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Trivoli Township Plat Map - Transcription

Transcribed by: Candi Horton
This is transcribed from a 1854 Township map located at the Federal Township Maps of Illinois. (Trivoli Township Map #50-03)
Trivoli and Elmwood are the only two maps that listed anyone.
The homes outside Trivoli, which place them in Elmwood, are the only homes shown on the Elmwood Township map.



Trivoli Township

The map shows the last surveyors on Feb. 2, 1854. 
Not sure which surveyor wrote them in because the first surveying was done 1816-1817.


Section 1: John HANNAFORD'S House and E. RANDALL'S House
Section 2: BLOOD House, 
* Outside of Boundary. On the line of Section 2 and 1 shows: George HOVENDEN'S Home- shows on Section 36 of Elmwood Township
Section 3: Rebecca KELLOGG'S House and George ROBINSON's House, *Outside of Boundary. Sterling CLARK's House shows- on section 34 of Elmwood Township 
Section 4: Shad House
Section 5: B. ORTON'S House and Jonas THAT?ES- well
Section 6: School House
Section 7: E.P. WILSON"S House, Wm.? P. WILSON'S House, Se?val MACK's House and MURRAY'S House
Section 8: J.O.JONE'S House and Wm. POTTER'S House
Section 9: Thos. K. PALMER'S House
Section 10: Peoria and Farmington Road
Section 11: Nothing Listed
Section 12: David T. GOVE'S House, Shows House with no name on it. and a Bridge into Logan Township
Section 13: Nothing Listed
Section 14: Nothing Listed
Section 15: Joel SWEET'S House
Section 16: Elias POTTER'S House and Central School House
Section 17: Royal ROOTS House, Road Farmington to Lancaster Road which is in section 16 and A Church
Section 18: Alonzo GREEN'S House * Outside of Boundary. Seth BRISTOL's House which would be Fulton County
Section 19: Nothing Listed
Section 20: Bradley FOLLET'S House, Martin BARLOW's House and HUNT'S House
Section 21: Nothing Listed
Section 22: Nothing Listed
Section 23: CURTIS well, A School House and FRA?Y'S House
Section 24: Nothing Listed
Section 25: Nothing Listed
Section 26: Nothing Listed
Section 27: Nothing Listed
Section 28: Jonathan CRANE'S well
Section 29: Nathaniel's MECKER's House
Section 30: Thomas LANE's House
Section 31: Nothing Listed
Section 32: Nothing Listed
Section 33: Nothing Listed
Section 34: Nothing Listed
Section 35: Nothing Listed
Section 36: Nothing Listed




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