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The Stars and Stripes – New York, NY – London, England
Monday, March 27, 1944
Vol. 4 No. 124
Transcribed and contributed by Genealogy Trails Staff

Notes from the Air Force

     Two more Distinguished Service Crosses, second highest American award for valor, have been awarded to Fortress airmen:
2/Lt Charles Spencer, Peoria, Ill., bombardier who stayed at his nose guns after the plexiglass had been shot away exposing him to below zero blasts, got one of the DSCs at the hospital in which he has spent weeks recovering from near-fatal frostbite.
     The other went to Capt. Sumner H. Reeder, of St. Louis, Mo., for staying at his plane’s controls for three hours during a long fighter attack although he had been wounded by shell fragments which killed his co-pilot.

Miss Steitmatter* Has Military Scholarship
     Miss Budy Mae Steitmatter of Princeville is probably the only girl in the state of Illinois to receive a military scholarship.  She is one of the 2000 students who entered the University this year on military scholarships given them by a government legislative act passed last spring.  All persons who have served in the navy, army, or marine corps during the war are entitled to such scholarships.  Miss Steitmatter received this honor because of the two years she worked at the base hospital in France.  [Daily Illini, Oct. 14, 1919] [*note: Streitmatter?]
Marv Graves Dies in Crash
     Marv Graves, captain of the 1955 Illinois baseball team, died Friday in a plane crash.
     Mr. Graves had been elected captain of the fourth place Illini team despite the fact that he had been a reliefer [sic] who failed to win a letter in 1954.
     A first lieutenant in the Air Force, Mr. Graves, had been on a radar detection mission.  He had been flying on instruments at 20,000 feet and reported that he would make a visual landing.  It was the last word heard from the pilot. 
     Burial will be held at 2 p.m. in the Princeville Cemetery.  [Daily Illini, Oct. 2, 1957]
Douglas Barnett Becomes Ensign

Graduate from midshipman training at Abbot Hall, Northwestern University, Douglas E. Barnett, 23, has received his commission as ensign in the Navel Reserve. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Barnett, 429 Hanssler plc. and after a brief leave at home was sent to Little Creek, Va., for duty.
-Peoria Journal- Transcript, Thursday, July 15, 1943 [Candi Horton]
Two Peorians Are Graduated

Graduated from the armament school at Lowry Field, CO., recently Pfc. Ralph Curtiss West, son of Mr. and Mrs. R. F. West, 109 Behrends Ave., and Pfc. Eugene L .Lorentz, son of L.A. Lorentz, 433 Broadway, will be transferred elsewhere for duty. Both are graduate of Peoria High School.
-Peoria Journal- Transcript, Thursday, July 15, 1943 [Candi Horton]
Peoria Journal Transcript, Friday, May 14 or 15, 1943 [Candi Horton]

Harry Shellcrosslee Earns Advancement

Harry Shellcrosslee wears the two strips of a corporal since his recent promotion at Roswell army flying school, Roswell, N. M.. Corp. Shellcrosslee, son of Mr. and Mrs. Fred G. Shellcrosslee, 204 Cedar Ave.. He was employed at Lockheed aircraft company, Burbank CA., before he joined the army in Oct. 1942.
- Peoria Journal Transcript, Friday, May 14 or 15, 1943 [Candi Horton]

Pfc. Adam Scheeler is Visiting Mother
Pfc. Adam H. Scheeler is visiting his mother, Mrs. Anna Scheeler, 915 Butler St.. He is a former Caterpillar employee. He will return to duty at San. Luis Obispo, CA. on May 19.
- Peoria Journal Transcript, Friday, May 14 or 15, 1943 [Candi Horton]
Dan Cook Home
Pvt. Dan Cook came home from Ft. Riley, KS, to visit his mother, Mrs. Ruth Merkey, 506Hamilton blvd.  He will return to his organization troop G of the 29th cavalry at KS post upon completion of his 10-day furlough.
-Peoria Journal Transcript, Friday, May 14 or 15, 1943 [Candi Horton]
Soldier Send back Copy of "Yank"

     Miss Kay Logan, student at Bradley college, received from a former Bradley student, Pvt. Davis E. West, now serving in the armed forces, a copy of "Yank" published with wide distribution among service men oversees.
     The publication was turned over to the art department of Bradley for its life-like sketches of was incidents drawn under fire at Guadalcanal during the early part of Feb. when the Allied forces ousted the Japs from the island.
     The sketches were drawn by Sgt. Howard Brodie of the U.S. Marines, formerly a staff artist on the San Francisco Chronicle.  Brodie sketched most of the drawings in fox holes during brief rest periods.
-Peoria Journal Transcript, Friday, May 14 or 15, 1943 [Candi Horton]
Walter Joos Giving Rating of Corporal

Walter W. Joos has been promoted to Corp. at Ft. Benning, GA., where he is serving with the 300th Infantry.  He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Emil Joos, Charter Oak rd., Peoria.
-Peoria Journal Transcript, Friday, May 14 or 15, 1943 [Candi Horton]
Manito Man Is Radio Operator

Pvt. Wilfred G. Vogel, son of William F. Vogel, R.R. 1, Manito had been graduated from the armored force communication department at Ft. Knox, KY, as a qualified radio operator.
-Peoria Journal Transcript, Friday, May 14 or 15, 1943 [Candi Horton]
Form 'Silver Wing Mothers' Club in Peoria, Vicinity

A temporary organization to be known as the Silver Wing Mothers of America has been formed by Peoria Mothers of Army air corps. officers who have won their wings or cadets who are earning their wings. Mrs. George Meier had been elected temporary president and Mrs. W. S. Royalty as temporary secretary. Permanent officers will be elected when the club is fully organized.
-Peoria Journal Transcript, Friday, May 14 or 15, 1943 [Candi Horton]
Bushnell Sergeant Marooned in North

Sgt. Edwin A. English of Bushnell has been marooned with 10 other U.S. Soldiers behind snow slides at Skjoldungen, off Greenland since last Jan. 8 when a snow slide wrecked their power station and buried their supplies according to International News Services. Their only contact with the outside world has been rescue planes which have dropped them supplies when possible.
A relief party which reached them Sept. 2 reported them in good condition.
- Sept. 22, 1945, p.3[Candi Horton]
Up near Adams and Caroline streets is a metal tablet where a military training camp was established during the civil war.  It was one of two such camps in Peoria. The other is a designated by a marker near Pacific Ave. entrance to Glen Oak Park.
-Peoria Dailey Record. Thursday, July 23, 1936 pg.4 [Candi Horton]

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