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Street Names Changed since 1840
Peoria (City of) Illinois

There's been at least 61 streets renamed since 1840. 
The list isn't complete, but I do remember these.
Contributed by Steve Slaughter


West Livingston ------------> changed to -------------> BELL STREET

Eaton St -------------------->  changed to  --------------> BRYON ST.

Chambers St. --------------->   changed to  --------------> COLUMBIA TERRACE

Washington Ave. -------------->   changed to  -------------->DECHMAN ST.

Yes, there used to be 2 streets named Washington & the confusion it caused is what prompted the name change.


Hudson St -------------> changed to --------> Franklin St -------> changed to WM. KUMPH ST.

Hecox St. ------> changed to ---------> Peter St -----> to Alfred St -----> to GREENLAWN ST.


Fremont St ------------>changed to -------------> FREDONIA ST.

Hale St ---------------->changed to  --------------> GLENDALE ST.

Lincoln Park ----------->changed to  --------------> LINCOLN AVE.

Tobias St. --------------> changed to  --------------> MAPLEWOOD ST.

Smith St. ---------------> changed to   --------------> SHIPMAN ST.

Floral St ----------------> changed to  --------------> WINDOM ST.

Pacific St --------------->changed to   --------------> PROSPECT AVE.

Elizabeth St. ------------> changed to   --------------> SHERIDAN ROAD



I found one of 2 lists: this one was the first and details streets with name changes:


ALICE                      ANTOINETTE                     ATLANTIC                       BESTOR                    BRADLEY

BIGELOW               BROTHERSON                    CAROLINE                       CHARLOTTE           DOUGLAS

ELLIOT                   FAYETTE                             FISHER                             FRINK                       FULTON

GARFIELD             GILBERT                              HAMILTON                     HARRISON

INSTITUTE           JACKSON                             JOHNSON                        LAVIELLE                 LOUISA

McREYNOLDS       MERRIMAN                        NEW                                  OURTENVIS

PARKSIDE              PERRY                                  RAVINE                            ST. JAMES                SANFORD

SPRING                   CHESTER                             COLLEGE                         DONALD                   GOODWIN

GLENWOOD          GRISWOLD                          MONSON                          MORTON                 MOSS

STATE                    UNDERHILL                         VORIS




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