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Source: NARA M1380, transcribed by C. Horton -2009.


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Missing Air Crew Reports (MACRs) of the U.S. Army Air Forces 1941 -1948

Year 1944
Report No. 7556
Location: Near Augsburg, Germany
Point of Departure: A A Station 110
By: E. A. Bradunas, Lt. Col., AC
By: F. M. Muknch, Capt., AC

War Department
Headquarters Army Air Forces

This report must be filled within 43 hours  of the time an aircraft is officially reported missing.

Organization Location: AAF Station 110; Command or Air Force: Eighth
Group: 351st Bomb, Squadron: 510th Bomb
Point of Departure: AAF Sta 110 Courcse: Southeast
Intended Destination: Augsburg, Germany 
Type of Mission: Heavy Bombardment
Weather conditions: 1 to 2/10 small cumulus; Visibility: excellent
Date: Jul 19 1944  Time: 0950 (approx) Location: near Augsburg, Germany

Last known whereabouts: Sighted 
Aircraft Lost: Enemy Aircraft

Aircraft: Type: B -17 -G
Serial number: 42-107077
Person listed or Reported as: Battle Casualty

Number of Persons Aboard Aircraft: Crew - 9 Passengers: 0 Total 9

Crew Position Last Name, First Rank Number
Pilot Champman, Richard G. 2nd Lt 0-755690
Co- Pilot Arthur, William C., Jr. 2nd Lt 0-819468
Navigator Page, Lewis A., Jr. 2nd Lt 0-712897
Nose Gunner Graham, Kenneth L. S/Sgt 19186866
Top Turrent Russell, Earl E. S/Sgt 17160255
Radio Binsfield, Albert E. Sgt 16147069
Waist Hoff, Harry C. Sgt 36074199
Ball Turrent Laverty, James T., Jr. Sgt 31290306
TailTail Kemp, Oscar D. Sgt 19163078

Eye Witness Report By: Patrick W. Flournoy, Jr. 1st Lt. Air Corps.

Name of Deceased: Harry Hoff
Home Town or State: Peoria, IL
Grade or Rank Sgt.
Org, 351 Bomb Crp. 510 Bomb Sq.
Cause of Death: 20 M.M. From FW 190
Burial: Still in plane at the time source bailed out.
Eye witness to his deaths: Yes
Signed: Binsfield, Albert E., 16147069, Chicago


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