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Topographical Engineer Report on Fort Clark

Transcribed by: Candi H. November 2006, Genealogy Trails


This is a letter from L. H. Long, Major of Topographical engineers and acting engineer of fortifications,
 addressed to George Graham, Esq. acting secretary of War. 

Published in:  The American Beacon and Commercial Diary; From the National Register; April 5, 1817; Vol. IV; Issue: 50; Pg: 2

Fort Clark is situated on the North side of the Illinois, at the distance of about 180 miles from the mouth of that river.

This is a palisade work, also, illy [sic] calculated for the defense, and has no quarters fit for the reception of troops. 
The barracks are constructed of logs daubed with mud. 
The magazine is built of the same kind of materials and placed contiguous to the other buildings; and the whole is in eminent danger of conflagration as the consequence of having many of its chimneys and fire places made of wood plastered with mortar. In case a fire should break out and get beyond control in any part of the works, the whole must be consumed and the troops be left without shelter at a great distance from any settlement. A plan for fortifying this place has been reported to Brig. Gen. Swift; and the troops stationed here under the command of Maj. Riddle have been busily employed during the last season in collecting timber and other materials for the erection of new works.

Peoria Village, destroyed during the late war, formerly occupied the site, upon a part of which the garrison is now situated.





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