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This 1940's photo shows the corner of Jefferson St and Hamilton Blvd. 
The CROWN HOTEL was located on the corner at 210 Hamilton Blvd. (which is the street with the bus). 
3rd building from the left is the COMFORT HOTEL listed at 210 Jefferson St.
Steve Slaughter - 2009


The Timeline for the surveying of Peoria County:

- North Line boundary was surveyed in Aug & Sept. 1816 by Amos Wheeler
- South and West Boundary were surveyed in Feb. 1817 and the sub division lines in march 1817 by Thomas Willis
- The lots in the Town of Peoria were surveyed 3rd of March 1835
- The lot lines of the "Old and New" Villages of Peoria were surveyed in the 2nd Quarter of 1837 by Joseph C. Brown
- The remaining Lots where surveyed March 31, 1842 by D.A. Spaulding
- This is what the Surveyor's office in St. Louis 2-11-1846

Notes from the Federal Township Plats of Illinois 1804-1891



Street Names

Street Name Changes in 1956

History of Streets and Area Names

100 Block of South Adams - 1903

Franklin St. (diagonal) to S. Adams St. - 1946


Old Bartonville Buildings

Old Brimfield Buildings


Old Homes -

919 W. Moss Ave.

1001 W. Moss Ave.

1120 W. Moss Ave.

1421 W. Moss Ave.

443 W. High


The Henry Chase Home



Peoria's Oldest Water Works

The Washington House Hotel
Early Hotels

Early Banks

East of Palace Theater Main St. 1970's - Steve Slaughter - 2009

Peoria Corn Exposition Building 1888


THE PIONEERS by Lorado Taft, Sculptor



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