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Peoria County Grand Army of the Republic

Post No. 67

Organized: October 9, 1879



Col. John Bryner Post, No.67, of Peoria, Ills., was organized on the 9th day of October; 1879, and named in honor of the late John Bryner, Colonel of the 47th Ills. Vol. Infantry. The Post has a membership of seventy-six, holds meetings in their new hall, just completed and fitted up, where you will find among its members some of the leading men of the city.





P.C., George Puterbaugh. S.V. C., Isaac Taylor
J.V. C., Wm. McLean.
Adj., James M. Rice.
Q. M., George M. Bush. Surg., James T. Stewart.

Chap., Rev. W.S. Post.
O. D., B.C. Brynen
O.G., L. P. Lapham.
S.M., Jacob M. Copes.
Q. M. S., Robt. M. Campbell





Key: 2d ~ Second
3d ~ third
m.o. ~ Mustered Out



The below names have no other information with them.

Charles Haller E.
Ayers Henry P
J.N. Niglas
John Kruse
Andrew R. Henderson
William Cutter




Adair, A. Co. E 78th Ohio Infty. m.o. capt.
Arends, Henry L. Co. A 151st Ills Infty. m .o. private.
Auten, James B. Co. C 47th Ills. Infty. m.o. 1st lieut.
Ballance, Chas. Cos. F 139th Ills. Infty. and E 151st Ills Infty. m.o. private.
Bassett, Mark M. Co. E 53d Ills. Infty. m.o. capt.
Boerckel, John F. Co. K 2d U.S. Infty. m.o. private.
Brandt, Henry Co. K 11th Ohio m.o. private.
Buchanan, Wm. G. Co. E 11 Ills. Cav. m.o. 2d lieut.
Bryner, Byron C. Co. I 47th Ills. Infty. m.o. private.
Baker, Samuel R. Co. E 47th Ills. Infty. m.o. lieut. col.
Bush, George M. Co. A 17th Ills. Infty. m.o. corpl.
Burt, Richard M. Co. G 76th Ohio Infty. m.o. 1st lieut.
Clark, Emmet M. Cos. F 139th Ills. Infty. and E 151st Ills. Infty. m.o. private
Campbell, Robert K. Co. F 17th Ills. Infty. m.o. capt.
Champney, Oscar B Co. H 20th Ills. Infty. m.o. 4th serg.
Copes, Jacob M. Co. B 47th Ills. Infty. m.o. lieut. maj.
Dibble, Edward H. Co. D 135th N.Y. Infty. m.o. private.
Detweiller, Henry Capt.U.S. Steamer (Yankee)  
Dodge, Samuel W. Co. C 96th Ills. Infty. m.o. serg. sig. corps
Distler, Paul Co. H 11th Ills. Cav. m.o. capt.
Deane, Charles H. 86th Ills. Infty. m.o. lieut. col.
Easton, Charles S. Co. E 8th Ills. Infty. m.o. private.
Elliott, P. F. Co. E 11th Ills. Cav. m.o. maj
Ellis, Oliver P. Co. E 47th Ills. Infty. and 17th Ills. Infty. m.o. musician.
Gully, Charles E. Co. E 8th Ills. Infty. m.o. col. bearer
Hunch, Adolph Co. I 8th Ills. Infty. and 31st Ills. Infty. m.o. private.
Hedrick, John E. Co. D 11th Ills. Cav. m.o. 2d lieut.
Hansel, Jacob C. Co. A 2d Ills Art. m.o. lieut.
Hitchcock, Frank Co. H 86th Ills. Infty. m.o. capt.
Jones, Geo. W. Co. C 148th Ills. Intfy. m.o. private.
Kimball, George H. 7th Mann battery m.o. private.
Kinney, Sidney N. 169th N.Y. Vol Infty. m.o. 1st lieut.  R.Q M.
Kueny, Florin Co. D 2d Ills. Art m.o. corpi
Knowles, Howard Co. D 139th Ills. Infty. m.o. private.
Kinsey, John W. Co. B 11th Cav. Ills. m.o. 2d lieut
Lapham, Levi A. Co. F 139th Ills. Infty. m.o. sergt.
Lathy, John F. Co. F 139th Ills. Infty. m.o. private.
Lamplin, Oliver B. Co. K 155th Ills. Infty. m.o. private.
Lawrence, John G. Co. B 4th Ills. Cav. m.o. private
Maurer, John Co. B 39th N. Jersey m.o. private.
McLean, William Co. C 2d Iowa Infty. m.o. private
McClure, John D. Co. C 47th Ills. Infty m.o. col
Miller, Henry H. Co. A 77th Ills. Infty m.o. capt.
McDermot, John E. Co. G 108th Ills. Infty. m.o. corpl.
Puterbaugh, George Co. F 8th Ills. Infty m.o. capt.
Post, Wm. Stephen Co. D 81st Ills. Infty. m.o. chaplain.
Phillips, Francis M Co. A 47th Ills Infty. m.o. private.
Place, Emmerson O Co. H 86th Ills. I Infty m.o. sergt.
Qualman, Charles Co. K 3d Ind. Cav m.o. maj .
Rice, James M. Co. E 10th Ills. Infty. m.o. private
Ross, N. L. Co. H 20th Ills. VoL m.o. private.
Rummel, Carl F. Co. D 13th Ills. Cav. and F 139 th Ills. Infty. m.o. corpl.
Schimpff, Geo. H. Co. H 8th Mo. Infty. m.o. private.
Summers, Robert W. Co. E. 77th Ills. Infty. m.o. private.
Stewart, James T. physician 64th Ills. Infty rank maj. asst. surg.
Swayze, Benjamin Co. B 108th Ills. Infty. m.o. sergt.
Schimpff, Albert L. Co. A 26th Mo. Infty. m.o. private.
Schroder, George Co. L 11th Ills. Cav m.o. private
Schaerer, Thopholus Co A 11th Ills Cav. m.o. maj.
Taylor, Isaac Co. H 3d Minn. Infty. m.o. capt.
Tripp, Stephen S. Co. G 11th Ills. Cav. m.o. capt.
Tursh, Oscar Co. C 53d Pa. Infty. m.o. private.
Wasson, James T. Co. E 8th Ills. Infty. and 8th Ills. Cav. m.o. sergt.
Wilson, Joseph F. 8th Ills. Infty m.o. brv. maj.
Wonder, James A. Co. C 47th Ills. Infty. m.o. drum maj
Wallin, Aaron E Co. B 4th Ills. Cav m.o. private
Wells, Henry W Co. D Ills. Infty m.o. maj.
Wilson, Geo. A. Co. G 17th Ills. Infty. and 14th Ills. Cav. m.o. asst. surg.
Zimmerman, Andrew Co. E 82d Ills. Infty. m.o. corpl.

Source: The History of Peoria County, Johnson & Company, Chicago, 1880.



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