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Senachwine - Last Chief of Pottawatomies


Transcribed by: Candi Horton, 2006,  This book is located at the Peoria Public Library.
-Source: Odillion B. Slane, Reminiscences of Early Peoria, Including Indian Stories, Peoria, Illinois, 1933, Privately Printed: Chapter XI

Senachwine - Last Chief of Pottawatomies

SENACHWINE creek and village in the northeast part of Peoria County got their names from an Indian chief of that name. This creek is near Chillicothe but farther up the Illinois river. Senachwine was the last chief of the Pottawatomy tribe. He succeeded Gamo as chief when he latter died.

The story is told that in 1832-3, M.B. Silliman and Joel Hicks were in a boat one day going to mill about the mouth of Crow Creek, and they met two Indians in a canoe with something under a blanket. Our men hailed them and asked if it was venison. 

One of the Indians pointed to the blanket and said: "Senachwine dead!"
This was indeed true. Senachwine was buried near the stream that bears his name. 

The following lines from J.H. Bryant are a beautiful tribute to his memory.


"He slept beneath the spreading shade,
Where woods and wide Savannahs meet,
Where sloping hills around have made
A quiet village green and sweet.

A stream that bears his name and flows
In glimmering gushes from the west
Makes a light murmuring as it flows
Besides his lovely place of rest."




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