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Probate Court March 21, 1838

Application to Prove The Will of Charles Rose, Dscd

Jonathan Newman, w/ Atty Frisby and Metcalf produced will sighed by Charles Rose and Dated July 21, 1809.

Will:- I, Charles Rose of the State of Ohio and County of Warren lately migrated from the Guernsey Islands of Europe----

Sunday Service rendered to me by Jonathan Newman and his wife Annie in Warren County, Ohio in the Town of Waynesville I give their 3 minor children the sum of 2 thousand Dollars to be divided among them evenly namely: Mary, Earl, Elizabeth and James M. Newman, if said parents have any more children equally divide among them.
Remainder of my will, in America,to be near 2 thousand dollars more if my French money is exchanged be it what it may to be deposited in a bank or Public Stock and the interest is to be disposed of for the Education of Poor Children at the discretion of my Executors and at their deceased other mangers to be appointed by the monthly meeting of Maimi and to be changed as the meeting thinks proper so as to keep the fund arising for that particular use.
My Estate in Guernsey Island in Europe which my father told me before his death it was 13 acres of Land, I shall leave to the disposal of my mother, Elizabeth Simon, if my mother is deceased I hope my cousins will agreeable divide it among themselves w/o fraud or disagreement.
I do appoint my beloved Friend Jonathan Newman and Joseph Cloud to be my executors of all my estate in America mentioned in the above.

Sighed, Charles Rose July 21, 1809
Witness: Evan Barnes and Abijah O'Neal

Affidavits and records of the county:

that said Charles Rose died in Peoria County on or abt (no Date) 1834 He was living in Peoria County at time of his death. Sundries witness residing in Ohio. Said Joseph Cloud one of the appointed Ex. is deceased. It was ordered by the court after hearing the objections and arguments of Charles Ballance one of the Admen. to whom in conjunction with Samuel Lowery and Isaac Waters since the deceased letters of Administration have been granted by this court. It is therefore ordered the the said will be admitted to record and Probate in the Court and that letters Testamentary with the will annexed to the said Jonathan Newman, the surveying Exc. in the said Will upon complying with the requisition of the Statute in such cases made and provided and it appearing the court that the the letters of administration on the Estate of Charles Rose have been granted to Charles Ballance, Isaac Waters and Samuel Lowery , it is further ordered by this Court that said letters of Administration be revoked and the said C. Ballance and Samuel Lowery serving administrators shall render and deliver up to this court the said letters of administration within 90days from this order.

George B. Baker, Probate Judge of Peoria County, IL
[submitted by Candi H. - 2007]


Samuel J. Bohannan
Died on or about Aug. 1, 1839 in Peoria County

Christen Henry Hogal, of age
Thomas Sylvester Hogal
Chester Henry Hogal

Appointed as guardians of his nephews, (Chester Henry and Thomas Sylvester) was Major S. Bohannan, Edward Bohannan and Elias R. Peck.
Brothers: Major S., Edward, Thomas and & John G. Bohannan
Sister: Elias R. Peck

Source: Abstracted from the Will of Samuel J. Bohannan, C. Horton, 2009


James W. Ripley

Aug. 23, 1839- H. P. Johnson presented the Will of James W. Ripley of Oxford County, Maine for record.
James W. Ripley, late of Eastport County, Washington and now of Freyburg, Oxford County, Maine

Wants grave stones for my Honr'd Mother
Wife- Abigal Osgood and her nieces
Children: James Whitlock, Ann Osgood, Eliza Love, John Philips, Abigale Osgood, Henry Whitlock and Ed Louis

Only surviving brother Gen'l Eleasor W. Ripley
Brother-in-law E. S. Osgood

Source: Abstracted from the Will of James W. Ripley, C. Horton, 2009


Last Will John L. Bogardus
June 2, 1838
Wife Marion
Daughter: Pionanna Elizabeth
Son: William McClemont Bogardus

Wanted to be buried on the land he owned. Select a lot 1/8 acre, erect a vault or tomb for his remains and those of his family.

Niece, Anna Bortis of Saratoga County, N.Y. to come live with his wife.

Source: Abstracted from the Will of John L. Bogardus, C. Horton, 2009








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