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Peoria County Chronology of Events



As reported in the Henry Republican, January 1, 1925



from Nancy Piper
Henry Republican, Henry, IL, January 1, 1925
Chronology of Local Events As They Occurred in the Past Year

March 2 – Robert Clyde Doran passed away in Peoria with pneumonia.
March 12 – Frank H. Lyle formerly of this city, passed away in Peoria.
April 4. James Spencer Burt of near Peoria died.
April 5 – Charles Blankenship and Miss Edna Walker of Peoria, married.
April 9 – Robert Kent of Yankee Street passes away at St. Francis hospital in Peoria.
April 12 - R. J. Calhoun of Peoria died.
April 17 – Mrs. Gertrude Kline of Chillicothe died.
April 30 – Oliver Wilson of Peoria passes away.
May 20 – Wm. Ketchum, formerly of this city passed away in Peoria.
May 30 - Joseph Noll, brother of John and Jacob Noll, passed away in Peoria.
July 7 – John Wesley Abrams, a former resident of this city, passes away in Peoria.
July 15 - Frank Baker, son of Mr. and Mrs. Nathaniel Baker, died in Peoria.
August 8 - Horace Dorff of Peoria struck by speedsters on hard road, breaking his right leg and cutting his head severely.
August 20 – Orval Ball and Miss Ferna Stallings of Chillicothe were united in marriage.
September 5 – Chillicothe stores robbed merchandise and money to the extent of about $400 taken.
September 6 – Mark Griswold of Chillicothe injured when cranking truck at Warner’s garage in this city.
September 8 – Ernest Epley of Chillicothe drives seven hours to get forty miles on account of bad roads.
October 14 - Mary Downey passed away in Peoria State Hospital.
November 16 – Everett C. Houck of Joliet forfeits life at Chillicothe while hunting.
November 17 – Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Marks of Peoria celebrate Golden wedding anniversary.
November 25 – Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Strawn of Peoria celebrate their 50th anniversary.
November 29 – Gertrude Haws weds Chester La Vern West of La Rose. Married in Peoria.




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