ward: At engine house No. 4, on Gallatin street.
Seventh Ward: At the store of George CLARK, coner of Hale and Hamilton streets.
The polls will be opened at 8 o'clock a.m. and close at 6 o'clock p.m. of said day.

Peoria, August 27, 1872(First printed)

[Peoria Daily Transcript, Wednesday Morning, Sept. 25, 1872 No. 232 - Candi H. - 2007]


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